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  1. On the subject of Raptor, Carcolors/Union Hardware have a special on atm for all of Nov/Dec:
  2. I apologise for my absence, tbh I didn't realise that I had missed it until I came in from the shed about 9:30. Got on a roll and got distracted.
  3. Always welcome regardless, I turn up in my 01 Lexus more often than not. But I understand it's a long way to travel from Dargaville.
  4. Sounds good to me? @gibbon @ruff kunt automotive @rb drifter @MACKAZ @cypressphil
  5. Be worth checking around, as Union Hardware have it listed on Trademe, and I know Whangarei Paint Centre have it on the shelf, so should be available elsewhere for you. As long as they are a Upol supplier they should have it/be able to get it.
  6. If buying Raptor and you don't get some sort of hectic discount at Repco, I would recommend sourcing it elsewhere (Car Colours in North Shore if Auckland based, or Union Hardware in Wellington, they sell on TM and regularly do special deals). I did a price check recently as I can get it from Repco locally, 4L tintable is $429.90 at Union Hardware, $599 at Repco. Fairly significant difference, worth getting it shipped.
  7. Yes, that's the plan atm if the wing mirrors aren't acceptable as they are, getting some aluminium bar stock abd making some basic extensions for the ones I have. That would be a problem for me as i am using the screen that it would be displayed on as my dash cluster too so that's all good. It isn't a major anyway, I have the rear vision mirror, just thought it might tidy up the interior a bit to not have it, as it doesn't see a huge amount with the spare mounted to the headboard. Haha all good, I appreciate it mate. I will be running both door mirrors (and as above maybe spacing them out a bit). Will throw the rear vision mirror on as I do have it and it does provide a limited amount of rear vision, and if money allows before it goes in for cert I may run a second rear vision camera that can be on at all times to a rear vision mirror screen thing (like this https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/rear-view-cameras/listing/3303739906), If I go for something like the above I get the added advantage of having a dashcam built in, and I can change the angle of the one connected to the dash screen to be more of a towing camera with the towball in view, and just have it on a switch.
  8. @cletus can I ask is this a cert or a wof issue? If it's a WOF issue, do you know who the WOF people on here are?
  9. Can I suggest we have this next week if we are able? Also, as @bigfoot and I discussed at the last one, if we have an earlyish November meet then we can still have a December meet before the Xmas stuff starts. So I propose Wed 3/11 and Wed 1/12 meets? Potentially even doing something more Summery for the November/December ones if the weather allows.
  10. Please stop, my wallet hurts every time Y61 axles are mentioned... let me live in denial a little longer.
  11. Regarding Datsun 720 replica scratchbuilt (registered year 202x) Rear vision mirror q, if I have a reversing camera, do I need an interior rear view mirror? I have put on door mirrors too, and part of their rear vision is blocked by the tray, but this is fairly common on utes? You can still see down the side of the tray, but only on part of the mirror if this makes sense. I am thinking of maybe making some blocks at some point to space them out a little bit, but in the meantime is this ok?
  12. @a.craw4d Yeah sorry there a few bits missing in those pics. It's basically one of these: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/building-renovation/tools/hand-tools/vices-clamps-presses/listing/3289797513 You can see it on the pics of the link, but there's a bit of I think 10mm plate the width of the bender and about 80mm deep. Clamped down with G clamps. Other than the mod to make it slide in the bench, mine has had a piece of angle stitch welded along the length of the folding part (the part that the handles slide into) as they aren't the strongest out of the box. Also updated the G clamps to some beefier ones as those little ones have shitty casting and break, but also need a spanner to tighten. Sometimes add a couple of those big jaw vice grip type things to clamp the middle better when folding harder stuff. I've done up to 1.6mm in mine taking it easy and it does it fine. Having bent a few things in it now with the bench mount mod, I am happy it works well I can cut the part of the feet off that sticks out the side haha
  13. Sounds like you're a man with a plan. Fuck I love everything about this truck.
  14. Having the receiver hitch front and rear with cunningly planned wiring means a single winch can be used for recoveries in either direction, with the winch just set up on the cradle. Was something I thought about with my project but decided to just go with the more usual bumper mount as I had the space.
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