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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2724564528 I'm going to give this stuff a jam on my barwork, sprayed with a schutz gun, so if I get there before you go ahead and do yours I'll let you know how it comes out. I've read and watched a few reviews and it looks to be fairly decent. Definitely can't beat the price too, and the store is local to me, but shipping isn't horrendous.
  2. Am here, stayed in town after work. If anyone else is here early and sees this lemme know, I’m just in the car.
  3. Count me in. Have followed the topic so will check back periodically for details.
  4. Thanks @Roman, yeah about 16 months on now the old back is about as healed as it will ever be, but mostly good. It's all starting to take some sort of shape, which is good, still hoping to get it done this year, but so much has come up financially/in general that it might be a bit of a mission. Definitely ready for Nats 2021 though.
  5. I am still working on this thing. Took some photos today as I dragged it out of the shed to turn it around to do some work on the drivers side. Don't judge me too harshly, obviously there a lot of things half done on this, but I reckon it's looking good. I call the look Mad Max meets prerunner. Next goal is to get all the bar work finished and drag it in to work to get it blasted and primed so I can put some raptor liner on it.
  6. Would you mind elaborating some more on this? After reading this last page, I am coming to the realisation that I am likely screwed for the brake test, as I have just the singles up front and with the RB25DET I will likely get up to speed fairly quickly. So I was thinking I may need to get some twin piston fronts, but if these won't work then I may need to do some excessive research of my own.
  7. Yeah I bough the same one, tbh not overly stoked with the appearance but the specs and warranty seemed good for the price so going to give it a go. I've never used a plasma cutter before, how do you know where to set the air pressure? The manual has 65-87 psi (4.5-6 bar) but that is a pretty massive variance and seems to be pretty hectic pressure, even at the low end, but that may just be because I haven't used one, but it throws a lot of sparks. If you do decide to start making them I will grab a few from you. Just learning at the moment so am sticking with standard consumables for cost reasons. But need to get some in the future and would like my money to stay local,
  8. Will try that on Monday, ran out of time today, generally find them to be very expensive though, so still interested to know if anyone has seen them for sale anywhere else.
  9. Does anyone know where to buy something like this locally? https://www.wurthusa.com/Tools/Chemical-Delivery-Tools/Spray-Tools/EMPTY-CAN-FOR-SCHUTZ-GUN-(US-THREADS)/p/08911101 Just an empty can that screw on to an underseal/Schutz gun. Wanting to try spraying some roll on underseal that is significantly cheaper but seems to be very similar to Raptor liner. TIA
  10. Cheers @Willdat?, yeah it's pretty cool, I'm not sure if it's a good thing or what that it's at the stage it is now, but had I not pulled it to pieces when I was younger with no real way of fixing things I likely would never have dived this far in and it almost would be stock. But such is life/projects, it gets away on ya. One thing I would really like to do in the future once this is done is to get a 2wd version and do the opposite of this, slammed, maybe an SR20DET, Silvia suspension all around. Then put it on a trailer behind this to tow it to the track haha. But like I keep having to tell myself, no new projects until I finish this one (/then buy a house probably).
  11. Well, Page 4 dredge... BUT, I have been doing things. Like non-stop, really trying to get things moving on this. I have: -Made side steps/rock sliders, brush guard/flare extensions and a tube front bumper w/ winch cradle (not quite finished) -Almost finished the dog box to cover the rear of the engine. -Mostly rebuilt the front diff swivel seals/bearings/brakes (still waiting on some bits) -Bolted in 4' lift springs/refurbed radius arms/drop boxes etc. Panhard rod in to keep things centred, still need tie rod/drag link. -Made passenger seat plate/gearbox and transfer case covers (still have to do drivers side but that's the easy one, as passenger side needed clearance for transfer case lever. -Completely modified the firewall for Patrol steering column and made a plate to bolt in the Patrol column (still needs to be shortened at steering box end). -Made mounts for oil cooler and run AN lines to sandwich plate. -Made lines for catch can/mounted catch can. -Made funky cover for headlight hole that is now intercooler pipe routing (1 down, 1 to go). -Painted tray in Raptor black and reassembled, bolted to ute. -Installed bonnet latches, made mounting points for pins, installed pins. -Purchased a Wilwood pedal box and started mounting that. And probably lots of other little things, installed new TPS, had driveshaft loop made, etc. Just generally hemorrhaging money and time. I'm gonna just add a few photos here, and then properly update in the next few days. Getting any half decent pics where it is in the shed is difficult. (Dog box is a lot further along but apparently I completely forgot to take any photos) Cheers, Hayden.
  12. If it is at all helpful, I have a TD42 PS pump you can have? I stole the reservoir off the top to use in my setup, but the pump itself is still there? Depends where your leaks are coming from. Let me know anyway and I can send it to you if you want it. PITA abut the cert check thing. Where is the closest one to you if you stay on the same island?
  13. I have bought some Aeroflow bits from them already, they were the best priced that I could see. Added bonus they are like 800m from the workshop Dad works at semi-regularly. Will have a watch of the Skid Factory video and order some bits.
  14. Hey all, I see plenty of kits using AN lines for power steering, which is ideal for me as I need custom lines and now have the kit to do AN lines. and they will fit in with my oil cooler/breather lines. Is there a particular type/series of AN line that I should use? Or, alternatively, anyone heard/seen horror stories of them not being appropriate for the pressures of power steering? For reference it's an RB25DET pump and a Patrol/Safari PS box, and I was going to use -6AN for everything bar the return to the pump from the reservoir where I would use -10AN due to the size of the barb on the pump (that line is low pressure anyway). Cheers and TIA, Hayden.
  15. So this has come a fair way, have used a Patrol steering column very kindly supplied by @ThePog. Now have steering collapsibility etc. As I had to change the firewall mounting etc, I moved it along so that it lines up with the steering box and all is good in the world, except the shaft is still too long. This isn't too much of a problem, I just need to cut the shaft to length and have it re-splined. Is this a job any old engineer can do or is there someone specific I should contact/someone anyone can recommend? From what I understand this is ok as the shaft is just mild steel and isn't being welded? @cletus any input here?