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  1. You want this? $125 in Katikati https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/642586740123844/
  2. Panic buy them. And a bag of ice for your built in chilly bin.
  3. Yeah I asked the same thing straight away haha. Happy to report my Cardo intercom stayed intact and worked throughout the incident as callum can attest it played my road rash noises into his helmet quite well lol.
  4. Bike was fine. Rider caused. Top clamp is made of cheese. It was on my list to replace with a genuine item.
  5. Came out pretty lucky. Can still walk. Hopefully the pain goes away before the weekend.
  6. Can’t stay in the lines for shit and failed at being run over properly. Will try harder next time.
  7. It’s a piece of the wall structure now. I may have to substitute it out for a Honda CT110
  8. Anyway in Lifan news. Got this rig back last night. New @Geophyspec exhaust, hopefully doesn’t fall off like last year. Tried to test ride this morning with @MopedNZ& @Kassbut the front fell off which wasn’t typical. So did a refresh over winter today and she’s ready to go. New suspension and wheels front and rear, disc brake, new carb and intake set up. Roll on Friday.
  9. Chuck the plug in the freezer overnight and blowtorch the block?
  10. I test rode @MopedNZ new whip for cape yesterday. Works good. Now time to swap the engine for an unknown one.
  11. Do you want a ClutchPro clutch kit? Brand new. $50 plus post. Part number # KNI19001 computer says it’s fits heaps of GAY15s
  12. Good stuff! Careful use of a flap disc on a grinder will quickly make the top engine mount thinner. Have had to do that for a few bikes. Just be careful not to grind downwards and put a hole in the top of the case
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