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  1. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's 1977 Toyota Celica GTV

    A long overdue update on this car. Re-added the pictures due to photo-fukkit fail I picked the car up from the panel beaters in late 2015. It was unable to be finished due to the ill health of Murray the panel beater. Amazing work done, just need to get my ass into gear and get it finished and painted. Not a lot has happened to it since as i have been busy working on the Racer, building the garage, engines and other things. It is still being worked on at a very slow rate. and it is keeping good company in the shed. Smaller bits like the carbs and airbox for the engine have been done and are sitting in the cupboard ready for refit.
  2. sleeektoy

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    “It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty, the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.” David Attenborough Here we have an omniscience of oldschool GC's gathered in nature to observe oil burning jalopies
  3. sleeektoy

    POR15 full of shit!

    Same result here. Prepped a surface rusted inner splash guard both sides as per their instructions. POR15 coats with the under and top coat and fitted it to the car. 2 years later i pulled the splash guard as orange streaks were running out of it. Completely rooted flaking rust underneath and the POR15 was all that was holding it together - peeled it off to find swiss cheese steel under it all.
  4. Wifes away ... i shall randomly turn up and make a burger disappear
  5. Getting more confident at this metal foldy bendy stuff.. Centre console bracket was missing from this car so i copied the one from my other celica. Carpet all installed Back seat area all cleaned/painted Wheel arch vinyl was tired so i resprayed it And finally stopped procrastination and primed the drivers side roof
  6. Small update: Floors cleaned and painted, Dash back in, and rewired some horrors behind it. Marine boat carpet is being cut/fitted as I go - Blue to match the seats. Roof still isn't finished yet - gotta get motivation and less distraction from other jobs. I could possibly turn the key and make it go with a charged battery and some fuses
  7. sleeektoy

    Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    Do the steering boxes have a coupling like this? Like most 70's toyotas with steering boxes have... That would therefore mean the power steer box may work?
  8. The Drivers side roof drip rail was a little bubbly so this was also investigated for rust. BOY oh BOY did I open a can of worms. The drip rail and outer roof has 3/4 been replaced Now for more paint/sand/paint/sand....
  9. sleeektoy

    Gav’s Honda N360

  10. Dash in, cage painted and headlining in.
  11. Wasn't really happy with the paint and I cut through in one spot so the decision was made to repaint and clear coat it. Also repainted the dash top and cage given the easy access with the windscreen out
  12. sleeektoy

    mlracing's TA22 Celica

    And lift-up reverse gear lockout is standard on the T40/50 of this type
  13. Filled and reprimed today - a little more fill and sanding and it should be good to top coat