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  1. Spare wheel well! been a while in the making. It was looking like a sara lee danish dessert in there - layer upon layer upon layer upon layer... and bits chopped out etc etc. so choppy choppy Fixed up the middle part to look somewhat right and cut/pressed the stiffening and drain into a new bit. rolled the edges too welded the centre in and tested the cover Tacked in. welded and sanded Pretty happy with the result - way better than before.
  2. And a notorious part that rots from the inside out on these - the hatch hinge point - 3 layers of sandwiched rust
  3. Hatch side drip rails I got some lengths folded up and then proceeded to fit them Left side Right side
  4. Decided to sell it - up on trademe. I thought the reserve was dreaming but it seems not. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/classic-vintage/listing/2817573796
  5. Pretty much what @Taistorm said. If its just bearings you need, crack it open and get all the bearing numbers then rock up to a local specialist bearing wholesaler/distributor. North Shore Toyota regularly bring in the gasket kits for gearboxes too. Last time i rebuilt one I actually got the kit from overseas as it worked out more economical when it comes with the synchros and gaskets etc.
  6. Back guard mud-trap choppy-choppy pattern (moved the hole so easier future access to remove dirt) trial fit and tweak clamp and weld
  7. In the previous post you may have noticed the crusty corners of the hatch! So i set about some doing some foldy bendy things and also got a spin on a hand swaging machine. I made both sides using the RH side as a pattern. 2 layers of goodness. And welded the LH side in after some alignment checks
  8. Rear bumper brackets on the inside were rusty and loose Removed the bracket to fix it and also fix the floor under it Fixed the bracket and sussed a repair piece for the floor ... but how to weld it in properly.. So.... minor escalation in repairs.... off with the valance~!!! Turns out it was held on with a little brazing and some pop rivets , plus welded at the top Easy access for welding and of course the other side too..
  9. http://www.justbrakes.co.nz/ these guys do it in Auckland if you want something more local. Most of the brake shops send their stuff here to be done too.
  10. Keeping on theme with the left-hand side... Rear quarter has taken a hit at some point and been "dent-pullered" out, and smoothed over. So i un-stitched all the mess and started again. Due to me being a muppet - lots happened and no pics got taken!! So.. many hours of hammer and dolly, welding etc. etc. Still have the rear valance to straighten, lengthen, and reattach..
  11. So... sill was a little unstraight rash from diving into a ditch in Targa at one point So decision was to chop it out and fix it proper,
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