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  1. sleeektoy

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    This stuff also has a high concentration and works wonders on rust.
  2. With the welder out for SLEEEK's floor repair, i figured also fixing the other quarter window on the racer was probably long overdue. Some BS repairs from the past that were 90% bog. Repair the inner bit and the reinforcement. Fill other rust holes. Measure and make the outer bits. Glue it up. and 200% betterer...
  3. So... a change in the place i took this for a WOF meant it had a bit more of a thorough inspection. It didn't fail but he mentioned that some rust in the passengers floor would need attention soon. So some investigation happened. Turned out that hiding under the sound deadening was a little more serious than anticipated. Likely a leaking windscreen caused this. Out with the cutting disc and I had at it! And then glued it all back together Grind, Sand, and Prime - phone was left in the house so no pics except after And finally a renewal of paint and anti-chip coating. A nice tidy up for it.
  4. sleeektoy

    Steel Supply Places in Auckland

    +1 for steel cuts on odd size items
  5. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    and DONE (almost)
  6. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    The French race them and you can get a big bore cylinder/piston and hi comp head - good for a lot more torque and top speed. The pedal gear ratio is a bit crap and takes a lot of work to pedal without the engine so i fully understand the sweaty mess situation. With the engine running it is fantastic for 30+Km/hr and still being able to pedal (albeit rapidly)
  7. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    Tried my hand at painting some pin striping - not a bad 1st effort. I replicated all the factory stripes it originally had
  8. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    I'm stoked at how good the tank turned out. I painted it last week and finished it over the weekend.
  9. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    Hung the painting out to dry... glossy goodness. and a couple of bits needed a bit more fettling too
  10. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    Some pics of the wheels i restored. Rims and spokes were too far rusted to save. New rims, and spokes, and whitewalls. Plus cleanup and re-chrome of the German " Torpedo" single speed, back-pedal brake hub.
  11. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    I had also reconditioned a whole pile of other bits. i unearthed all those today too.. Moteur all done - big-bore 50cc piston, honed barrel, new headlight and plastic side cover. Front mudguard and engine mount plates painted and everything plated. Including fuel tank that took way too many hours splitting it apart, panel-beating it, sealing it back up. still to be painted. before.. after.. Exhaust - gutted out and tidied up Brake calipers zinc plated and reassembled. New tail light and re-plated/refurbished bulb holder Tread plate cleaned up new mudflap + re-plated support handle bars re-chromed and everything cleaned + re-assembled. also new bell The auxiliary power units were re-chromed, nos pedals, and rebuilt main bearing and lastly - re-plated bolts throughout
  12. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    Primed the many pieces..
  13. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    Well... this got put under the bench and forgotten about for 3 years updated pics back - some pics are lost unfortunately. Its back out on top of the bench and the bits are being worked on. Some primed bits some of the pitting I have been dealing with .. which I'm priming, then skim filling and sanding it, then high fill priming after
  14. sleeektoy

    Mechanic is trying to cheat me - help required

    Do they have any affiliations with MTA(Motor trade association) or similar at the workshop? Could have a yarn to them about it if they are. Also LTNZ are getting pretty strict on the WOF workshops now - if you feel it shouldn't have passed due to the work not being done, then formal complaint to them and they will investigate. FYI - Wheel bearings can sometimes be adjusted with the wheels on the car - if you can pop the outer grease cap off, you can pull the split pin and pull out the outer bearing to jam in some grease. Then bung it back together adjust the nut till tight etc. Depends on the type of wheels and centre caps. (I would however not recommend this be done .. ever) Also - drum brakes need exactly the treatment @Yowzer mentioned to properly get them working. If nothing needs changing, then it would probably take the same amount of time to try and clean it from the back as it would to remove the drum and give it a decent check/clean and proper adjustment
  15. sleeektoy

    Sleeektoy's 1977 Toyota Celica GTV

    A long overdue update on this car. Re-added the pictures due to photo-fukkit fail I picked the car up from the panel beaters in late 2015. It was unable to be finished due to the ill health of Murray the panel beater. Amazing work done, just need to get my ass into gear and get it finished and painted. Not a lot has happened to it since as i have been busy working on the Racer, building the garage, engines and other things. It is still being worked on at a very slow rate. and it is keeping good company in the shed. Smaller bits like the carbs and airbox for the engine have been done and are sitting in the cupboard ready for refit.