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  1. Practice piece needs lots of improvement
  2. Thanks I think I will have a go at doing them first but contact me when you look at the rh floor. The sill is not that bad that just replacing the main profile areas should do as the Jack points are OK just some surface rust. On side note I am really amazed that there is little rust for the fact that the metal is bare from the factory inside the sill
  3. Excellent work on the floor How much $$ for two front floors and two outer sills Seriously I do have tools and some skills to make them but time and motivation is always an issue. And your end result is that good.
  4. I found you a T bone steak you may enjoy https://www.manheim.co.nz/damaged-vehicles/000000000005446486/1986-jaguar-xjs-coupe-3-6-coupé?referringPage=AuctionListing Link may not work but it goes to auction tomorrow in auckland, probably very cheep eg $100 + fees
  5. Hello MARTS-PL310 to make me find this easier link me into the conversation. I do still have the spare car & since I now have a wagon I do need to wreck the parts car to make more room. It has a rusty floor also & bottom of pillars are rusty also but is straight. shipping would cost you alot unless your visiting nz for a holiday. Nice car tho, could you make your own build thead, people get bored with my very slow progress so it would be good to see another one to help inspire me to do more work on mine.
  6. The 515,000km Maxima reluctantly dragged this back home yesterday but it was good until it got to my driveway & remembered it was a FWD dragging lots of weight up a gravel driveway at 930pm
  7. May I recommend using N2O for a heater when it backfires
  8. If you want power for cheep I have a M54B30 I can sell you in a E46 coupe shell For $1200 or if you want it as it is now (driving with wheels) $1500
  9. I'm sorry but I don't endorse using a M4x engine of any discription & spending over $10k to get it spinning 10k and the car will be no more valuable than it is with the M20b20 Buying this will be so much easier & cheeper & would add value almost equal to what you spend. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/engines/auction-1529182040.htm?rsqid=2a1dfb619cb2417d91f75ff0274b21a3
  10. Mustang drivers can't always get it right.
  11. I have been doing a little on this when I can & today since I have finished refitting the rare option (for NZ new) heater I was able to fill the car with coolant & run it until warm I can report no leaks from heater & thurmostat still works. Water stains shown are from driving around with wiper spindles removed many years ago & the new goal is to get this back on the road before I restore interior etc. So while outside I gave it its first car wash in over a decade then drove for a few 100m's round the carparks
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