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  1. Hmm.. yeah I tried to upload it to the forum once and for whatever reason didn't work. I'll try again in next update.
  2. Will keep going with iForce for the images for now, seems to work most of the time. Decided to do a fun-top vinyl roof conversion. Parcel shelf looking better though!
  3. For those having issues and are on Facebook Streetwise have more indepth bankrupcy photos you can see here - https://www.facebook.com/pg/streetwiseautomotivenz/photos/?tab=album&album_id=4191146524291161
  4. Apparently not using Google Chrome seems to be the fix
  5. Yeah seems weird, same image links working on other forums so not sure Hmm probably be a while because we have to do the repair cert stuff and that can't be done until next year. They're doing the repairs but not fully welding it all back in until signed off so the sills are just bolted on now so they can work shapes into other stuff around it where necessary. But yeah, overall not as bad as I was expecting.
  6. Looks a bit scary when it's in this state! I am happy they're sending me regular photos with updates though.
  7. Bonjour. Car has been blasted, not too many surprises which is nice. The floor being bung wasn't known and not sure about the headlight bucket repairs.. could have had the square angle headlight mod done in the past perhaps. All in all, I'm actually pretty happy with that. Repair parts are available for some of these areas and we already have new sills in NZ. Project will halt again now due to some change in the law for entry cert or whatever is required for that so the workshops/panel shops need to get some additional certification.. anyway, no major.. the longer I can stretch the money the better. Abuse page here -
  8. Haha yes after the first video I told Jon a couple things
  9. Interesting it seems like the original colour was burgundy
  10. This went 0-100 real quick, unlike the car itself. Subframe is also going to be blasted and painted too and bushes replaced where necessary (everywhere); just have to find some.
  11. Remember me? Motor comes out tomorrow, actually not entirely as bad as I thought.. rear is toast I'm told.. we'll find out soon when it's blasted to smithereens
  12. Likewise from Aus haha, Aunty Cindy hasn't quite opened up that corridor yet
  13. Car looks minty. What you can do for the badges if they have a little valley with paint in is use a syringe and drip the paint in
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