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  1. Is there Burgerfuel in Melbourne? Could be there in spirit.....
  2. D'oh! I'm in Oz that day. sadface
  3. Fify oh, do you mean you? All of these Porsche owners... so confused.
  4. Well those super ecu chip-frying guns won’t work on 70% of the cars there......
  5. My office is just down the road, and as it happens I need to take my car to my chosen car body repairer nearby...... I often work late and need sustenance at around these times too.....
  6. Wof passed, I’m there!
  7. Ooooooh, sailing's finished car's going for WOF tomorrow. I should be there Wed!
  8. Styles

    Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Well, it was always going to happen. This model is chronic for rusted hatches. Wasn’t there a month ago. Now a fresh eruption I noticed this week..... any reccomendations for repairers? I’m not gonna try tackle this shit myself. any reccomendations for action to take on the meantime, before repair?
  9. Was sooooooooo good to make a meet again. First time in ages! Little dude seemed to enjoy it somewhat. Well, he was happy with BF ice cream thingy. Took him the Pak/Botany/Whitford way home, but still no sailing on Weds for the next couple months, but seeing as I’ve inadvertently reg’d the car for 12 months I’m gonna have to make the autumn/winter meets!
  10. I don't wanna jinx it, but I reckon I'll be able to make this one!
  11. Hahaha, you know how much I love sticking my junk in boxes....... but yeah, committed to the crew, sitting in 3rd for the series, in striking distance for 1st. I was hoping this wouldn't be shifted forward a week, but guessed that it probably would be. Still I'll make Jan, and I got 12 months reg last time on the old girl, so should be able to do April on. Car's back in the garage now too, so less hassle to get it out.
  12. Aaaaaah man, I knew this was going to happen. That's my last sailing day for the year. Oh well, I should be able to make January......
  13. What day will this be on next month? I've only just gotten my car back on the road, but have had summer sailing on Wednesday evenings! There's a break from mid-December till the end of Jan, so hoping to make 1 or 2.....