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  1. I reckon I could make next month, in my daily. But pretty confident that I’ll be able to make October with the Celica. We need to do a proper comparison next to each other, just maybe a park in between to make space for stupid big doors.
  2. Very cool. Love a 1st gen CR-X. Well love all of them except the Del-sol, TBH. My wife’s ex BF was in the AF with Deanis. I remember rolling up against this car at the Honda drags in 02?/03? In my KA8. Needless to say, after dealing to a couple of civics and integras earlier on, in heads-up I got destroyed. Still got best burnout and fastest six on the day. Best lol was the scrutineer buzzing out at my aluminium bonnet, because it was so light. I was like - nah mate , pointing at the gas struts. Very cool car, and I’m sure plenty of people from the car scene back then will appreciate seeing it resurrected!
  3. I'll be trying to make it, will be laying the old girl up for the winter after the weekend, so it's a last chance for me!
  4. Mate, there are plenty of non-boring ways to get there...... tell me where you're coming from and I'll plan you a route.
  5. Not gonna make the pre-meet&cruise, but should be at the main event at some point, now that I have 4 fully matching rims again!
  6. Anyone going to this next week? Meet up and convoy?
  7. Sorry team, was keen as to get in, but was waylaid on the shore at work longer than I’d have liked, then the weather and traffic took it’s toll. By the time I was approaching home I saw @bigfoot going the other way to get to the meet. Wasn’t gonna work. Little guy was gutted. Told him to cheer up, summer’s on the way. Life pending I’ll be there next month, hopefully with the little guy too, he loves it!
  8. Not making it, work and weather have conspired against me. Oh well, always next month.
  9. Lol, just realised that I’m out at dealerships this week, so won’t be in the office to pick it up. So everyone’s safe for this month...
  10. I reckon I'll get to this, might even bring my kid. Should I bring the Celica, or should I borrow the Mustang from work? Would I still be allowed to park up top?
  11. Mmmmmm, strawberries, frozen yog, fresh WOF, and a blast on country roads!
  12. It'll be interesting to see what the split looks like, I quite like the original one, but I understand why they're doing two events. Hampton is closer to em and quicker to get to, so will have to check it out, I think!