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  1. Sorry team, was keen as to get in, but was waylaid on the shore at work longer than I’d have liked, then the weather and traffic took it’s toll. By the time I was approaching home I saw @bigfoot going the other way to get to the meet. Wasn’t gonna work. Little guy was gutted. Told him to cheer up, summer’s on the way. Life pending I’ll be there next month, hopefully with the little guy too, he loves it!
  2. Not making it, work and weather have conspired against me. Oh well, always next month.
  3. Lol, just realised that I’m out at dealerships this week, so won’t be in the office to pick it up. So everyone’s safe for this month...
  4. I reckon I'll get to this, might even bring my kid. Should I bring the Celica, or should I borrow the Mustang from work? Would I still be allowed to park up top?
  5. I reckon I’m gonna be there....
  6. Styles

    Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Mmmmmm, strawberries, frozen yog, fresh WOF, and a blast on country roads!
  7. Styles

    Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Some recent pix
  8. It'll be interesting to see what the split looks like, I quite like the original one, but I understand why they're doing two events. Hampton is closer to em and quicker to get to, so will have to check it out, I think!
  9. Is there Burgerfuel in Melbourne? Could be there in spirit.....
  10. D'oh! I'm in Oz that day. sadface
  11. Fify oh, do you mean you? All of these Porsche owners... so confused.
  12. Well those super ecu chip-frying guns won’t work on 70% of the cars there......
  13. My office is just down the road, and as it happens I need to take my car to my chosen car body repairer nearby...... I often work late and need sustenance at around these times too.....
  14. Wof passed, I’m there!