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  1. So scored a battery from my friends at North Harbour Mazda.
  2. But Aaaaaaaaa zabenya.... the circle of life....
  3. Well sadly at my last Akl OS meet my battery died (RIP mr NS60LMF, you gave all you had to give.... August 2011-Jan 2020...) thanks to @Thousand Dollar Supercar for the jump!
  4. Ok, batter ordered today, so I should be good to go for next month. Now just to remember to figure something out for the kids..... Hmm, or bring them with me?
  5. D'oh! I haven't arranged anything, and the missus finishes late, so I'm a no-go. Still haven't replaced my dead battery either. I'll try get both done before next month.
  6. Once you know what dimensions you need go to Davie Motors Botany, they're the distributor for Nice products, and they've got the best range. They've got a full catalogue that you can search by dimensions etc.
  7. Love how they’re both N# plates!
  8. I'll be a bit late, but I'll be there!
  9. Will try to make it this time. Either will work just as much as the other for me.
  10. Sorry to let the team down, by the time the wife got home, and I'd gotten kids fed etc it was near 7, then had a bit of work to finish off, so just couldnt' make it work Maybe next month....
  11. Keen, but missus works late Wednesday, so I'll probably be there late-ish, but will be there.....
  12. Definitely, now I'm on the road again!
  13. I’m keen for either..... just need to get a plan together this afternoon....
  14. Not much to update, except I’m back on the road again. Thanks @Shakotom. Somehow for a guy that never used to like red on cars, I’ve ended up with 3!