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  1. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Well, it was always going to happen. This model is chronic for rusted hatches. Wasn’t there a month ago. Now a fresh eruption I noticed this week..... any reccomendations for repairers? I’m not gonna try tackle this shit myself. any reccomendations for action to take on the meantime, before repair?
  2. Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    Sixes are sex!
  3. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    So kind of spent way too much on an original Japan market brochure for my car.... 32 pages of glorious early 80's awesome!
  4. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    So tiny update, new baby came along, haven't been out much, but did make it to Toyota Festival, pics from parade lap below. Getting a bit excited now, only a month or two till the exemption expires, and we get near summer, time to start looking at a bit of servicing and get her wof'd and reg'd!
  5. Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    Go door mirrors, fender mirrors would look a bit weird, IMO. That said, some example pics might make me think otherwise.
  6. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Been a bit useless with updates.... Hpc'd stuff is on, but I'll have to get some pics of the engine bay.... Made it to the OS Leadfoot trip, which was awesome! But a bit hot, especially with non-operational AC, so now I have tints! And also got a car seat, so when new baby comes along I can take my 18 month old out in it!
  7. Natalie's 1970 Capri GTXL

    HPC pricing here: Can recommend, just got some stuff back for mine. Good service, and a really nice finish.
  8. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Tiny update, got dizzy back, can recommend Quality Rebuilds, quick turnaround and great to deal with. Also got my stuff back from HPC..... Stoked as, now just got to score a break on the weather to fit it all back in as the car is on the driveway. Countdown is on though, want to make the monthly meet, caffeine and classics and the Leadfoot cruise. I'm sure I'll find a couple of hours in the next couple of weeks though. Pic for Fred.
  9. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Pulled dizzy out to get vacuum advance repaired, going to get the guy to check the other specs too while he's at it. Will be nice to get rid of that vacuum leak. I'm sure I'll find others afterwards, but the pinch test suggests this is the main culprit. Also took intake pipe off for HPC along with the trust headers. Will reinstall dizzy and intake in time for next monthly meet.... Liked this pic, love the way the lamp oranges out the colour closest to it.
  10. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    Got the groomer who does the big jobs getting cars yard-ready for us at work ( to give the old girl the once-over. Really happy with the job, not much to see with photos though, so didn't bother, but just got that interior a million times better. Also, his tip on the rubber spoiler was bees-wax, which he applied, and I reckon it's pretty good. Replaced wiper rubbers, after finding that the USA-spec complete blades don't work (JDM spec no longer available, took a punt on US ones when I was ordering some other stuff), so stole the rails and rubbers out of the US spec ones (the OE rails were gone when someone had replaced the rubbers with after-market in the past), and happy days. By the look of the forecast they'll get a workout on the way to and from Caffeine and Classics tomorrow! Added one essential mod to car : And one to tool-box:
  11. Styles 1982 Toyota Celica XX 2.8GT

    So got some pics yesterday evening. Pretty happy really. Just little detail stuff done, cowl, mouldings, mirrors, wiper arms. And not a sign if the damage I had done to the bonnet! And my little dude had a great time when I chucked him in the back! New play pen! So I plan to head to the monthly meet next week, then caffeine and classics at the end of the month. Then after that I'll get started with the stereo. Haven't figured out speakers yet, but I think I've found an option for a head unit from one of our suppliers at work, it's nice and ordinary looking so won't look too out of place, and has Bluetooth and USB etc. Bluetooth audio streaming too possibly. Also, I want to try to get the spoiler looking a bit better. It's that squishy black rubber, and in pretty good shape, just a tiny perished at the peak of the foil. I've heard of using peanut oil or peanut butter.... Anyone had any experience with that or got any other recommendations?
  12. No, not for sale, sorry, unless you wanted to offer more $ than I've put into it, which as we know doesn't usually equate to a cars value.
  13. Mate, I get what you're saying, but these both came up at separate times (a couple of years apart) when I had the cash required so I grabbed them each time. I'd have to say that on the 17's in silver it looks just right for my late 90's tribute style. I think in black they'll look a little more subtle. It rides really nicely on the 17's with plenty of clearance and no rubbing so they're definitely going to stay for travelling. I bought the Shakotans as much to check how happy I was (over the long term) with the sizing as anything else, so now (when I get around to it) I can get the Mk3's that I desire.
  14. chees- yep, you're probably right, paid a total of 2g for both sets including near new tyres. So yes, my ideal SSR's or Watanabes would be only a little more, but having those two sets for different uses is good at the mo, and they were really easy kind of impulse buys. Will get around to getting the ideal rims one day. Really I should try track down some 17" reflexes in black with the OG yellow decals to complete the 90's dream car theme! Hachi : will record some time soon. Hope to score a mates gopro for a Twilight Road run sometime too!