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  1. The thing they use is really skinny. It’ll get through a really snotty nose, no worries. It’s ~2mm wide. They go allll the way back...
  2. Great news, my COVID test came back negative...
  3. I’m laid up in bed, got a mean cold. Not even working from home, sinuses are chocka, can’t concentrate. So unfortunate I won’t be there. Last one for daylight savings too...
  4. The average meet is definitely less than ten. Go forth!
  5. I don't believe there are any conditions on how many people can park in a carpark. That said, it would be best if everyone parked with a spare park between. As my wife is a nurse, and we may have a connection to an aged care facility related to the recent cases - pending further updates I may, or may not, be in attendance
  6. I usually try to be there by around 7, but since got kid issues tonight, so won’t be bringing the little guy after all, and will still be about an hour.
  7. I'm in. Bringing the little guy with me too.
  8. Last time I was working in a parts department all the century guy used to do was swap the stickers... to be fair he did put the tester on them first.
  9. Definitely the best turnout in a long time, let’s hope we continue along the same lines in the new year!
  10. Regardless we’ll (well I will) be at the usual place (ref pg1) on the 3rd Weds of the month. 16th in this month’s case...
  11. Drag day is awesome! Sadly I can’t make it this year due to missus work Christmas party. (Should just have it at drag day I reckon). Some fast cars, some slow cars, some burnouts, some one-wheeler-peeler squealies. Get amongst it!
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