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    Trailer axels.

    I've seen them in all sorts of positions including at the bottom, mainly to clear the chassis. I have a bit of flat bar same thickness as rotor. Take off caliper and fit flat bar between pads, hold caliper so screw is at the top, and bleed.
  2. It must dry up or something too because sometimes it's like a dark brown scale, like little bits of tree bark
  3. I've had bug block pickups and banjo fittings, same symptoms.
  4. Recommend these guys if you need a tank/tanks https://www.kiwitanks.co.nz/caravan-water-tanks And these guys for bits and pieces https://www.rvworldstore.co.nz/
  5. Stops the battery moving because the clamp hasn't been put back on
  6. 3M double sided foam tape. Definitely not Scotch
  7. Run big cable directly to starter, then smaller cable to fuse box/alt etc
  8. Is it ok with the top 10 people? It's pretty cramped in that place. I see there's a park directly across the road
  9. Nelson Top 10 is 55 a site yeowch Tahuna 23+ Maitai valley 10, I think I'm going there
  10. Rarangi and whites bay are both a little closer to Bridges than onamalutu...
  11. OK I'll have spare seats in the car and 2 slots (4 if we can tetris some on backwards) on the motorbike trailer Christchurch to Blenheim and back.
  12. I've always just done my bumpers in black zinc. If it gets scratched off by scrub or tree branches just touch it up. Can't touch up powder coat. And unless you zinc or galv under the pc if it gets a scratch through the water gets under and it rusts and lifts off.
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