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  1. Any bearings poking through the front of the housing? Do you need the thickness of a gasket for bearing preload?
  2. Have they got a residual pressure valve in the drum rear master cylinder?
  3. Mof

    diesel spam

    Yes, sometimes I remember about it. I'm almost never over your side of town
  4. Mof

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    @JustHarry was there a gauze under the valve?
  5. Mof

    diesel spam

    I had a hilux in a few weeks back that stopped and wouldn't start again. The fuel gauge had stopped working and was stuck on half, but the tank was empty. Had just enough in the tank to make it seem like it had fuel when you prime it with a hose off
  6. Mof

    diesel spam

    Let me know if ecu is no good, I think I have a backup
  7. Mof

    diesel spam

    https://hiluxsurf.co.uk/forum/hilux-surf-forums-technical/-3-0-turbo-diesel/86611-1kz-te-starting-problem End of page 1, start of page 2. Just a quick Google guess. ^that's spill valve relay. Maybe also check the condition of the capacitors in the ecu, make sure none have leaked out onto the board. Ecu is under the dash behind the glove box box. According to that link relay is in there too for a surf, probably the same.
  8. Workmates doing similar dec/Jan with an xl125. I'll borrow/ buy it off him. Also depends if I am able physically
  9. You still have a depot, or you're looking for one? It's 50/50 whether I'm riding or driving backup, if I'm driving you're all most definitely welcome to seats from chc.
  10. Why don't we just go up Rainbow to Blenheim, Patriarch, Maungatapu, Nelson, St Arnaud, Rainbow. If Molesworth does happen to open then we just turn right instead of left. Accommodation all stays the same. Riding round the sounds bays would be pretty awesome but the logistics is tricky.
  11. Oh yeah I read that, was kinda hoping for specifics. Seems they're doing a lot spread out. Never mind
  12. Mof

    diesel spam

    The tanks probably full of diesel bug blocking up the pickup/ strainer
  13. Probably not, but check the idle knob isn't wound in a bit for the exhaust brake
  14. @NickJ Mig argoshield? Come get my bottle. My welder is broken and fucked if I'm taking it back near full.
  15. Was it running before you took it apart? If so it can't be something you haven't played with. Are you certain the distributor is pointing at 3? Are you sure it's not pointing at #4? If distributor is pointing at #4, then #1 cylinder is on exhaust stroke. Take off the belt and turn crank 360. Camshaft, #1 cam lobes should be furthest away from valves, #4 intake should be just closing, exhaust just opening (rocking). 1 3 4 2 firing order, #4 will be on the opposite stroke to #1 cylinder. Same with 3 and 2, but that's not important for timing.
  16. Do you have a snorkel? I don't remember Edit; I just thought of it, but it relates to above post
  17. Well, thanks Auckland I was looking forward to burgers
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