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  1. I feel like gregs post didn't do Chrome justice- What an awesome day! There were a few issues but would have felt strange if there wasn't. Dunno if i should share my vids here..Feeling insanely pissed off because a few of them have gone missing/been deleted accidentally
  2. @chris r I will judge you if you buy that
  3. jesus christ. they have a bit more steel in them than i realised. be so much easier to just put it on a better chassis.
  4. oh wow, this is awesome
  5. Very cool project. Admittedly i know very little about these things and wheelbase etc but from what i have heard about chassis strength and rust you'd probably be better (mentally and financially) using a later model chassis (like a nissan safari, could use a SWB chassis or chop down a LWB chassis to the perfect length) to give you strong diffs/easily turboed motor etc etc. I love that they made these out of aluminium!
  6. Fuck photobucket. I bought this fuel door assembly off Ali Express and am massively impressed by it. Can't recall the price but around $25 so I expected it to be all plastic- it's actually really high quality powder coated die cast aluminium! The rear of the assembly unbolts and won't be used- it's actually a Jeep Wrangler upgrade part but will sit well in my imaginary deck. Edit. Oh and its spring loaded with a little doofer on the hinge and its light but solid... <3 <3 <3
  7. Thanks to some bonza company 'n' a borrowed navara plus transporter i bought this home on saturday. will post more later but its going to be my occasional daily (replacing the coon) 'n' isn't too far from being finished. unlike most crikey off trademe this trader was 100% ridgy-didge 'n' she came with more bits than i expected 'n' in better condition.. hugs all round. Discussion Thread //
  8. Nah the plan we all need is 400 a year!
  9. Wow I really appreciate how you guys have unbuttoned panels to fix things properly. How old are ya? Your skills put most of us to shame haha
  10. Damn, killing it! Use antisieze on those stainless bolts too
  11. i did some hammering and glued in the front inside corner then made up and started gluing in the outside front corner.... then my welder went from being AWESOME to being gayyyyyyyyy. Must be new liner time as wire keeps getting stuck and it then wraps around the drive roller.. did it 3 times and i had a ragequit.
  12. I wouldn't try to copy anyone else I think with what you have done virtually ANY color scheme will look great! even if you just buffed and polished the crap out of the current tank. edit.. oh and im no expert but i like the side panels- they always make the bike look more together and finished kinda (just my opinion)... i think they could do with being recessed an inch or two each side tho- could ya cut them down and push them in further?
  13. Awesome I wonder if that area would look better with the rear tank mount/bolts painted black so they kinda dissappear
  14. Just checked out this thread- bloody love the way you think with the cut down gas bottles and leaf sprung front end. Im pretty keen to use some of those bottles for my catch can... love repurpopsing shit like that
  15. Wow not sure why I haven't stayed up to date with this- damn you are good at this rust repair stuff. Where did you get those neat magnets from?
  16. Bolted in the new pedal assembly with some rivnuts through firewall. It had to be mounted far higher than expected so I need to either make a new gas pedal arm or use a longer pad. No biggie and I deserve the bother for poor planning haha. But aside from that I'm happy will work well.
  17. Yeah that haha.
  18. Hey man. Still need to get a few gauges for it.. to be perfectly honest I can't remember what I decided to do about the indicator lamps.. I think I will use the plastic flat led things, mask off the symbols with professional cut vinyl and spray black then clear (like I did the switches) I ended up not being happy with those stainless bolt ones.
  19. Sheet metal is poo, got some spuds and chromoly tube then Tig welded the start of some rear arms/links. Waiting on bushed rod ends to arrive from America. I'm so paranoid that I actually emailed a meturoligist (is that the word?) To ensure I was using the correct process for chromoly.
  20. I have always thought these were a good looking bike! Don't be too harsh on your riding gears damage! sounds like it did its job pretty well (eg you didnt mention losing skin ) glad ur ok
  21. First bit of floor in! Damn photo makes it look much less complex and note flat than it actually js
  22. This is the most racecar looking piece I have ever made.. When the car was last together (quite some time ago now) the throttle pedal feel was terrible. I tried different cables and spring rates etc but always felt like it should have been better..maybe I'm just used to more modern things....I dunno. So the goal here was to reduce the cable length significantly- the snake will now come through the firewall and start directly behind the carb rather than above the gas pedal. I was going to use an aluminium or stainless tube but then found a carbon tube cheap on AE. I bought bearings from AE too- the housings are self aligning and they are CHEAP. Next I measured up the factory gas pedal assembly, copied it's basic geometry, made some quick drawings and had these cut. And bent the pedal pad Then this morning I took some aluminium And made these ends up in aluminium. they have lots of drilled and tapped holes for mounting the arms. And here it is together with the ends pressed in. It looks totally badass and is pretty cool to hold and play with as it's SOOOOO light and rigid....a shame it will never be seen haha. The pad will be welded on when it's bolted into car and I know that angles etc are right.
  23. I have met a bunch of those guys and went for a job interview there (failed)- a genuinely GREAT bunch of people and even the owner is such a nice bloke- I was extremely surprised to actually be interviewed by him and basically sat there the whole time thinking about how hes the smartest person I'm ever likely to meet and IM NOT WORTHY etc. SOOO good to see that they have made this milestone as they all really really deserve it.
  24. I highly recommend you download the video series on rebuilding rotas. I got it years back just for curiosities sake and thought it was extremely well made. Pretty sure you should pay for it but there are other ways
  25. 7" wide wheels have no place on that car