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  1. Yup technology is amazing. Tonight I assembled a basic watt meter/load with voltage switch thing so that I can test battery capacities accurately. Its all just cheap shit from ali express but seems to work OK. You connect a fully charged battery and press the button on the side, this engages the resistors to give a 30 watt load, and then when voltage gets down to 12.1 it disconnects the load and holds capacity information on the screen. During discharge it also displays load in Watts and battery voltage. Quite neat. The old busa battery drops from 13v to 12.3 very quickly,and
  2. Over the past few years I've been increasingly interested in automotive batteries and how they actually function. Its not something that most people give a second thought to coz its a fuckin boring topic- but relevant to me because there's 6 vehicles/machines in the garage which all need batteries to function, and EVERY single bloody time i bring something home with a battery, the battery is ALWAYS fucked or near fucked. The Busa was the same. Id checked current draw from the electrical system while sitting and there was definitely nothing noteworthy but it'd go flat after sitting for a w
  3. So took this down to Brass Monkey. Was an epic 6 days of riding with good people on some great roads. Was excellent not having to worry about anything bike related (except fuel) during the trip. These things are so tractable, comfortable and easy to live with. Bloody magic. Gear selection continues to amuse me. At 100 you can choose any gear from 2nd to 6th depending on how rapidly you think you need to be accelerating. 6th gear at 100 is still going to pull away harder than most cars so usually no point in changing down. Cruising through town at 50 I tend to choose a
  4. That's my motto too, but this is because I'm too dumb to understand what the correct amount of steel looks like . If in doubt, make it bigger.
  5. Good morning mate. Wow, have not been here for some time So dunno if you follow the two wheel stuff but the timeline was like. I buy a 525 KTM with the goal of getting it road legal I find out It cant be made road legal in NZ as its a SA import with no papers I buy a road legal 530 KTM with the agreement (with wife) that I sell the 525. I find a bloke that will swap both the 525 and the 530 for a Hayabusa. Wife is like, "fuck you, thats not how this was going down, you had 4k for a bike not 8k, we need that money" I hurriedly sell LS/car parts in
  6. Wow had no idea they were still assembling cars here in 98. When did that end?
  7. Kinda. The laser comes out of my japseye
  8. Best to plan for the worst, but hope for the best. These are frame sliders and bolt into the front engine mounts. The hardest part of installation is precisely locating the required 25mm hole. The manual recommends a laser and I have one from the shed build that I never thought would have an automotive use. Step one, take off fairing and shine laser cross onto engine bolt hole location. Step two, re install fairing and drill a 25mm hole where the cross indicates. Step three, bolt down the aluminium spacers and plastic sliders. I went
  9. Damn that's incredible! You gotta be happy with that
  10. Personally I only like the idea of having them potted in epoxy or something (iv used hot glue before) as its all then 100% waterproof and protected
  11. Made these calf feeder trailer things yesterday. Not bad for one day's messing around.
  12. I did see a comment from someone that these have a groove for tie wire, but I think I may have used that groove as a cut guide when I trimmed the ends off.
  13. Yeah I'm just happy I found something to stick them down securely. The Inner sleeve is a shit greasy plastic that the superglue had zero adhesion to. It just flakes off. I think I'd have died of old age before these grips will need replacing from wear, knock on wood lolololol
  14. Installed some Oxford heated grips- the grips and controller/wiring is all quite nice but the included tube of superglue is a complete waste of time as both grips came loose before I'd left the drive. These are not like regular grips and have a hard plastic inner sleeve which does not shrink against the bars like usual. I pulled the grips off again, roughed up the bars and plastic sleeve, then glued in place with a thick smear of liquid nails. Completely the wrong application for that glue but it seems to stick like shit to anything and everything, and the grips sure don't feel like
  15. Got my cast off 1.5 weeks ago and have had bike out for half an hour since then. Have been pretty cautious as after 12 weeks restrained there was very poor muscle control and it felt super super fragile, but grip strength is improving very rapidly. We know this, but god damn shits amazing. In general I don't speed, but like acceleration and the sense of unlimited power- and this thing delivers for sure. Also very easy to see why these end up with huge kms on them compared to most 600-100cc superbikes-so easy to live with and manage. Big trip coming up and so of course
  16. Which part is bespoke? the input to the gauges or the gearbox output?
  17. Hey man. This does not answer your question, but I think SpeedHut sell adaptors to fit most gearboxes that convert mechanical gearbox output into pulses to suit their speedo's (and probably many others). Might be easy compared to factory stuff (Or exactly the same, no idea)
  18. Yeah so you buy a backing pad to fit either your standard grinder (has a nut on the back) OR a die grinder (has a little shaft on the back) Grinder one looks like this. Then you buy either sanding discs like this Or softer abrasive discs like this. The benefit is that there is no center boss to get in the way so the pad can be put flat on the surface. Very good and much better than flap discs for keeping anything flat.
  19. Create a frame to maintain alignment and add tail fins to ensure correct orientation. Then drop from hot air balloon
  20. hey old comment now but you said you wanted to get some flap discs. They are good, but for clean up after welding like that, Rolok discs are heaps better because they let you put a flat rotating face down onto the flat panel. Seen tons of bits fucked by people with flap discs when they remove/gouge the original steel! Cool project overall, looks like you are doing a bloody great job.
  21. Oh man, I had a catch up. Saw the rust and was like omg... And then super happy to see you fix it and get it all back together ASAP. Well done!
  22. Damn that is beautiful stuff! A few mistakes but who cares, I'd bet you can fix those bits with nobody noticing unless you pointed them out. Also, it's OK if the hole is too small. You can be upset when it's too big lol.
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