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  1. Does when I pee count?
  2. If I turn up I'll probably get my dick out. Just saying.
  3. I think I was in the stratosphere.
  4. I'm cancelling this event cause I don't wanna give up the golden faggot
  5. Hi Liv, I hope to see you and David at Hanmer. It'l be a jolly time.
  6. so its a 6 cylinder rx7 yeah?
  7. Slaaaaaaaaaam it. My old one was rusted worse. they're shitty steel.
  8. Who likes jigsaw puzzles? Almost forgot how to weld. Lucky I remembered how to grind.
  9. Picked scabs while waiting for paint to dry on the fuel tank that needed a tidy.
  10. She's pretty poked alright
  11. That thing would have been a handful to throw around those short courses Still got the spats?
  12. What do you mean? I'm gonna miss it from my hallway tbh
  13. Have you heard of the Golden Faggot?