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  1. I've got a bit on but ill try make the car meet
  2. danger

    mutinys fxr

    Nice! FXRs will be worth holding on to
  3. danger

    Ke2# brakes

    Anyone know of any handy conversion I could do to run larger front discs and calipers in a 4x100 stud pattern?
  4. Thought this was an Austin when I first saw it. Much better though. Nice to meet ya
  5. So yeah I've done a bit more work to this which I'll post later but figured I may as well record the issue and solution I had with my injector pump. I fired the ute up for the first time in 5 years and it was as if the throttle was stuck open. No obvious things like overfull oil level, jammed throttle cable etc and I could turn it off from the key so had to be the injector pump. Seems no mechanics attempt to work with these themselves, I got a quote from an injection specialist of $1600+GST to rebuild the pump... So I had a go at it myself. Issue is the governor link was seized on the pivot shaft. The little spring was fully compressed and it took a decent amount of force with a screwdriver to pry it open. There was still too much resistance on the shaft so I removed the governor link and soaked it in CRC for a few hours till it freed up completely. The governor link was held in by some triangular (dont fuck with me) bolts so I welded up 3 points of an old 6pt 14mm socket then drilled the centre to suit. All done now and back together, will slap it back in with a new timing belt and tensioner tomorrow.
  6. Got a little side tracked today building this rear bar with salvage hooks and removal tow bar. Heavy as fuck, all from recycled steel I had around the place except for the towbar box section. Feels good to be working on things whilst getting rid of stuff I've hoarded.
  7. Should remove it as well as bumpsteer. Crossover steering involves swapping the original forward-backward steering box that created that issue for a left-right IFS surf box
  8. Also any idea of value on this thing? Originally I was thinking 4 for it but running, reg on hold and no cert but fabrication finished 6k? 2.8L non turbo. Rebuilt front knuckles and bearings, strengthened diff housing, rear leaves up front with front mounts lowered 2" to correct pinion angle. LSD in front. Custom shock hoops and new long travel bilsteins. Rear shock mounts from the centre, reinforced rear end and tow points all around. Rough but solid body and interior. Brand new 35s on 15x10s
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