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  1. danger

    Jesses lada sharn thread

    Thought this was an Austin when I first saw it. Much better though. Nice to meet ya
  2. Fuck your skills have just ruined my life
  3. danger

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    That's absolutely no excuse
  4. danger

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Whats with the middle age divorcee cat lady license plate?
  5. danger

    Who wants a hand with their projects?

    ^ that's a nice length of string right there I'll pay you to teach me how to TIG
  6. danger

    Who wants a hand with their projects?

    As I make room in the workshop there could be space for you if interested
  7. Hey I know a guy. Oh wait.
  8. danger

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    so its a 6 cylinder rx7 yeah?
  9. danger

    cupcakes b16 hundy

    Slaaaaaaaaaam it. My old one was rusted worse. they're shitty steel.
  10. Who likes jigsaw puzzles? Almost forgot how to weld. Lucky I remembered how to grind.
  11. Picked scabs while waiting for paint to dry on the fuel tank that needed a tidy.
  12. That thing would have been a handful to throw around those short courses Still got the spats?