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  1. danger

    Ke2# brakes

    Anyone know of any handy conversion I could do to run larger front discs and calipers in a 4x100 stud pattern?
  2. Thought this was an Austin when I first saw it. Much better though. Nice to meet ya
  3. Fuck your skills have just ruined my life
  4. Whats with the middle age divorcee cat lady license plate?
  5. ^ that's a nice length of string right there I'll pay you to teach me how to TIG
  6. As I make room in the workshop there could be space for you if interested
  7. so its a 6 cylinder rx7 yeah?
  8. Slaaaaaaaaaam it. My old one was rusted worse. they're shitty steel.
  9. Who likes jigsaw puzzles? Almost forgot how to weld. Lucky I remembered how to grind.
  10. Picked scabs while waiting for paint to dry on the fuel tank that needed a tidy.