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  1. Edit: This one, was jdm... so obvs way better... Weird fucking wheels though! Got rear ended by a retarded chick in a mirage/laser/similar at one point. I remember I was listening to stairway, strange what you remember. Minor ding, got repaired haha
  2. Dear Ed, I wish to express my hope that when you sell this to procure an NSX that I am in a financial position to purchase it. This is what I drove on my restricted licence, was the old mans car. He decided between stazza and celica xx, wise decision. So much pine Kindest regards Vince Lovrich Esq. Oh, fuck off phuel, mine! xx Lols, so fucking tidy though, fucking rad for reals!!!!
  3. Bugger! I figured it wouldn't stick around, was CHEAP!!!! Hopefully someone on here grabbed it
  4. This might be useful... looks pretty straight, heaps of spares, cheap as balls? http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/mitsubishi/auction-996145332.htm
  5. Yup, I did a massive road trip in one of mine... was kinda torture... toooo slow/rattly/wandering about etc etc etc... so cool though gah!
  6. pictureless, speculative update. I MAY have found a parts car for this thing, in auckland no less... complete less drivetrain (which is sweet) and rustfucked body (also sweet) Will update if I get it
  7. Like a goddamn sir! Nice work man, way beyond anything I could even consider crafting... don't tell anyone you are from here, they will expect all our shit to look amazing and work and stuff
  8. Just need to paint the mirrors and wing white now
  9. Build Thread I just wanted to say that I hate you and you should give this to me
  10. Holy crap this is awesome! I'm going to post my colt down to you with a box of salami in the boot... just send it back when done haha, seriously though, smashing work... actually... could post you the front guards... hmmm food for thought
  11. Slam but retain bumpers
  12. I like this a LOT. I'm a weirdo admittedly but still, I say it's full winrar
  13. This is bloody smashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Haven't had to buy anything yet haha, I have a 4g somethingorother... out of a sigma I believe sitting in the shed. Am unfortunately a ways away from installing any motivational power yet though
  15. Here ya go Ky, TV is shit, but they used my hovel as a set http://www.tv3.co.nz/JONO-AND-BEN-EXTRA-Grand-Designs/tabid/3692/articleID/116394/MCat/4432/Default.aspx