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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread


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So I got given a Svord Peasant Knife

It is OK but not purrfect as a folder so I decided to make a fixed blade out of it.

Here is my work so far


Dismantle knife




Choose purple heart for handles



Draw some pictures




Draw  some penises and cut them out



Roughly shape handles






I still need to give handles the final sanding


Epoxy and pin blade and handles together


Hit handles with danish oil


Make sheath


Make a second one for my son

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Made my first payment on one of these the other day and after paying the first quarter, of 500 bucks, I took home about 60 kilos of calcium carbide. Even a grain or two held between the fingers you can smell that slightly sickly sweet odour. I got it from the man in Panmure who always looks at me slightly askance when I turn up once every few months and some rare titbit has just arrived and I'm almost first through the door. I've heard about these things but never seen one and whilst I didn't know what it was I suppose a dirty great oxygen bottle sitting right next to it made it fairly obvious . This is a photo off the net as I've a phone now but haven't had one for so long I've forgotten about taking photos whilst out and about.


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