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  1. Wow its been a long time....... AND SOMEHOW IV STILL GOT THIS THING. No cert or reg/wof...BUT the jz is in and runs Had many issues but cant remember any. One plus was got to use it for my wedding. Hopefully it doesnt take 10 more years to get on the road Talk_Here
  2. OK iv been (trying) to make fuel and brake lines and im ready to shoot my eyes out. Im thinking of starting again. because where the original lines went. It is very hard to copy as they go though the tunnel, over and around the drive shaft, then to the tank. Only doing the back half of the lines. so whats the go with running the lines as straight as possible. thinking only two bends. I can follow the chassis rail but it disappears half down the car. so where it disappears would i have to put a cover over to protect it? What clips / holing things could i get ? also my lines are kinda loses in some places GIVE ME UR 2c PLEASE lol Discuss ---- // have a laugh at what iv done.......
  3. Been floating around this forum for a little bit now. so time to post up my toy so found this girl in this guy front yard when working. first saw it and had to get it has been sitting for around 5 years (went first pop) some rust 280k only just worn in 1g-eu manual plans atm is just going to be fix rust first finely getting it home after a fail of a night didnt do the blue some friendly mold nice and clean the FIRST thing i had to remove (who on earth could think its a good idea to make doors cards out of plywood and seat-covers )