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  1. You sir are correct! Vacuum leak around manifold gasket will pull it off tomorrow and see if I can sand manifold flat.. Did that yesterday I think, fitted the new needles and use a ruler to make sure the shank on the needles were flat with the plunger. I'll watch the video tomorrow just to make sure
  2. I actually forgot to do it when I had the carbs off I've done it in place seems about the same I'll check for vacuum leaks Im actually not sure I got told to set it to about 9 flats down to get it running, so I adjusted jet from all the way up and adjusted it from there That's what I was thinking of how you do it? Yes fully rebuilt from someone who's rebuilt a few of them had new shafts etc Fitted new blue springs and e3 needles I'll try retune it this weekend and see if it's any better and I'll let you guys know how I get on
  3. michael0008

    Su carbs

    Any SU carb guru on here Can't get the hillman imp running right .I've got rebuilt twin HS2 1-1/4 ,the imp is 875cc with 4-2-1 headers and Griffiths intake manifold Current got new Red springs and MME needles a guy in the UK is using this and works well on his IMP but he has a sports head and sports cam so flows a little better but nearly the same setup has same manifolds as me too I can't seem to get it to increase the idle a little if I push the lift pin up abit inleast I wind up the fuel mixer alot. I either have good top end/bad low down (bogging)or good low down and average up top by playing with mixers I've set floats by using a 3mm drill bit between middle of plastic float and float lid and I've balanced both carbs reasonably close Any suggestions be good! maybe I'm using wrong needles and springs, I found a post saying to use Blue springs and E3 needles but that info was from like 40 years ago
  4. I could be interested in this period piece of crap for the pickup and wheel
  5. Cheers guys I might just get a accuspark and see how it goes then if it fails look at external module
  6. Yeah I've heard good and bad about pertronix , have you used it for awhile or just a year? Haha very true I might have to do this!
  7. hey all looking at upgrading my ignition system on my hillman imp from points, currently have a 25d dizzy and been looking at electric dizzy kits seems like they all are no good or are silly expensive so was looking at accuspark electric ignition kit and remove the accuspark module so Im using it just for the inductive pickup and wire it up to a bosch HEI ignition module mount the module on the chassis with a heat sink is there anything im missing that wouldn't make my idea work or any suggestions
  8. update shes all up and running ! and legal only failed a wof on not being able to find the vin tag number which was hidden under the trim in the bonnet i thought it would fail on a brake imbalance as i took it to vtnz... me and my friend went for a drive to take some pictures sadly overheats at 100kms so have to sort that out got my parts from frank, new nolathane bushes , door seals and boot seal and a shiny exhaust manifold fitted door seals, one door might need adjusting as its not pushing against seal enough.. dummy fitted exhaust manifold to old MK1 head doesn't fit well! if you mark the gasket with the way it sits on the head it won't seal well at all and the gasket will only have a mm of sealing if that! and all the ports are off center alot. going to get flange cut between number 3 and 4 and get the 4th exhaust tube moved over as stud on number 4 pushes header offset and the plate that been welded on for the stud to bolt up against is in the wrong place took the Stromberg cd125s apart have alot of wear in the throttle spindle also it has 5A needles fitted,what are 5A needles suited for? also looking at electric dizzys either thinking of going to a wasted spark setup with a ecu or try and find a decent electric dizzy conversion cheers
  9. Ahh I just worked it out had number 2 and 3 around the wrong way I thought dizzy rotated clockwise old owner must of had it the same to as long and short leads were that way too..
  10. update torn old engine down.. liners had shifted in block . managed to get another motor for free from another imp owner also scored some stromberg cd125s twin carbs on a superspeed by griffiths intake manifold and a new stainless steel exhaust manifold is on its way too from aussy first drive wasn't good found temp gauge doesn't work and fuel gauge so pulled that out and sent it away to get reconditioned with new temp sensor to suit Im having its backfiring through the carbs unsure what the issue is at this stage tried two different lift pumps on her ,two dizzys,stock solex carb then the twin carbs, compressed tested okay anyone got any suggestions
  11. That would be the go . Was he nz base? Pulled imp head off last night and one head bolt snapped in block...
  12. Cheers man,I just brought it without asking haha
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