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  1. Deffo get it going for a quick ride before you strip it apart! Even if you just have the stock fuel pump sucking from and returning to a temporarily mounted 5l jerry can or something. JDM cars had jet valve heads. They're there like little auxiliary intake valves (the head on them is like, maybe 7mm diameter?) that are meant to introduce swirl into the combustion chamber and help with fuel mixture. Lots of debate as to whether they actually do anything, and most often people want the heads that didnt have them as they're less prone to cracking. Means the jet valve heads are easier
  2. That cranking speed sounds much better! I found a piece of hardened screw extractor in a screwhead on a Bell 412 bulkhead securing screw once. Found it with a drillbit, would not recommend. Countersunk screw, so I had to chisel it out, also would not recommend. Your spark leaking like that... I'm assuming the other end of the lead attached to the coil was floating in midair and not looped back around to the dizzy somehow? Getting spark is good news, that's a bit part of 'getting her started' job sorted! If that motor has been sitting for ages, I wouldn't read too much into the c
  3. Right in the feels bro :-(. Walk away for a day or two I reckon. That shit sucks, but it wont be as bad as you think it is now, in a couple of days.
  4. The springs in the parts car I've just picked up are yellow, so they're likely aftermarket ones. I'll see if I can find any deets on them :-).
  5. That is the hardest balance to find, and I've never once managed to pin it down. Now I just enjoy the process. (That's 'bullshit' for 'incapable of finishing anything').
  6. I fitted (well, actually it was Dad) an aerotech rear spoiled to one once, and I remember us commenting on how it was going to invite rust. If I were to do it again I'd just glue it on, no drilling of holes. I'm going to fit a stock 3 piece spoiler to my car, and that's the route I'll go for sure. Loving the progress :-).
  7. So good to get a bit of seasons holidays progress eh! Your video confused the hell out of me until I noticed the 'TURBO' on the cam cover was mirrored, lol. I'd give your main grounds a really good check and clean up. The stock starion battery ground cable goes from the battery negative down to a point on the body below the battery tray, and then onto a bolthole on the side of the block. Take all these off and scuff them up so you're getting really good metal to metal contact on them. Bit of resistence in there goes a long way to slowing a starter down, as well as getting really hot an ma
  8. Because, as our taste in cars also bears out, we both have excellent, refined taste! :-).
  9. I saw your security footage of it getting reversed into, fuck that hurt to watch, right in the feels, man. I'd go bronze on the wheels, but paint the lips nicely as well. Fully bronze wheel on a black car = winning. However, silver with polished lips would match the targa band quite nicely... I like the targa band, but I like weird shit :-).
  10. I was seriously contemplating buying your car when it was for sale by the PO. Looking at your thread, it was a good buy, it looks like an honest car, and being an early GSR-X model is very rare and very cool. It's your project to do, but I'll sure help however I can! :-).
  11. Can relate. Hard to take all your leave in a year I find :-/. I've got a buddy that's almost finished his aircraft engineer / mechanic apprenticeship / degree. Seems like good work.
  12. Remember at the top of the thread when I promised infuriating detail, and no real progress towards an actually usable car? Well, this afternoon I made a horn button, super fucking important eh. This MOMO Racing Line wheel came on the 86 parts car. It was pretty grubby, but actually in quite good nick underneath all the scunge. The yellow 'Racing Line' text was pretty battered though, so I removed the remains of it to tidy it up. The date code on it is from 1994, so it's well used. Very polished and shiny, but no tears or rips or anything. Really nice shape to hold too, and is 350mm, which
  13. What is it you do to earn a crust? The rust repairs on your car are a work of art. I got an angry email from HR last friday. I'm a 'leave offender'.... As in I had too much stacked up. I'm now off till the beginning of Feb. Not all of it is holiday though, have some side hustle work booked in for Feb which will be nice.
  14. Lots of crud in there, but that doesn't look too bad! Score. I've seen videos of people putting lengths of chain inside them and ratting them around for ages to knock off all the loose gun and rust, then cleaning, then coating... If it isn't super expensive, getting someone else to do it is certainly the way I'd say.
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