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  1. Nah, the passivate turned into a saga I'm yet to solve to be honest.
  2. First part restored! Had to come in to work to do some writing, and figured I'd make use of the vapor blaster while I was in here. The numberplate lights were over sprayed to hell and back, definitely not going to put out much light: Dismantled them, set the vaporblaster pressure nice and low and gently cleaned everything. Took about 20 mins all up I'd say. The lenses are now a little cloudy, but I've convinced myself that it means they'll just diffuse the light better. I'll get some LED bulbs for them, as the lenses were a touch melty around the original 5W wedge bulbs. Sa
  3. This morning's mission was to get the rear bumper off. What a task! More rusty fasteners. The air chisel got called into action on a couple of them and got them spinning, but this sort of crud kept falling out on floor: Much of that is chunks rust... So I feared the worst :-(. This nut in particular, which is the lower most bumper attachment point was a complete bastard to get out. Had to basically make new flats on it with a chisel, and then use the air hammer to drive it around. Took a good 30 mins, but came out without causing any more damage anywhere else. I was then ab
  4. Sticking to the plan and working on this thing from the rear forwards. I have a pretty small 2 car garage, and I'd like to avoid having to put the Starion into storage if possible, so I need to push this out to make enough room to work on it. Still better than not having a garage at all. Rear bumper needs to come off to then be put back on properly, and I'm really paranoid I'm going to find a heap of rust behind it... But we'll see when we see. When I pulled the lights off the other day, one of the bolts holding down the rear garnish was rusted into oblivion.\ With some punches,
  5. Last day off work today, till I'm back tomorrow, then its Easter break for 5 days. Wow, really didn't think that one through! Still, lots of students want meeting about projects tomorrow, so it should be a pretty fun day. The boot seal area of this car was a complete mess, and I thought I'd give it a bit of a cleanup while I was thinking about how to approach the rest of the project. See if you can guess which side I've done in the below picture: After cleaning it yesterday, I was pretty pleasantly surprised to find the body in good condition. The respray it's had is... not too
  6. Cheers broseph :-). Really looking forward to getting it going.
  7. A whiles back I had a nice FD RX7 , and then I sold it, because of reasons. Always thought it was a silly thing to have done, so I have now un-done that decision... Sort of. FD's are in a bit of a bubble at the moment, with asking prices being sky high. It doesn't seem to me that many are actually selling at these inflated prices though... But, you can't argue that the prices on them are going up. I expect the bubble will burst at some stage and prices will fall to something more reasonable, but more than likely still more than I'd be willing to pay. I managed to do a deal with my former
  8. Yeah, because the distributor is also the trigger system sending RPM info to the ignitor box, you really need to set the timing with a light.
  9. An EV Starion really tickles my pickle. Awesome that you've had her moving mate! For the lack of power, have you set the timing since you put the replacement distributor in place?
  10. That is, without a doubt, the coolest piece of rear glass I've seen in any car, ever. Hard.
  11. Gave the garage a good dung out this afternoon, had to push the car out. Gave it a wash while it was out. Didn't magically reassemble itself unfortunately. Bloody hell it looks sorry for itself. This year is the year ;-). That is all.
  12. Not that I could recommend it to someone else, because fire, but I'd slice the crimps off, remove the hose, replace with EFI rated hose and clamp with efi style hose clamps.
  13. YUS YUS YUS! Oh hells yes. Genuine smile from ear to ear watching that my man! Sounds really good too! Smooth idle, which is very odd for the TBI injection system. Awesome! That line is threaded one one end where it connects to the hard line under the car, and a banjo at the other from memory? I checked my parts stash but don't have a spare one alas, otherwise I'd send it on up. For making a new line, the banjo end would be a pretty easy solve, it'll be a standard metric size, but NFI what the other end is. But pull it off and take it into a hydraulic hose place and see what the
  14. Deffo get it going for a quick ride before you strip it apart! Even if you just have the stock fuel pump sucking from and returning to a temporarily mounted 5l jerry can or something. JDM cars had jet valve heads. They're there like little auxiliary intake valves (the head on them is like, maybe 7mm diameter?) that are meant to introduce swirl into the combustion chamber and help with fuel mixture. Lots of debate as to whether they actually do anything, and most often people want the heads that didnt have them as they're less prone to cracking. Means the jet valve heads are easier
  15. That cranking speed sounds much better! I found a piece of hardened screw extractor in a screwhead on a Bell 412 bulkhead securing screw once. Found it with a drillbit, would not recommend. Countersunk screw, so I had to chisel it out, also would not recommend. Your spark leaking like that... I'm assuming the other end of the lead attached to the coil was floating in midair and not looped back around to the dizzy somehow? Getting spark is good news, that's a bit part of 'getting her started' job sorted! If that motor has been sitting for ages, I wouldn't read too much into the c
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