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  1. Most cabrios look awful to me except for that first warm day of spring when they look like the best thing in the world.. These look so bad with the roof up it's difficult to even find a photo. These were pretty sweet tho French girls wearing only a shirt I mean...
  2. That thing must be like flypaper to barries. Now let me give you some advice ... You want sand bags in the front because the friction between the particles absorbs vibrations and settles the chassis.
  3. Looks awesome! Did imps have climax engines or am I thinking of something else?
  4. They don't use appliance cord in transformers, they use lacquer coated copper. Some industrial transformers are rated for 150C rise, so if ambient temp is 30, the windings run at 180 under full load. BTW when you solder in a new fuse you need a heatsink between the fuse and the end of the wire else the heat will kill it.
  5. I'd put one of these in the transformer: https://www.jaycar.co.nz/132oc-thermal-fuse/p/ST3804 It's already overheated once and the fuse saved it. Next time the lacquer might melt then all the wires will join together. The line fuse will probably blow before it catches fire but the transformer will be rooted.
  6. I had a lancer vxr a few years ago. It got better mileage in 95 vs 91 to the point that there was very little financial difference, but the engine felt so much better with the 95 which made it definitely worth it.
  7. I've been filtering small quantities (~2l) of deep fry oil through commercial coffee filters and throwing it in my Chinese diesel heater. Seemed wasteful deep frying stuff but now that diesel is almost as much as sunflower oil it makes perfect sense.
  8. Big block racecar. My 1.0 k10 shod with plastic biscuits used to go Manchester-london and back for about £20. Not sure on the mpg, but it was a lot.
  9. I'm told that in Japan they put a crystal on the front, then all the other bits grow back.
  10. I might keep an eye out on ebay for a replacement shaft. They made shitloads of them over the years. I've seen a couple of wheels for not too much money but the shipping is pretty steep. They used to make a gearbox for metal cutting. You could pull a lever to bypass it for wood. There was also a 6" spacer you could get to allow you to do a 12" high cut.
  11. Cool I love old watches. I was given Major Jennings' WWI pocket watch for my 21st. Not sure where it is right now most my junk is in storage.
  12. Here's the bad bit. For those of you who looked at the last pic and thought "why'd he take the drive shaft out?" - this is why. It's been used quite a bit while all loosely goosey. At some point someone has brazed the wheel side bearing surface and machined it, and they've done a decent job. Unfortunately there's a bit of wear on the surfaces where the wheel itself goes on, and when you tighten it up there's about 5mm runout or side-wobble. Obviously the pulley side is pretty lunched too.
  13. So I bought this old 14" bandsaw and the quality seems pretty good overall. Apparently they still make it almost the same except cost-cutting has made the new ones not quite as good. The blade was pretty wobbly so I thought it probably need new tires, and a quick look under the covers showed that was the case.
  14. Gas lenses save heaps of gas
  15. 1953 More coming....
  16. that brings back fond memories of my mum’s old 121 bubble car, it was the undefeated king of the hill. It’s good that you have a nice reliable Japanese shopping cart to daily so you don’t get distracted from your project car.
  17. Looks good. Now in the spirit of the original scooter project, why not put an electric motor, servo and r/c gear in it?
  18. Yellow car! Red punch buggy!
  19. In a few years when all the first gen leafs have a 50km range they'll be worth nothing. Then all you'll need is a motor controller, bms and some big lithium cells from aliexpress and you'll have a cheap electric car.
  20. I've had good results with this stuff
  21. Worth holding on to, gen 1s are worth about 10k in America now. I'm glad mine is under a roof now, it rusts much slower.
  22. I dunno, the one with no soul. I just googled and it's a TS. Thanks all, I stuck the charger on it and the and the gauges now work. Charging at 14.1V but if the battery voltage is low on startup, the gauges stay off. I really need to get the brumby back on the road. Is your one still alive J5 or disassembled?
  23. Pour it into a jug. If you do it in one slow movement you can get pretty much all the beer out without disturbing the sediment.
  24. Battery is old but starts the engine fine. I might put the charger on it just to be sure. It runs with the gauges on the back seat so the immobilizer isn't there
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