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  1. Like, inside the inner door trim out of sight?
  2. Enjoyed getting into the hot spa after this. Must have been too cold for @AllTorque
  3. <insert pic of @kyteler's tattoo>
  4. Seems to be a lot of interest in this one in NZ
  5. Plenty of time to fix the rust
  6. As Torton said, you can get this sort of thing
  7. Apparently Otaki Fork could be out of action this summer too.ōtaki-gorge-road-causing-concern/
  8. You can get this sort of thing here in NZ. Might eat up some of your savings though
  9. If you are keen I'd like a sign for Te Horo Garage Materials / size etc up to you. I'll be in Nelson in Jan for a couple of days so could collect it no problem.
  10. How much do make one without the 'not' And postage to @kyteler's place
  11. Yeah, sellers a bit thin on the ground. Hardly any good stuff.
  12. I've rarely had trouble getting bearings in NZ from a proper supplier.