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  1. Getting ready to run the work FB page????
  2. Nominal

    How to get low

    If you do all of that, you are looking at crossmember 80mm of the ground, is that right? Technically you can get certed for less than 100mm ride height, but my understanding is that it's hard/unlikely. Also have to look at what happens if you get a flat tyre, make sure nothing hits the ground. Can you cut up the crossmember and reduce it's size while replacing the strength? /4-link the rear and airbags.
  3. same same same Who'd be a WOF inspector anyway?
  4. So long as you clear these hurdles, there is no mention of a lift limit. But as per the prior discussion, make sure the coils/shocks are a direct replacement.
  5. So, if they are catalogued as lift springs for a 1998 Impreza, and are fitted to a 1998 Impreza, and all other thresholds are OK, then they should pass WOF?
  6. Same for me now. Google direct links work for a little while, then get broken. @zep it works better if you upload the pics to the forum.
  7. Can I fax you my engine for a rebuild anyway?
  8. Hako owner cries poor. Morris badges are cheap eh?
  9. Best solution is not to let your sheet metal get rusty in the first place @tortron
  10. Yeah, barely need to look at them. I replaced the Lucas dizzy in my Morris Minor (probably also a 25D) with an electronic Nissan dizzy (N13 maybe?) by swapping the drive gear. Has been pretty well trouble free for 15+ years too.
  11. Have had a pertronix in my V8 since 2004. No issues so far.
  12. No Beach Hop this year (so far) Acquired this old cruise ship keyring from TM. Seemed appropriate.
  13. Good to see the shakeproof washers installed on the d/s loop. Certifiers love finding missing washers
  14. This type? I don't need one desperately, just lockdown window shopping.
  15. Any thoughts on Plasma Cutters? This is on sale for $600 right now
  16. Made up one of these tools to help with unscrewing a number of phillips head screws, works amazingly well. Just a cheap air hammer from SCA, weld a socket on the end, a torque arm, and an Ali 5/16th bit. Some of the hinge screws needed a bit more persuasion with heat and a bolt welded on. Eventually got everything apart without having to drill any of the hinge screws for the woodie doors.