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  1. Nominal

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    Probably do a fly to ChCh and borrow/bring @LV#5's car.
  2. Did discuss, and interest was registered. Need a confirmed target date I guess.
  3. Why not get a custom wheel spacer made up that locates everything correctly?
  4. Nominal

    Beach Hop 2019

    Good luck, deadlines are no fun. /borrow a car
  5. Any ideas for Thursday @Mourning Cupcake? Forecast looks goooooooooood.
  6. Nominal

    Beach Hop 2019

    Yup yup
  7. Apparently I have a family BBQ to attend now.
  8. Auto electrician is not making sense. Computer controlled alternator my ass. How exactly is it wired?
  9. Took it off and plugged the port - no change. I connected a vac guage to the port, cycles 18-20 (inHg I guess) right in the green zone. I'll pull the IAC assembly off later and take a pic of it.
  10. Gave it a good squirting around the throttle / intake / vac lines and no response. Where is the PCV on this thing?
  11. Doesn't help, just makes the up/down cycle faster. Will look for suck leak.
  12. Why is my Nissan doing this? VQ30De. Don't want to spend much $ or effort, but it would be easier to sell if it idled OK. I did take apart the intake piping and clean the throttle and IACV with carb clean. Didn't help. Starts as soon as the car is started (even from cold).
  13. Nominal

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    double double.
  14. Nominal

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Looking good, I bet you'll be happy to have it legal. Just wanted to note that a high-stop light isn't required these days, if you don't want to fit on.
  15. Well, most of WLG OS will be at a wedding on 16th, then 30th is BeachHop for me, then I have to go to Nelson for brothers BDay, then it might be too cold? YMMV. Cool wagon though!
  16. Don't crash it! 23 March is the only weekend I have free for camping.
  17. Nominal

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    How bad can it be - I mean, the doors are still attached........
  18. Nominal

    Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    They are all computerised these days, need to be on site. However, I set my suspension (4-link) at home with a tape measure, and the machine said it was dead on (0 degrees thrust angle). I guess my point is that the body can be out a bit so long as the wheels point in the right direction
  19. Nominal

    Nominals 1964 Mercury

    Did a few little pre Beach Hop jobs, changed oil etc. Visited beach.
  20. OK, so since I am actually doing something with this right now I guess I should get a project thread going. Discussion: // We've had this car since 2003. At the time I was working in Indianapolis for a few months, and looking for another car to bring home (at the time I also had a '69 Lincoln in NZ). I did a lot of looking online, but only inspected a couple of cars. The first was a "rust free" late 60's Galaxie, which was a bit too rusty. The second was this one. Something about the colour and chrome combination was very attractive. As bought, it had been on fire, with the air cleaner burnt up, and a large burn mark in the centre of the bonnet. The PO told me it had backfired through the carb, setting fire to the filter. He had got it running again with a cleaned up (or replacement?) carb. It would only drive in 1st and 2nd gears though. After a quick test drive we decided it was too cool to pass on so bought it. We were still in Indianapolis for a couple of months more so brought it back to the apartment complex and parked it in one of the garages. Like most US accommodation there were many rules in place, including some banning working on cars on-site (seriously). Managed to get the gearbox shifting by fixing the vacuum line routing. Also took the hood off to get it repainted. Otherwise I just used it locally and to/from work when the weather was nice. Outside office with stepdaughter (who now has a 2yo child sheesh) and missus. Engine as bought. 390ci Ford FE which is stock AFAIK. 2 barrel carb for economy (ha ha). When we were due to come home the car went on an open transporter to LA, then into a container via Steve Curle. It arrived in NZ a few weeks later and after coughing up the $$$ to officialdom came home. It had survived the trip fairly well, only getting dirty. The gas tank was hanging out (I suppose they drained it at some stage) and one tank strap had gone awol. While the tank was out I repaired some rust in the body mount in the trunk. Some genius has filled it with epoxy. After fixing that, fitting a high-level stop light, and swapping the low beam lights for some that dipped to the left it passed the VTNZ check to be road legal.
  21. Nominal

    Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    When you get a wheel alignment done they only measure the wheels, not the body. When I did the Mercury rear suspension the alignment system checked the thrust angle (i.e is the rear in line with the front) and it was all good.