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  1. IIRC correctly there was some plan to possibly leave Welly mid morning? I'm keen on that / sync up at Te Horo. Can provide bike transport for a couple on the car carrier, or even take a trailer if needed, if I collect the bikes next week sometime. Even better if I squeeze them into my little daily ( @Big Value Buddy ? )
  2. Got spiders? I doubt that a swap to a Toyota or Nissan chassis will fly as mod-prod. The example in the sheet you linked if for an in-brand swap. See here for example
  3. Depends what you want. Bits of old cars and washing machines etc can be used for hacking around, but you have to clean of the paint etc first. I've bought full sheets from Steel and Tube in the past, but you need something to cut them up. The zintec / electogalv coated steel stores better as it doesn't rust but again needs to be cleaned off before welding. Last time I needed some I went to a sheet metal fabrication place and bought some smaller pieces (e.g. under 1m2) in different gauges. They were happy to help. You probably want 18g ~ 1.2mm for car panel work.
  4. I've had good luck using the Dorman catalog (pdf Find the stud then look up the application by part number.
  5. Plenty of time for a VW engine swap then
  6. No wonder I couldn't find your username to tag you
  7. I was more surprised to see @Hemi, that will be a first for me.
  8. Well, lets see from the experts, @KKtrips may have an opinion
  9. I'd be a bit surprised if that would pass a cert check. Usually welding in the steering assembly is discouraged.
  10. Only Nissan RB Barries could talk about oil pumps for 379 pages!
  11. It depends on when it was first registered in NZ: - before 1 January 1991 -> No rears required - between 1 January 1991 to 31 March 2002 -> Rears required - after 1 April 2002 -> No rears required
  12. I've done that Nissan swap on my Morris Minor, pretty easy and haven't touched it for 15 years since. I don't know if the Hillman version of the Lucas dizzy has the same external dimensions though.
  13. @Mourning Cupcake I'll there so long as on-call activities don't go pear-shaped.