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  1. Strap someone to the roofrack!
  2. Have been filling/sanding the lower tailgate. Messy business. Started cleaning up the SS trim from the windscreen. A pox on the PO that used silicone sealer on it. About 10% of the way there. Also stripped the cowl panel. Have got some new wheels, but need to work out if they will actually fit OK.
  3. Haven't touched this much lately (i.e last 5 years). It's been lurking in the back part of the garage this year. It was running when I put it back there, but the fuel pump expired again (pump runs but shoots pressurised fuel out the back of the pump instead of up to the injectors), so we pushed/towed/pushed it out of there and into the main part of the garage yesterday. Double stacking. Needs work. Also acts as storage shelf. Current plant is to pull the front apart to make drawings of the front suspension for drawings so I can submit them to LVVTA.
  4. RPU = Roadster Pickup for the acronymly challenged. Long term project, but at least my wiring and plumbing skills are sufficient. Currently sorting brake plumbing. Discussion thread
  5. I left a really good long black wool coat on the back of the door of one of the rooms last year. Since I got it from savemart for cheep, I didn't try to get it back from the manager. Might be worth asking about it if you get chilly.
  6. And the clothing list?
  7. Also, doesn't look like there was a lot of rust lurking under there. Unlike a 2000+ Falcon.
  8. I'll be in ohakune next week so could try horopito motors. You never know what they have stashed upstairs.
  9. Also, bought this:
  10. Only one 'little hole'? What lies. Filled up that chasm, a slightly smaller hole on the other side, and a few other bits and pieces. Some etch primer around the windscreen. Then, back to the back. This isn't too bad as I patched the worst of the rust prior to getting a WOF. There is quite a bit of pitting above the drain channel which I am filling with the MIG. Note the factory lead filling between the D-pillar and roof.
  11. Looking good. No need to rush things.
  12. Aliexpress ftw!
  13. Slow cooker?
  14. Damn son, 221 days to go still.
  15. Quite right too. Most stylish by far.
  16. Gone up in value 5 times in 2 and half years, wow!
  17. Main part of roof primed over the weekend, so pulled out the windscreen tonight - came up easily after cutting the rubber on the inside. Only one little hole needing welding. Cowl vent looks OK from the top side.
  18. Build: // Give me shit here.
  19. Dangerous place, Cuba St.
  20. That sucks! Hope you got the fault admittance recorded.