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  1. Something to do with one of these?
  2. There's an sold school radiator guy in behind the Caltex in Levin who I've used for recores. Probably worth a chat with him. Be prepared for sticker shock if you want a copper/brass core.
  3. Nice going @kicker - sounds good and no unwanted fires
  4. Might be going one weekend soon, but not this weekend.
  5. The continuing process of remaking the bottom of the B-pillar. I've been doing it in smaller pieces to keep the shape references. This area is almost all hidden when the wood and sills go on anyway.
  6. Yeah, needs to have enough carbon to be hardenable. you could try this stuff, but it’s pricy https://tradetools.co.nz/products/surface-hardening-compound-1lb
  7. I don't understand, you haven't driven it for months and you are worried about the price of petrol? If you want an economy car buy a Yaris.
  8. What you need is an ld28 with a 100a alternator on a run stand.
  9. Pick picky, how about this one AutoSpeed - Dirt Cheap DIY Battery Charger
  10. Knock up a couple of trickle chargers from plug packs? AutoSpeed - Zero Cost Trickle Charger Don't buy a small CTek charger and expect it to work on a car battery. It won't.
  11. axl /spam As for the question, it shouldn't matter from a braking function point of view, so whatever is convenient for the plumbing/bleeding would do.
  12. Took the working one away to Ohakune. Went well even after the frost so took a spin up to Whakapapa. Annoyingly left the petrol cap at National Park g.a.s and it wasn't there when I went back 90 minutes later so who knows what happened to it. Managed to find a substitute at Horopito Motors after sneaking entry on a Sunday when they were sort-of closed.
  13. Another month already? Hot Rod club came for a visit so pulled some wood out to make it look like I've been making progress After getting some more steel I made a start on the bottom of the B-pillar
  14. Make sure you follow the correct process though Engine Myth: Urinating on Cylinder Block Improves Durability - EngineLabs
  15. Well, you certainly beat it up. Good job!
  16. Hope you and Hannah and going to mod some cycle helmets to reproduce that look.
  17. It's a shit situation, hard to believe the seller didn't know the engine was in a sad state. Maybe return it and then go to disputes tribunal for the shipping $?
  18. Hey, at least you are getting plenty of practice at engine removal.
  19. You could get a cert/wof set and a different "off-road' set and swap them around.
  20. Are you going to be like this guy and telling bystanders that "it's not my car"
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