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  1. Missed last night due to family bbq, was dull, should have done OS instead.
  2. Yup. So much prep to do though. Max unorganised this year.
  3. Tow hitches, it is OK to use something like this up the other way so it's a rise rather a drop?
  4. OS is a good enabler.
  5. Is it contained in a drum or something? I had a look in some Shed mag articles about this but they don't say much. Give it a few days then start with a slow burn? What's the worst that could happen?
  6. Saw a familiar big blue wagon on SH1 yesterday
  7. Finally got back to this. Revised the tooling a bit and tried a longer test piece. Came out usably OK I think. Quick squirt of zinc it just to remove the reflections. I haven't filled the holes in this test one, but they'll need to be done for the proper pieces.
  8. Solid looking Mustang. I really don't understand some peoples wheel choices, good to see they are going
  9. Yup. If you are lucky the cabling might support a higher current but otherwise you'll need an upgrade,
  10. Good to see you are still at it. The work you are doing is top-notch!
  11. What's the rating on the shed circuit CB's at the house end of the circuit? Probably the 32A is for the big pump to run the swim mode. One 10A for heating, one for everything else, my guess.
  12. There is Andy Smith in Levin. Did you get the Mr Smith at LVVTA to talk to?
  13. This is in the discussion area - you should ask a moderator to move it to the project and build area. Looks like a fun project. Good to see some Hillman love.
  14. It's an incorporate society, not a private company.
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