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  1. Cool story bro, but you missed the best bit.
  2. 20th is getting close @Mourning Cupcake................ /not totally sure i can make it though.
  3. Nominal

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Well, what did they say about the damage?
  4. Nominal

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Looks to me that the geometry is bad - rocker adjuster end is loading over the side of the valve stem instead of centered. Not sure that a pivoting adjust foot will help.
  5. 2020 Wagnats - Crikey!
  6. Nominal

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    Vans aint wagons.
  7. Flat plus spacers will be fine (I've had such certed, with spacers not even welded on). I'd make it from steel just to avoid issues with the certifier.
  8. Nominal

    Nominal's 1964 Mercury

    Same car, maybe?
  9. Nominal

    Nominal's 1964 Mercury

    Build: // Give me shit here.
  10. So, did you ask the P.O about the sketchy pulley?
  11. I understand that it would be recorded on LANDATA that the car has been flagged and un-flagged. According to the link below the paperwork has to be kept for two years. I don't know how you can access the records though, maybe talk to NZTA?
  12. Nominal

    Cams mean ID

  13. Thanks - I was trying to work out how they would relate to an engine conversion
  14. Nominal

    Mechanic is trying to cheat me - help required

    Blardy cheating mechanickers
  15. Nominal

    Mechanic is trying to cheat me - help required

    Last logged in on Sunday /lock thread
  16. Fairly sure I've used a T2000 motor in my Morris project to get the two speeds. Much fun had with drive plates and switches.
  17. Nominal


    Pretty sure it's closed down.
  18. Nominal

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Cute video, and great work on getting it fired up. Satisfying eh?
  19. Nominal


    I thought it had got too rough even for OS meats.
  20. OK, so not the end of the story New owner has been busy with the pain gun. Interior is also partly re-done.
  21. Both the 1098 in mine, and the spare I have, are still sporting their 10MA tags.
  22. My great-uncle bought it like that from the dealer mayte. Must have been short of the right engine at the factory and grabbed another one that was lying around.