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  1. What's your paint plans?
  2. So, no actual physical progress but..... While i was in town today i thought i'd go and have an argument with someone at a wof / compliance place just for shits and giggles. Also so i could feel superior to the 'office' people by saying "YES there is such a thing as a Phillips Gadabout and YES they are eligible to be road legal. BUT, fu*k it all, things didn't go to plan. Lady behind the counter said 'Oh, maybe you should talk to ***** as he's our motorcycle guy'. So after chatting to him for 5 minutes and him checking the system and yelling across the waiting area to say "Yeah bro, our system has Phillips Gadabouts on it". He then produced a form which he half filled out and handed to me saying "when ya up and running bring it in so i can check frame and engine numbers match what you write on form and i'll sort ya plate and shit. Oh, and don't worry about lights and shit cos i won't be doing a 'safety check', besides it won't have a battery so it don't matter" If all goes to plan ***** will be getting very drunk courtesy of me the weekend following my bike receiving plates and reg' lol.
  3. Haha.....sweet
  4. Rear hub assembled. Front hub before & after a little cleaning. Need to clean brake shoes a bit then etch everything and assemble.
  5. Have 3 suitable bells here if you need one. Would put up pic but don't know how on my phone.
  6. Went out to chat to OS member 'Frosty' today about rims and spokes for the project (and all sorts of other general sh*t). ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND i returned home with these...............bad ass......Exactly what i needed. Even more awesome was the fact he insisted i take them home, even tho' i said i wasn't in a position to pay for them right now. Frosty goes to the top of my "GCs" list.
  7. Also most libraries, council offices and courts.
  8. Seat all cleaned up. Just need to find someone that does leather "carving"
  9. Didn't work...pffffft............ I do have a deformed cap and 'filler neck now tho'. I guess the cap was weaker than the seams AND the dents. Off to find someone with one of these tomorrow.
  10. Front end rebuilt, all welding done, all "bodywork" done and all primed up. Petrol tank is in freezer full of water to get dents out. Next on list is recover seat..... And bend up some these.
  11. With the tank i've had success doing this. Put a whole heap of small nuts & bolts, ball bearings and other small things in it, wrap well with a duvet or thick blanket then put in the clothes drier on 'cool' cycle for half hour or so. You'll be surprised how clean it gets the inside. (DO NOT do this when the missus is home tho')
  12. Here's a big block transplant for ya.
  13. Making some soup........................
  14. Couple of fine days so thought i'd best 'achieve' something lol. Got a few things in epoxy etch.