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  1. Shit sorry, will do this weekend.
  2. I've got a mid 80s and a mid 90s DS80 here if you need pics or measurements.
  3. Bellicose


    I see it says not suitable for isocyanates.
  4. Wasn't hard to work out mate, your username here on Oldschool and the first Gadabout Mark writes about in this article. The Geoffrey Clark in the article has a big collection of mopeds down in Napier. I've spoken to him a few times and will pop in to see him next time i'm down there visiting my mum. I don't have any cables, was just going to get some made because of the motor swap i'll need custom made ones. As far as tyres go, the only place i could find them (23" x 2") were from here But as my rims were rotten I'm going with 24", which by my reckoning will work fine.
  5. And a trailer of.....well if you asked my missus it's called "Rubbish"......
  6. Sweet, yeah i've still got mine. Won't be getting rid of that one. It's a loooong term project and currently in boxes. So yours is # 8N2199 yeah?
  7. Didn't like that colour anyway.....pffft But I do like yummy sweet 'candy' tho'. I also like 24K gold, (not the $2200 price tag tho 'haha)
  8. Would you be interested in fixing / sorting my wiring? Mates missus is an auto sparky and was going to make a new loom for me but she spat out their first kid instead so would be few months before she can look at it. For a A50 so nothing complicated (but too complicated for this retarded old spray painter lol)
  9. Yep, 'bout that much. Chopped and sectioned. Prime and paint tomorrow.
  10. First base colour teaser........Blue, green, gold and a tinge of purple around the edge of the gold.
  11. Hmmm...... I really shouldn't...... But I do have a good 110 semi auto here......
  12. Painted the frame and stripped the tank. 4 small dents in tank otherwise it's mint.