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  1. I was doing that kinda stuff in oz in the early 90s. Done a f**k ton of old minitrucks and drag cars in that style. Long live the 'heartbeat' pinstripe, palm trees and checker boards lol.
  2. Have painted hundreds. (well probably not hundreds lol) What's ya plans for it?
  3. Have had a bit of a play around with different things and will be going with a rubberized coating with body colour over that for the floorboard. Yeah man no prob'.
  4. Bellicose


    Code = cheap ass job........ Looks to be about 3 different colours so which one do you want?
  5. Rims correct way or reversed......hmmmm
  6. Bellicose


    Have you only gone through the clear? If so just flatten with 800 or 1200 then just re-clear the whole panel. Easy as mate.
  7. Bellicose


    I just used 407 and put filler primer over that. Haha, i used to use Epotec as my base under the 407 on automotive stuff and it was mint. Wouldn't mind getting ahold of more 407 but can't justify the cost for the small amounts i'd use tho'. We used International marine epoxys on the stuff at work because of warranty tho'. Be sure to mix Epotec absolutely precise with the hardener or it'll stay soft for far to long and cause drama down the line.
  8. Bellicose


    When I was doing super yacht stuff I used to use West System 407 microbaloons on cars instead of poly' bog all the time. Worked well.
  9. Little bit of progress. Also tyres ordered.
  10. Nah man. Waiting on spacers, tyres and me to make up my mind on a colour for the plastics.
  11. Bellicose


    If you end up going the way of the vid's just be VERY careful near the panel edges. If you look closely you'll see a "build up" of paint on them. If you try to flat them to much you WILL rub through. It's not so much a "build up" of paint, more a raised area of panel where the skin is deformed when they fold it over the lip when made.
  12. 1200 is easy as. Nope. On to it. Pretty much. Although i have many solutions when i get runs, but those two vid's will help ya sort it.