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  1. Bought this thing a few years ago for cheap because the trans had some issues. Replacement trans and boom. Has been a pretty good daily really.
  2. Smashing out random updates. Fixed the misses car / brake fault. Caliper was leaking hard after doing a full front and rear brake pad and disc job a few months ago. Mazda rear calipers are super dumb with the way the handbrake works through them. They leak often. Thankfully often enough that we keep replacements in stock. Shazm and the leak is gone. Good job Mazda SP20
  3. Maybe @EURON8 made one a while ago? I have soda blasted before with a piece of tube and an air pistol. Worked well.
  4. Isn't the key 59 degrees? So if you weld two two nuts together that is usually close enough to make it work for a while. I don't even use a gauge although I should. However pretty much every drill I go to use at work is super fucked unless I have already sharpened it and stashed it away lol. Lube is great by the way while drilling. ..... Smerk.
  5. Lol. Hadn't realized I had signed into lifecoaches.co.ng But that aside had a swing and miss on an option last night. So the saga continues. #feelingblessed
  6. Will have a look at a few of the manuals I have, but Sometimes I have found that the port where the Overdrive solenoid goes is rather small, and can get blocked. I dont think I ever figured out what the Pink wire does with these lol. I think something to do with Torque converter lock up but I can confirm.
  7. lol its all good. I dont think the Diesel option for this truck was popular back in the day. A few 2lt's around which I am highly contemplating because I loved my old 2lt Super custom. I'm mostly gutted as there was a 2lt powered surf for sale in Wellington with a fucked body for a price I considered reasonable, and assumed it would sell for more. but it did not. Ah well. But yeah I agree with @Goat to an extent. I'm not overly intrested in an over board swap. IE injection or petrol lol.
  8. Well now, After a bunch of fluffing around with people trying to actually Buy a new puller as works ones were missing a bunch of bits etc. I finally got the front crank pulley off Much Excitement! Then the head removal was a piece of cake from there. However, after inspecting the head for any sort of damage and concluding the head looks lash as shit, I moved on to the block WOH woouup. Shits fucked. The step on the bores is fucking massive, and the bores look like they have been polished by a professional No wonder this thing had some blow by. So, my dreams of a simple Re-ring and valve stem seal job are down the drain, along with my hopes and dreams of getting most of my cars sorted this year to buy a house. Lets just say I'm a little bit dark today... Anyway, next step is to figure out what I'm going to do about this thing and the rest of my life lol. So, it will get strung back together enough so it can be pushed, and will start thinking of options. These probably range from, Doing a full re-build on this motor, which seems like a total waste of money or time, Finding some form of replacement motor, Fitting the 1kz setup I have kicking around, Fitting the 1UZ setup I have been saving for my Cressida Or Even fitting the 3rz Setup that @Bistro has sitting at my lock up. Anyway, stayed tuned for the Next Installment! Where I find out if Niki's Slash @Mourning Cupcake s Daily Mazda needs a new LH rear caliper ora rebuild as I noticed its leaking brake fluid On Friday! FML lol
  9. @sheepers my ms110 is running a cressida brake master. No one cared.
  10. This has been on a Friday for the last two years. ....
  11. And That besides, I have been campaigning on my Hilux pulling apart the motor. Really want to get the head off so I can see what the shit I'm dealing with. Have been so obsessed with trying to get the crank pulley bolt off, that I completely didnt even consider that the Pulley wont come off. Sigh, will try dig out a puller at work tomorrow and then try again, worst case I will be making one which is mega dumb. In the good news, I am super stoked it has adjustable tappets lol, as that means its one less thing I need to try and do slash pay someone to sort. lovely.
  12. continuing on from the scooter talk. In the pictures below you can make out the Honda Pax on the back of the hilux, I have been rolling this for a few weekend rides, seems pretty reliable with the Dio motor in it. Cant wait for more sun hours and will ride this to work which isnt to far away. Does good Job And the others are of My nifty I just received on Monday, after being stored in Auckland for some time. It matches everything I own, ratty and rad. Cant wait to eventually get into it. Currently waiting for the key to turn up so I can actually start the thing, then rego and it can be a fun little smoko runner or something,
  13. I can confirm this is actually one of the high lights of my year. So much fun. I promise to behave this year and bring more fireworks.
  14. I also have a bunch of push bikes, but they are fairly mundane And also Scooters!!!!!!!!! I own 4 scooters 2 C-50's, one fairly OG, for now, which I bought off @Chris.QCR long time ago and have only used one lol, and the other I bought as a going concern with a skyteam 125 in it. The OG one is going to get a 110 motor in it for summer rides, and the Skyteam one will get built into something better as its current style is not my style. And have a Honda Eve with a Dio motor I got off @RUNAMUCK And a Honda Nifty Fifty thats going to also get a Dio motor, along with a bunch off stuff I have bought off @Raizer Anyway thats it for now. Hilux repair is my current concern so scooters are just back burner stuff till thats done,
  15. as been mentioned a few times, Huge thanks to @Archetype for helping me out with the sign writing. Was achieved by making a low tack stencil and then applying plasti dip, to give it a more realistic and weathered look.
  16. First Up is My Hilux I have been campaigning for a while. Long Story short it was super Barry Farmer spec and stayed that way for some time. Then I parked it @Goats place for like 8 months while I did other things, and needed a bunch of stuff to get back on the road, which spurred me into Making it into the shop truck it is now. This thing was just getting ready to be for sale, and then Struck a case of Diesel run away on me from a down a hill, which was fucking pretty hard on the nerves. So I have decided I dont want to kill anyone, so its getting pulled down for a re-ring and head over hall to sort all the blow by and smoking issues. So anyway, heres a bunch of useless pics of the evolution of the Hilux
  17. So, I have decided I should probably make more of an effort to show you guys what goes on in my retarded life of old cars and broken crap. Instead of making threads for everything, I'm just going to roll this thread with updates on whats going on. Pretty much Like @cletus, because he is cool. So you will see build threads on cars, scooters, push bikes and whatever else is going on. I don't have facebook, and because I long and hold the opinions of other people so highly, this is happening So lets go, Seedy Al From Seedy Al's Chop Shop
  18. Yeah been looking at buying a Milwaukee setup also. But to be honest I do most my spannering with a 3/8 compact air rachet. Perfect for all sorts of stuff and can get in places a battery packed unit never will. It's not the big stuff that takes the time. Its the small stuff like covers and sumps and rockers that take the longest. 3/8 air is perfect for undoing and especially doing up that sort of stuff.
  19. Although @KKtrips from memory the compressor you bought was one of those 3 piston jobbies from super cheap....? How you find that thing? I really need to commit to buying a compressor.
  20. Thanks for the offer me old mate! I actually got motivated and pretty much pulled half of the the motor apart this evening anyway. So probably won't bother now haha. When your wag going to panel beaters?
  21. So hi guys! I have accepted that im going to be pulling my hilux motor apart, So was wondering if anyone had a reasonable single phase air compressor they might not be using for a few weeks. Needs to be able to handle a 1/2 inch rattle guy. I can survive without, but would actually make the job twice as quick. Any help would be appreciated and can provide payment slash bless your family with great honor. Thanks a plenty. Seedy Al of the Strokers clan.
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