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  1. Shes now for sale! Time to move her along and start my next project or maybe finish the other ones ive had sitting there for while. Heres the trademe auction: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1613822781 All offers considered but am happy to keep til i get what i want. Swaps also considered if its oldschool.
  2. I am now on search for some wheels for the rolla. Looking at some dished hotwires or even ssr's. Anyone have anything or know of anyone with a set cheap??
  3. And for now its finished. I could spend many more hours on the car to get rid of some of the imperfections and in the end i will. But after 2 and a half weeks of solid morning to night work im ready to just drive it. A couple pictures below are on the standard wheels as i had more than two people in it and it rubs on the tridents. And finishing it off with my 18th and a little burnout on the standards, dosent do a bad job with a couple people lifting it.
  4. And finally that's a wrap on spraying. My first time ever spraying a car ever and it came out better than expected. Although getting a few runs here and there, its all a learning curve for me and getting it to this stage on my own is a feat in itself. Before i sprayed the car i had to do the underside of the bonnet as it was rusting quite bad. So i fixed that and high filled, sanded and sprayed it. Another item that needed help was the front valance. Ive been looking for a new one for awhile but couldn't find one, so i just did the best with what i had. I straightened it as much as possible bu
  5. And here she goes. Really stoked with the color that was mixed up for me at RJP. They couldn't work off the paint code i had so i got it matched with the under side of the boot lid (Almost the only blue i had left). So after getting it as straight as i could for a beginner paint job i high filled it once and wet sanded with 400. Then high filled it again and wet sanded with 600. I wasn't happy with the finish that i got after that so i redid it and got it to a stage i was happy with. Then i pulled the doors off and got rid of all the surface rust that was beginning to form inside the door sill
  6. Yep going to go back to the original blue
  7. Time for paint, after enjoying the car for a good couple of months now it is time to get it back to blue. Today i tore her down and took the front and rear windscreens out.
  8. Since the sale of my Viva is finally complete i now have the funds to complete the Anglia. Still in the process of deciding what i do intake and fuel wise, but everything else is sorted. Ive gotten the Zetec out of the Mondeo (Parts are still for sale) and while doing so have realized that ill be doing a few gaskets. Its now mated up to the MT75 gearbox i've had sitting for awhile, apparently you can use the starter out of a Sierra and use a 20mm spacer with the Zetec flywheel and thurst-bearing. With that all sitting i trimmed up the stock engine mounts (Soon to be plated) and the bottom of t
  9. Im also doing a zetec conversion but cant see any of your pictures for some reason. Would like to get some inspiration. Like to get in contact with you at some point
  10. Sold. The car is going to the British car museum in Hawkes Bay. If anyone happens to see it on its journey up in the next week or when its in the museum feel free to post pictures. Happy to have it going to a good home.
  11. Still for sale everyone, although now Rego and Wof and running perfectly!
  12. So after getting it legal i decided that it needed to sit a little bit lower. To do so i sent the rear springs off to Chamberlians (If that is how you spell it) and get them compressed by 52mm (transferring to 65mm at the wheel.) The fronts we were told we could just cut and they would still be captive which was true. it sat a little bit lower but i still would've liked for it to be slightly lower. This is the perfect height as it doesn't rub what so ever and only catches on the front guard corner on the center of the tyre when at a certain angle. heres how it sits: We
  13. Finally, its running properly and now its finally legal. Registered and warrented today. Put in last week and it was failed on: - Wheels (to big, although under the gaurd) and tyres stretched on rim (rear) -Front left and right upper balljoints -Fuel Line -Handbrake All really minor stuff that we fixed on the weekend and just borrowed some wheels for the day to get it through. and legal: and finally after getting it home, running the buff over it to get rid of the rust water marks to make it look more presentable. Definaltey noticable in
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