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  1. +1 for comical "GT-DIESEL" decals. Good jerb man! I told my mate that someone in the South Island was building an Iron Mask diesel R30 sedan and he got faux-stroppy because that was always going to be his pet project, hah. This is a neat car. Drove it at Hanmer and somehow found enough restraint not to buy it on the spot, such an easy thing to drive and with a surprising amount of oomph for an oilburner. Brought back fond memories of punting around in my DR30 sedan, which @Brdflu keeps telling me I should really stop neglecting and start working on again. As old man KY says, there's a bit of surgery involved to fit the nose, also you may need to buy some facelift bumpers and tail lights to complete the look.
  2. Gonna be in Wellington this Saturday 16th of September at pretty short notice. Looks like I have some of the evening free - any OS boes keen for a catchup, coffee, beer? Giz a PM or reply if so! cheers Ed
  3. That is neat. ...are we driving this to Highlands?
  4. Now that Hanmer has passed I've had a yarn to a few peeps and they have expressed some interest in attending, so I'm bumping this up again for posterity. @kiwi808 Highlands is definitely NOT on the same weekend as 4&R Champs, correct? Just so I have my facts straight.
  5. You can thank old mate bugalugs with the "insomniac" child for that. Someone suggested last night that we could park in the section further away from the Warehouse and food places (roughly in front of the Reduced to Clear store) as that whole area remained fairly empty all evening. Sure it's not right next to Burgerfuel, but as mentioned neither was the top carpark at Ellerslie nor Countdown Manukau.
  6. I'm all set. Flights booked (to Christchurch), leave approved etc. Any Chch folks going? @- i5oogt - @427carguy @SamBam @Cullen @Brdflu @76rolla_gurl @RWB etc
  7. That sounds... safe, haha. Registering it as a 2-seater has been discussed with one of the compliance places, but the back seat and belts must be permanently removed, and they warned me that any dodginess around re-fitting it would be upon my head if I somehow got caught driving around with people in the back. Also it would look a bit ugly with no back seat, ha. Anyway, an update on progress: A seatbelt specialist in Tauranga is currently looking into the front belts - if there are drop-in dual sensitive replacements that can be fitted in place of the existing ones, that should pass. The problem is finding a drop-in seatbelt that conforms to the weird as fuck Starion setup. As for the rear belts - if I fit factory 3-point ones using the factory mounts before compliance, due to a loophole that I didn't bother asking for more clarification about, the inspectors will use those factory mounts and simply fit new dual sensitive belts in their place. However, if the car just turns up with 2-point belts fitted, the inspectors will not bother looking for a factory mount but will instead ask for scratch-built mounts to be fitted and certed. Confused? I still am, sort of.
  8. All good! Was gonna have a chat to old mate Ant to see if he could help out.
  9. Should be possible, say if I had access to the car in between its arrival in NZ and its departure for compliance @fuel. A guy on the Starion FB page offered me some maroon 3-point rear belts so the option is there. My compliance guy has already seen the photo of the back seat with the lap belts, haha. But I'm sure he wouldn't mind. They only seem to get upset if you fix things like rust/damage before they get a chance to inspect it. Yeah I was just thinking that. Could be worth a shot. They might be able to spin me a sharn about the queer door-mounted front seatbelts as well, hahaha. Been trying to get my head around all the techno-babble in this link: https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/entry-certification/i-and-c/vehicle-interior/seatbelts-and-seatbelt-anchorages
  10. Thanks @Firebrand, that helps greatly! You'd think so, but there are apparently a few oddball rules around retrofitting rear seatbelts. Proving the factory points are there is only the first step, next is to convince the compliance people that they are suitable for mounting a modern seatbelt. Otherwise new anchor points have to be scratch built, which requires a LVV cert and around $4k worth of fabrication.
  11. Any Starion owners here happen to have a Japanese import model? If so, how have your rear seatbelts been fitted - are you aware of any factory anchor points in the boot/rear C-pillar area? Reason I ask is that the NZ-new ones obviously have three point retractable shoulder belts that anchor somewhere behind the seats, but Jap ones only have two point lap belts from factory and therefore any examples already here would have been changed to three point once they arrived in the '90s. I'm interested in finding out whether these had anchor points made, or if they have the same anchor points as the NZ models... and if so, whether these would still be suitable for compliance today. Cheers!
  12. How about aim to be at Stoddard after 8:30am, leave at 9am. Should get us to Smales before it gets too busy, we might even be able to score some prime real estate in the top carpark for once.
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