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  1. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    +1 for comical "GT-DIESEL" decals. Good jerb man! I told my mate that someone in the South Island was building an Iron Mask diesel R30 sedan and he got faux-stroppy because that was always going to be his pet project, hah. This is a neat car. Drove it at Hanmer and somehow found enough restraint not to buy it on the spot, such an easy thing to drive and with a surprising amount of oomph for an oilburner. Brought back fond memories of punting around in my DR30 sedan, which @Brdflu keeps telling me I should really stop neglecting and start working on again. As old man KY says, there's a bit of surgery involved to fit the nose, also you may need to buy some facelift bumpers and tail lights to complete the look.

    Not bitching. Merely qualifying the rule.

    I was told I had to have one in a standard (manual) Rx-7, so that option went off the table fairly quickly.
  4. Hogan's not so rusty bambina

    That is neat. ...are we driving this to Highlands?

    Thanks kindly Richy and Clint. Shall pass that on. Oh yeah, I'm keen for Drag Day too, but that goes without saying

    Yeah cheers @Threeontheneal. I sent him last year's rules but he still isn't 100% certain about racing his open-top, because it's not explicitly defined. I suppose the main question is, do we use the same set of rules as they do at e.g. Father's Day drags, or a different ruleset entirely (e.g. with differing liability for "small private events")? If it's the former, then I think he would be more certain about being allowed to enter.

    So a workmate/friend of mine has expressed an interest in coming along to Oldschool events such as Drag Day, being a fan of classic American and Japanese tin. His current weekend vehicle is a '34 open-top rat rod which he is keen on racing at OS Drag Day. What are the rules at this event around entering cars with no roof? In the past he's raced it at the Father's Day drags and various Night Wars.
  8. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Bring that catalogue with you on Sunday Steeb! Old barrys love catalogues.
  9. Yeah, I wasn't going to look at the car again for another 9-12 months, but peer pressure (and a repair quote that came in well under what I initially thought) made me do it. Engine builder recommended 1.1mm or thicker headgasket so will see what Toyota can supply. The crank from the donor AE101 GZE was in better condition, so ended up using it, and the rods from that motor instead. Hmmmmm. Guessing these are N/A suited? Let me do some research and get back to you Richy. @Firetruck I don't really want to go too extreme to be honest, keen on having a tidy looking car externally with a couple of small mods to give it more shove. I keep telling myself (maybe poorly judged) that if I wanted to build a foooooly siiiiick MR2 I should have started with a rusty high-km $3000 shell instead of a low-km tidy $12,000 one out of Japan, and then it would be ripe to chuck in a 7A-GTE and Link. As it stands, it still feels a bit sacrilegious going down the path I already have...
  10. Because everyone likes laughing at my misfortune, let's have another look at those big-end bearings. Yeah. The crank was also scored seven ways from Sunday, and the machinists next door were reluctant to skim it, so now it's a big ole paperweight. These were the worst ones but pretty much every single journal was rooted. We did work out the root cause of all this pain - the factory oil pump had eaten itself, apparently a common thing with the 1st gen motors. I never realized the 4A-GE also suffered from this weak point - it's a common thing to occur on the old Mazda B6Ts as well, although those tend to blow the relief valve and spring first. Lots of deep scoring against the cover: Take note of the area around the vivid mark: In the meantime, things got busy... and my wallet got empty. We acquired a donor 4A-GZE bottom end (from an AE101 this time) and Karl attempted to make a good one out of two. The end result: my block, pistons and sump + donor crank and rods = this. He also sourced a brand new oil pump from Toyota and a couple of other bits and pieces. Head has been sent for a skim, as there was a 0.004" bow in the face (eek). Toyota purists may note the AE101 4A-GZE rods are actually weaker than the preceding AW11/AE92 4A-GZE rods, but I was assured that for my application it wouldn't make a shred of difference. Different story if I was planning to go 7A and/or turbo I suppose. The first photo below should answer the age-old question of whether 1st gen 4A-GZE (AW11) blocks were 7-rib or 3-rib. Generic oil filter for the running in period. Better get more than 100,000km out of this shiny new TGP pump! Thanks to fellow oldschool member @Dell'orto I now have a SC12 from an AE101. They look very similar at first glance to the one that came off the AW11 but note the radius of each pulley face; AE101's is slightly smaller. If this translates into a slight boost increase, it won't be a bad thing I'm sure. When I next go back to the workshop I'll dig the verniers out and compare the inner diameter of each pulley, but I'm pretty confident they are different sizes, and the Toyota wizards on the internet also seem to indicate the same. This clutch also arrived. Sadly, Toyota no longer stocks a genuine clutch kit for the AW11 SC Next step is to speak to Mark at Toyota to see if I can find a suitable 1.1mm or thicker MLS head gasket before the engine can be fully reassembled. And do some more overtime in the mines to pay for all this faffing about. Discuss the colossal fail here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49412-80s-kid-part-ii-eds-aw11-sc-chit-chat/
  11. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Sounds good. I'll hopefully take the Skyline again, depends if it passes its WOF in between now and then. Be prepared to get asked countless times "boe how much did ur twennydebt conversion cost?" /nah it's not that sort of meet, lewl.
  12. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Oh it starts at 10 and goes until about midday, so maybe not I'm going test driving of Fiestas and Focuses straight after C&C, how about a cruise/coffee in the afternoon instead? Congrats BTW, must feel good man.
  13. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Come to Caffeine and Classics on Sunday morning, I'm taking the Skyline.
  14. Definitely. But I've been accused of needlessly prioritizing one car over another before. This seems like the perfect opportunity to take a step back, hide the AW away for a while and focus on one of the other vehicles languishing in the garage. There's also a more selfish reason - I don't want to spend a large sum of money on it right now Having to replace the cambelt and drive belts 80,000km earlier than I'd envisaged was already starting to put it firmly into mothball territory. Then the clutch, now the bearings, etc, tipped it over the threshold.