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  1. Cheers mate, i enjoyed doing the painting, Its the prep and (mainly) fixing issues that I can't stand
  2. Now the caveat here is that I'm a mechanic, not a body work or paint guy but I think I done gone did alright if I do say so myself Flat sanding and buffing the car didn't quite go so smoothly, I managed to buff through a few spots with the woolen pad(my old man later informs me that he shouldv'e given me the foam (pleb) version instead And from this point is where it all went a little pear shaped (and I stopped taking photos) Because I'd run out of red I needed Dad to get me some more for the touch ups, now I sent him a photo of the label on the paint he had originally got me. He brought out a 250ml tin, took the lid off and checked it against the car "yep thats it" (he was originally an autopainter by trade, so I made the mistake of believing he could still see colour) I prepped all the touch up spots and gave them a lick of colour. Now somehow I managed to pull off spraying all the touch ups perfectly, no runs, no dusting, good coverage, excellent! buuuut after the paint dried I had a some very orangey red spots on an otherwise red car..... Out came the D/A and off came the paint. Now on my second attempt with the correct Red I think the rag I was using to wipe down the car must have had some sort of contamination because nearly all the repairs fish eyed in spots. I've sanded and buffed most of them good now but my motivation at the time was quickly waning. I ended up repainting the entire boot lid twice because the first attempt fish eyed badly and that is pretty much where motivation cease. The bootlid still needs to be rebuffed when I find some CBFs. In binning the Ironmask front from this car I decided to try out the Wagon quad light set up. I had to trim the chrome off the bottom for it to work with the kouki bumper I have since painted the front bar, grill and all the side trims in black as well, I need to find a better facelift rear bar as mines pretty out of shape (anyone?) Oh and @Brdflu lent me his front lip, of which I repaired and made a mould This Is also now black. Anywho, thats enough spamming from me, hopefully I summon some motivation and get back into it, otherwise I'll see you all in 2 years Discussion, advice and suggestions welcomed:
  3. Doors were up next, started with the shuts, gave the lower halves a lick of black along with the window frames. Chuck all the panels back on for a looksee, and a quick sand Next up, I moved everything in the shed and knocked up a makeshift booth using some steel cables and plastic drop sheets and had a crack at the doors and nose cone I didn't mix up quite enough paint to get two full coats on everything, so I had a few dusty spots on the RH doors. On another note nothing attracts bugs like fresh car paint, landed right in the middle of the RHF guard, whats a little more sanding. So for my next trick I went all in, mixed the remainder of the paint and took the gun to the whole car. Discussion, advice and suggestions welcomed:
  4. Next up I started on the shuts(read had no idea so I started on the bits you can hide) I know red over black, how R30 Stereotypical Some errors were made Turtle helped Discussion:
  5. After more than 2 years, I'm here to update my thread. The Ironmask bonnet arrived from Japan and I had some small dents tidied up by a panel beater mate. But I have decided to save the Ironmask front for another future project. Id run the car as a daily till mid 2019 when I decided it was time for a birthday, the paint was getting pretty shabby. Also new(Sep 2018, yes Its been a while) house and garage who dis So I decided I'd like to have a go at painting a car, I always liked watching my drift cars getting painted so I figured fuck it lets have a crack. I decided to go to bare metal on the exterior And then gave it a couple coats of etch primer to prevent surface corrosion I ended up pulling the screens and inevitably found a bit of rust, the front screen had been refitted by someone with clear RTV and it didn't exactly keep the moisture out. A bit of a wire wheel, rust converter and some welding and it was sorted. There had been a skim of bog on both the left doors, so I sanded it out and re applied it where necessary, pretty good given how old the car is. Started with Priming the shuts and loose panels Followed by the body Discussion:
  6. Ive still got those OG skyline centre caps in the glove box of the R30 for you @Carsnz123 and what happened to the precombustion barometric pressure compensator idea @RUNAMUCK
  7. $2000 for 5.6 thousand km, after driving mine through town a couple of times I can completely understand that, I could see the gauge moving.
  8. I doubt 90% of the cars on here would get past an insurance inspector (if they bothered to have a look)
  9. Theyre hidden inside the rack boots.....
  10. Now that youve cut the subframe to clear, Id lower the rack mounts and try flip the tie rods at the hub to correct your steering arm angles. I have mounted the rack in the old mans Chevrolet too high and its inducing bumpsteer, ive got no room to lower it, so Im going to try a pair of offset rackend spacers like we use for the skid racing to move the inner rack ends downwards (instead of inwards like theyre designed to) Could be an idea
  11. still 380ish vs 0, anyone want to buy some gtr turbos
  12. @RUNAMUCK I wholeheartedly agree, but spending $800 to 1k on an m90, plus fucking round with a belt drive and mounting plate vs $25 for a t25 exhaust flange and some scrap piping to use one of the 4 GTR turbos I have in the garage isnt my idea of a good time. What to do? what to do?