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  1. Dell'orto

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Something tells me they don't, but my memory of E7 panels is a bit hazy
  2. Dell'orto

    Chrome bumper bolts

    I bought some from Aliexpress a few years back, could be an option
  3. Dell'orto

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    I see you have the desprang part sorted, when does the tang bit happen?
  4. Cutting them is dumb, stock springs will be irreplaceable. Just remove them altogether
  5. Dell'orto

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Sounds crisp! Must be hanging out to drive it
  6. Dell'orto

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    What do you mean? EV is the way of the future
  7. Dell'orto

    kpr's starlet

    129.97rwkw /shgwag
  8. Dell'orto

    Welder buying spam

    I have the 200a version of that Weldtech machine, and so far it's been really nice to use. Much finer control than the old 200a Xcelarc machine I had, and so much more compact being an inverter. Certainly much easier to find the sweet spot for tacking thin sheet metal than the old machine for sure! The main flaw I've found so far - main power cord is SHORT. Not much over a metre long, and given most garages are gonna be at least 5 metres wide it's quite limiting if your hot points are spread out. The supplied torch is also only 3 metres, so I've had to shift my 15a hot points a few times to be able to work on the car.
  9. Dell'orto

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Man that interior is so lush
  10. Dell'orto

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Owning more than one of the same model at the same time is fairly reliable Barry indicator isn't it?
  11. Dell'orto

    Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    Replied to wrong post, derp. Re-edit: though I am amazed at your panel work on this thing, inspires me to have a crack at the munted bootlid on the skid hack.
  12. Always enjoy reading these updates, so satisfying seeing nice clean steel patches go in where swiss cheesed panels were.
  13. Dell'orto

    Romans COD piece

    A 13B PP would be a great weight saving measure.
  14. Dell'orto

    AE82 FXGT electric windows not working

    Would almost put money on the switches being scummy on contacts. Strip em and clean em and see how they behave.