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  1. If its auto, it might be a dick to line up the torque converter when you reinstall it (unless you're taking the box out after?). If you've got big axle stands, they'll make your life way easier than ramps!
  2. I do love how much effort you put into a door handle! I'm expecting similar amounts of OCD in the engine itself too thanks
  3. Under 10v at the battery would suggest it's shagged. Follow piazzanoobs advice too, but most likely just wang a new battery in it.
  4. Nah owned it well before the days of cheap digital cameras, let alone cell phones, but honestly nearly identical exterior-wise. From super vague memory it had conventional door mounted mirrors though.
  5. The bigger Projecta ones are good, but the little 100a version is a waste of time
  6. Ooosh, looks heaps like my old one from back in the day, though mine was 12AT and manual. Super plush car for a mid 80s sedan!
  7. It's definitely time for a 12A j port 4AGE conversion then
  8. It's a fuck up and will explode If you do not do banana aided b-0wts ASAP
  9. I found AE111 BZG springs were a nice drop for my old 4afe Corolla, way nicer rate too. Also on the KYB excel g struts
  10. Super super super excited to see how you get on with this guy!
  11. The MX5 diff would splinter behind a 3S, NA6 diffs pop with the shitty B6, the NB ones aren't heaps better. Get an RX8 and pillage it, renesis and 6 speed would go OK in a light car. Rear end is probably a bit too wide though
  12. Whispy smoke from the engine bay is normal when you've been in there tinkering, grease and oil get transferred onto hot bits. Wouldn't be worried unless its plumes.
  13. Nice result, gotta be happy to hear that first fire up!
  14. Was just going to post this - had the exact issue on a friend's KP, that old fusible link stuff turns to garbage with age.
  15. A few months pass and I finally get a chance to get away from work so I can finally get this thing on the dyno. Naturally, there are a couple of minor last minute tidy up jobs we needed to do, so ended up working until about 1 am the day of the dyno to get it all dusted. Nothing like a bit of deadline pressure to get the adrenaline going! Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity of driving, we ended up at GDS Automotive and unloaded the car. It was quite cool having a chat to one of the former top import drag racers from back in the day and I pestered him with various questions about the GTRs that he was involved with way back when, until it was finally time to get tuning. It was all pretty uneventful, the car behaved the entire time - testament to the job Jon did in building it (and me for the component selection haha). I had a fairly lofty goal of 450hp at the wheels, which I figured we'd probably have to lean on the turbo to produce. So you can imagine my surprise when we went into the dyno cell for the second to last run and seeing 345kw flash up on 18 psi! Glenn gave it one last run with 19psi (the maximum boost pressure he felt comfortable with - stock seals and undowelled) and it put down 351kw/470hp at the wheels. Pretty fucking stoked as you'd expect, and it sounded super crisp on the dyno https://imgur.com/rdeTcTW I took it for a little drive once we got back to Jon's, and couldn't stop grinning the entire time - only a little shady given the car still wasn't complied for NZ roads by this stage, but whatever, it's only illegal if you get caught right? Did the last couple of engine bay tidy up bits (ie install the FEED manifold cover and polish the strut brace) then stood back and admired 18 year old me's dream car Did one final video to keep my enthusiasm up, then had to jump on the plane to head back home again....the last time I'd see the car for several months as it would turn out. https://imgur.com/dKj7OpA
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