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  1. When I looked into this, it's essentially an hourly rate, so will vary heaps between shops.
  2. Possibly talking to two different points here. Well aware of noise requirements, as my FD is a fresh import, and needs to meet 90dB for entry certification. Assuming that new vehicles with factory variable exhausts do not need to comply as in theory they will have some form of compliance as referred to in 2.7(4), like you referred to earlier. Tl;dr: Brand new fast cars from overseas can be loud.
  3. Ahhh right. Yeah nah totally did not get that from your original post, my bad.
  4. I'd hardly consider a video an accurate way to tell volume though. I'd consider them on par with my RX7, which while not being extraordinarily loud (certifier was happy with it as is) is certainly not 90dB. I'm guessing there is some form of allowance in the laws for OE vehicles to have the variable exhaust systems, possibly they're tested in normal mode.
  5. The new Mustang is fairly rowdy in race exhaust mode, I'd be surprised if it was 90dB. Again, Mustang definitely goes loud af at the touch of a button. Didn't seem to require any special conditions to get to.
  6. Wait, the guy was offended you wanted to pay more for it???
  7. Potentially not ethanol compatible hose? Would have not expected to crumble that badly!
  8. This is fucking sweet. So much potential.
  9. Looked it when I drove past - good to hear it's been saved
  10. Was this parked up in Pinehaven? I saw one months ago, and when I car jammed it, said it was 1800cc. Got a bit of a soft spot for a CRX, neat little deathtraps
  11. Is this an Evo TD05 or Chinesium TD05?
  12. Yeah I need to send my invoice in for those brakes...spent ages trying to clean up the old flare nuts. Previous owner-san must have been built like a brick shithouse.
  13. What the fuck is wrong with you? ....I actually saw this too and was tempted haha
  14. Love seeing/hearing this thing running, patina just sets it off. Especially with no jilliez!