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  1. The MX5 diff would splinter behind a 3S, NA6 diffs pop with the shitty B6, the NB ones aren't heaps better. Get an RX8 and pillage it, renesis and 6 speed would go OK in a light car. Rear end is probably a bit too wide though
  2. Whispy smoke from the engine bay is normal when you've been in there tinkering, grease and oil get transferred onto hot bits. Wouldn't be worried unless its plumes.
  3. Was just going to post this - had the exact issue on a friend's KP, that old fusible link stuff turns to garbage with age.
  4. A few months pass and I finally get a chance to get away from work so I can finally get this thing on the dyno. Naturally, there are a couple of minor last minute tidy up jobs we needed to do, so ended up working until about 1 am the day of the dyno to get it all dusted. Nothing like a bit of deadline pressure to get the adrenaline going! Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity of driving, we ended up at GDS Automotive and unloaded the car. It was quite cool having a chat to one of the former top import drag racers from back in the day and I pestered him with various questions abo
  5. Petone Radiators do chemical cleaning on fuel tanks, weren't super spendy from memory. Drop it off, pick it up, zero fucking around with trying to get chain/nuts out again.
  6. Right, so a couple of months pass with little finicky wiring stuff being done, and the last of the fab work done. A big V mount set up wasn't in the budget, so Jon made new pipework to run from the GReddy elbow to the existing GReddy cooler, and welded an elbow to the turbo outlet to make a fairly short straight shot into the cooler. Now with the power figure I had in mind, a measly 3" exhaust would never do. So we made the call to go 4" the whole way - 3.5" outlet off the turbine housing necks up to 4" as quickly as it could physically fit It runs into a 4" Adrenalin R centre
  7. Yeah I think with how mental the prices have gone I'd probably break even if I were to sell it, which is insane. I'm sad that you never got to complete your highflow twin project with it, that would have been super interesting to see. My turbo encyclopedia friend is friends with Andre too, so have been keeping tabs on it. I still cry every time they put a new video up of it though
  8. Back to the story at hand - with the motor now ported, it left me with quite a dilemma. I bought this car with a specific budget to get it all done and dusted. I procrastinated for a few months while figuring out the next step. I even debated using the stock twins and the existing bolt on stuff, but deep down I knew that the stock turbos would just end up hurting the motor. One of my other good friends is a bit of a encyclopedia for turbo knowledge so I turned to him for advice. I was after something that could flow 400-450hp without giving away too much response. The ideal turbo would ha
  9. Honestly, had Jon not attacked it, I wouldn't have bothered. I knew they test ran them, but this was the first one I'd seen pulled apart. It was perfectly fine for what I initially wanted, rotors weren't terribly off either. Have seen some big mismatches on old motors though!
  10. So both Jon and I are rotary guys from way back - we met back in the 90s while both driving FCs, and hung out in Paraparaumu. People from the region will know of the reputation it had for breeding some rowdy, rough, rugged and the occasional pretty quick rotary. Legend has it the very first rotor DX came from there! Naturally because of this, Jon wanted to build a bridgeport motor for this car. I wasn't super into the idea, as to do a bridgeport justice, it'd need way more serious gear than the car came with. Plus they aren't the most user friendly things for low speed, around town, gener
  11. So obviously the motor was pretty much junk - the eccentric shaft was about the only usable part. This wasn't too much of a problem, as the car was comparatively cheap, and I'd bought it expecting to rebuild the motor anyway. We priced up all the parts, and it was going to be about 6k to do it correctly. I mulled on it for a while, and decided for not much more money, a crate motor would be a far better option. All new plates, all new housings, as well as all the little fiddly bits and pieces that come with the crate motor just made it a much much better option for longevity. After all, I
  12. Conveniently, the car was in Nelson, and I'd actually booked a trip there for the school holidays with my daughter, so I paid a deposit, then a few weeks later went to go check it out. Now my original criteria were: * Preferably sub 100k, but not critical. - 124, close enough? * Closer to stock bodywise, the better - aside from a vented FRP bonnet and headlight cover, yep * Not red - yes! Mostly. * Unfucked with interior - bolt in roll cage and the rattiest Sparco seats I'd ever seen, and typical JDM trinkets ruggedly mounted all over the place, close enough? * N
  13. So fast forward almost exactly 3 years... I'd been buying and selling projects to try and scratch the itch, but to no avail. I'd also been busting my ass to try get myself back into a financial position similar to pre divorce. I'd been fortunate enough to buy a house just before the market went nuts here, and made a bit of pretend money thanks to capital gainzzz. Because of this, I began the hunt with some fairly specific requirements, essentially wanting to buy another car just like this. But I quickly found that the FD market had changed a fair bit, with NZ stocks being mostly worn
  14. With the help of a bunch of friends, we got the motor back in the hole, and all plugged back together. All that was left to do was turn the key and enjoy the smooth purr of a fresh 13B REW! Except that didn't happen. For some reason, the thing was still running pig rich, much like it did prior to the rebuild, and the reason it spent a lot of time at PPRE. I spent a bunch of what precious little spare time I had trying to diagnose it, albeit it fairly haphazardly. I had no money to take it to a workshop, and after the experience I had with the last "rotary specialist" I was fairly unk
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