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  1. Romans COD piece

    Well done, the new job sounds like an awesome change. I saw the post on FB advertising that job, it did look interesting!
  2. I broke an SC12 and replace it with the later version on my AW. I did notice a mild difference, at least compared to the worn out SC12. The motor still ran just fine. I don't know how Toyota did it but that ECU could run anything. 8:1 block + bigport head, 8.9:1 block + smallport head, early or late SC12, 8psi crank pulley, 14 psi crank pulley, T25 turbo, I tried them all and the car still drove fast and smoothly. Until it broke a ring-land while running NA in between turbo experiments... Never tried an SC14. Although smooth was relative at age 20, if it got sideways and pushed me back in the seat I was happy
  3. Romans COD piece

    Awesome statisticing. Is the graph based on injector duty cycle vs vehicle speed? ECUs look fun!
  4. Oh my god, that loose fiberglass insulation gives me nightmares of The Itch! That is something I really don't miss about working on an AW11...
  5. With the rear struts, the SC cartridges are a different size to the na car. Larger diameter if I remember correctly. My first sc had no lsd and a sway bar. My second sc had a very tight lsd and no sway bar. The second car seemed to handle better, and the power oversteer was amazing and controllable fun. I eventually fitted an sw20 sway bar and tabbed struts. The change wasn't noticeable on the road, but I didn't have a chance to track it.
  6. This car looks familiar from the Mighty Car Mods forum! Excellent work!