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  1. Akl monthly meet

    The Burgerfuel in Botany was happy to accommodate the Kiwi Rotor meet last month. Plenty of parking although its not central.
  2. copypasta: Cars and Coffee is a Sunday morning gathering hosted by Platinum Wheels, Where proud drivers congregate to kick tyres and have a cup of coffee. There is something for everyone to enjoy; classics, exotics, concepts, hotrods motorcycles and motor-sport. And it's all FREE, Minus the coffee of course. Come along, bring the old girl out of the shed and dust off the winter cobwebs. Rock down in your ride park up and just hang out.. Keep an eye one the event page we will be updating as the event gets closer, each month will be different. This month we are doing a Co-Lab with NZ Offroader, so if you have a sweet looking 4x4 (clean or filthy) rock along and join in the fun! Important Details: Where ? Hooton Reserve – Albany When ? Sunday May 20th Time? 9am-12pm Cost? FREE Contact? 09 486 5317 or Child-friendly
  3. Galaxy of Cars - March 18

    Went mountain biking instead. No ragrets.
  4. Galaxy of Cars - March 18

    Wow that bad is it? Why? Its just down the road from me so ill go for a look
  5. A few more pics, I didn't get any video this year though.
  6. What a fun day Our Stag enjoyed it too, despite being forced to lug around a crankshaft...
  7. I'll be there on Saturday, not in an Oldschool style car though
  8. Oh no. Foo Fighters concert is that weekend!
  9. Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Following this, I'm very keen to try some arduino stuff. Its been years since I've soldered. I want to do data logging or something in my car.
  10. Election 2017: OS Meet location

    Mt Roskill looks like an appropriate location to visit via a noisy musical detour through the new Waterview tunnel...
  11. Caffeine and Classics - Sun Jun 25

    I've gone to the past two, it's a neat event. Lots to see and plenty of geeks to chat with! Won't make it this time though.
  12. OS trackdays?

    Taupo Car Club winter series dual sprints start on the 24th of June
  13. Romans COD piece

    Well done, the new job sounds like an awesome change. I saw the post on FB advertising that job, it did look interesting!
  14. I broke an SC12 and replace it with the later version on my AW. I did notice a mild difference, at least compared to the worn out SC12. The motor still ran just fine. I don't know how Toyota did it but that ECU could run anything. 8:1 block + bigport head, 8.9:1 block + smallport head, early or late SC12, 8psi crank pulley, 14 psi crank pulley, T25 turbo, I tried them all and the car still drove fast and smoothly. Until it broke a ring-land while running NA in between turbo experiments... Never tried an SC14. Although smooth was relative at age 20, if it got sideways and pushed me back in the seat I was happy