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  1. Ok so still havent got that relay to work so will make up a new one/buy one. Took the crown for a hoon down the road. Went ok... ish. The steering isnt quite centered and turning right sucked. Need to re center. And apart from the no exhaust and motor running like pooes it was a success. Still need an exhaust if anyone knows someone keen I'm in pukekohe. Wanting mild steel. Will use factory 4m cast extractors. Also cleaned up and painted the grill and surrounds flat black. Also connected up the throttle linkages so accelerator works off pedal. Getting close.
  2. Yeah this ones been spliced into the headlight loom. I've got a wiring diagram hopefully figure it out haha
  3. That's weird! Shows up allgood on my phone no computer to check tho..
  4. Put the rest of the front end on. Headlights arent working seems no power to the relay from switch side because when I press down on this the lights work. Fuses are all ok. This has been spliced into loom. Going to have to remove cluster ect again to trace behind dash.. So decided to take a break.
  5. Been a productive week or so Installed electric ignition Also got some power steering hoses made up Hooked up my spare corona radiator which turns out is fucked anyway and started spraying water as it pressurized. Once the motor was going the power steering felt good. When I first tried starting the motor I wasnt getting any fuel to carb turns out someone cut the rocker arm off in the mechanical fuel pump for whatever reason and couldnt be arsed making a flange hah. Anyway had to install a low pressure fuel pump. I mounted it under the boot where the fuel lines exited fuel tank and used a chassis mount to mount 1 side thru boot and other side bolts thru chassis I ran an in line fuse which is in accessible thru boot. Covered the parcel tray in some 1960s grandma NZ spec carpet to hide all the holes. Will do for now Managed to drive it in and out of garage. Power steering feels good. Brakes all feel good. I'm missing the throttle linkage on firewall but have sourced one just waiting for it to arrive but just idled in and out. All lights working as they should. I finished putting together dash. Def need to give it a clean.. Once autobend open up I'll order all the bits for the exhaust otherwise waiting on a pallet from chch for remaining of missing bits and can try for a wof
  6. Swapped the diffs over. Old one I'm led to believe is off a 308.. Australian by the look of it. Old New ms112 rear Also got all the skimmed rotors, rebuilt calipers, flexible brake hoses and brake pads. Got some diff oil aswell Only thing that had to be swapped over was the hand brake cables, everything else bolted up. I've bled the brakes and adjusted the hand brake and all feels good. Fitted driveshaft, filled diff and transmission with oil and started trying to tackle the wiring.. doesn't start off key so will need to do some digging and try see. Getting close now.
  7. Got stuck into the diff over the weekend. Rotors and calipers sent away for skim/rebuild Changed the diff head out to the 4.1 which is the factory for a ms65 3 speed auto and gave it a clean up and paint Cheers
  8. Holy Shikhimova time flies. 2019 turned out to be a very hectic year. Partner got pregnant, we got engaged, and decided to smash out the rest of our house renovations before our girl was born. Anyway with riley born and renovations finished it's time to get back into this and boy have I been chomping at the bit to finish it. Turned out the diff setup was as hori as the front engine mounts and me being a clever cunt I didnt check it before going to chch to strip the parts car so I needed a new one. So what did I do? I went and brought another diff off harry.. from chch. Decided I might aswell upgrade so got the whole disc rear end of an ms112 crown and the GC even threw in a 4.1 ratio diff which is the factory spec ms65 3 speed auto Needs a complete overhaul and paint. Got the rest of the panels painted Now that I've got the rear end I'll swap it over. Hook up the driveshaft and fill trans with fluid and hopefully fire it up in the rear future. Also brought a square headlight JDM front Nos Ms90 kioto headlights. Ms90 surrounds and a ms75 pre facelift grill Exciting times ahead.
  9. finally got the windscreens in and polished up some more chrome fitted that and decided to give car a wash.. drums are binding so thought fuck it n washed with bucket in garage I wanted to wash to refit car cover. Heres some pics. Haha gotcha Thanks for looking
  10. Haha yeah bro I was looking for some n found these. I think they are my brothers and his dog tried eating em Haha...they are now in the bin RIP
  11. Small update Put some tyres on my wheels and test fitted for the first time since I brought em. They look good! Managed to finish mucking around with motor and have put fresh oil in and replaced spark plugs. Dizzy cap and rotor look mint so havent bothered replacing them. And Painted driveshaft Will fit this weekend and put some trans fluid in. Thanks for looking
  12. Decided to clean up the interior a little The center console was looking tired so I dissembled it and gave it a clean and paint. Found an old photo of when I got it I also cleaned up and painted the bottom section of the dash, both front ash trays and front foot well kick panels and passenger magazine holder thingy but didnt take photos so you'll just have to take my word for it Cheers for looking