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  1. daves prince b200

    Yeah I was having a gease thru the spotted thread n saw it! man id love me some prince hubcaps although only ones seem to be in Japan for 1500 nzd plus shipping yeah nah aye i think that's a similar colour to what the original colour of mine is although I think mines more a grey blue I've seen a picture of a wagon in same colour but was over in Japan. This blue is much nicer. i have an original "Gloria" guard badge I want to get 3D printed seems this guy could use a copy too
  2. daves prince b200

    @kyteler oh real? Haha must just be the norm these days mines legal rough and ready to break down at any minute lol
  3. daves prince b200

    Cheers mate! Need to keep a drip tray in the boot for all those 50+ Sheila piners
  4. Matteybean's 1966 Prince B200

    Electric ignition fricking rocks!! The dizzy must be tired because electric ignition made it run how it should at TDC without needing shitloads of advance! Would it be a good idea to try get another dizzy? Or this be sweet now it's electric? dizzy is a delco 202 later model, the electric ignition kit was for a delco so direct bolt in kit! Car seems to be running unbelievably better lots more power with no hesitation like it use to have, am thinking of opening spark plug a up a little and see if any difference again! now that she's running mint I thought it would be a good idea to grab the triple carb setup for it! Stromberg CD150 x3 2 of them had been dropped some years back and had cracked with the brass barb fitting where it threads into the carb, the bodies on these carbs are super super soft After having a good look I noticed they were cast quite deep into the carb body so I hacksawed off the broken bit leaving 5mm~ to be re threaded! Too easy you reckon? yeah nah aye. This is prince ownership, nothing is that easy. after I had em re threaded very carefully it blew the arse off the body so that's them stuffed! only very small but they wont seal so decided to go back to plan A and look for some others. mind the JB weld was previous owners attempt at the fix. box of spares... Was quite a successful day auctually, ol mate @Threeonthetree put me in touch with someone who had a set kicking about so they are currently on the courier to my place! Look to be in good nick but insure if they work or not but I plan to just swap it all over anyway as the current 3 on manifolds have been jetted for the Vauxhall 3.3 hopefully be able to chuck em on over next few weeks n make the 0-100 km top speed that little bit faster! Fun in times ahead! Discussion thread!
  5. Matteybean's 1966 Prince B200

    Well well October Already!! my Samsung s8 screen broke so I lost all photos and is an update even an update without a photo?? got all the brakes sorted and managed to enjoy it more or less hassle free for a few hundred KM which isn't short of a miracle! I made it to Septembers caffeine n classics where a lot of barrying went on! Good times were had!! last sat took it for a drive and heading up a hill it died n I struggled for the next few hours fighting to keep it going, it would die pulling up to lights I checked fuel filter, checked leads and coil resistance revs were up n down it was sluggish n all round crappy. found an electric ignition kit I ordered it so that'll turn up before weekend, also have another carb I'll try. The one on seems clean enough inside but just gotta work thru it mean eh
  6. oldrx7's 1977 Mazda 929 wagon - Discussions

    Black looks awesome! I like it better than all silver
  7. daves prince b200

    Brother had front left rebuilt maybe theyre arent straight replacements hence the rebuilm sterling brake n clutch can rebuild em starting at 85 n goes up if needs to be re sleeved. I have it with me will drop it off to them today thanks anyway
  8. daves prince b200

    Hey mate. Twin piston 65mm in length. On the side it says "7/8 TOK100" Bolt spacings are 35mm center to center. Cheers
  9. daves prince b200

    @rusty360 25 each mate. He grinds/etches off the writing using this machine then paints it on using a roller type hes been doing it for many years n im more than happy with them
  10. matteybeans 1978 rt104 corona

    Isnt it amazing how time flies almost a year since i updated this! Its been a very busy year. Mrs n i brought our first house here in pukekohe auckland so in the mix of renovating the crap out of it i enjoyed this car during the summer until its WOF expired and put rego back on hold n put her in dry storage! Im not finished with her yet! Made it to OS drag day had an awesome day out! Made it along to some meet ups also. Fun times was had. Also finished off the interior got some front seats and a dash mat to complete its look and a front chin spoiler! Pic dump! Mind the white plumbing pipe needed wipers hooked up for wof Bootlock has since been installed! That moment i almost lost my loose taillight.. phew Kumeu hotrod show! I brought another project to keep me busy in the mean time. A 1966 prince gloria. Should be good Cheea
  11. Matteybean's 1966 Prince B200

    Ok so this weekend i set out to get car ready for caffeine n classics which unfortunately didnt happen. I knew i had to grease up the ball joints so i started on doing that but found that most of the steering ball joint boots were either split or missing completely. 3 were rebuilt a few years ago but had no been on road to drive up mileage. I suspect more may need doing. So i started by removing it all to replace the stuffed boots. Put it all back together and greased up every nipple. Steering felt a little stiff when going for a drive will re grease it all again and double check everything again. Otherwise felt good. Treated her to some whitewalls ! I checked out daves sweet photo album of 100s of cars he has white walled while he got stuck in! He had never done one of these nor did he see one when he went to Japan recently lol. Gave it a wash at wash world on the way home. Everything was going ok. Sunday morning got up early put car in driveway n let her heat. The brakes were feeling wierd. I popped the bonnet to check the brake master and it was completely empty! I popped my head under car and the right rear drum and tire was covered in fluid! Buggar! Trusty tools of the trade! I know the front left has been rebuilt not so long ago too so im thinking i should wip the remaining 2 out and have them done because no doubt they will be in same condition. The prince only has 1 brake line for all 4 wheels so if this was to fail while driving id loose all brakes! Sketchy! So she sits up on all 4 axle stands again haha.
  12. daves prince b200

    Yeah cheap crimp tool. I used some cutters to re crimp n squashed with multi grips i plan on just soldering them in and heat shrink over it for a more permanent connection.
  13. Matteybean's 1966 Prince B200

    Boring update. Did abit more tonight. I heat shielded the starter motor which hopefully will keep heat out. Also started to check all the wiring removed earth n checked resistance. Seemed OK. No motor to body earth so will get one of them this week. While removing the earth wire i noticed a wire had fallen out of a crimp on the solanoid. This particular wire is the alternator to battery wire!! Might be why it wasnt charging properly. I re crimped it few times for good measure and decided to check the rest. Yup. The one going to starter motor/loom was also loose as a goose. It came out of the crimp without any force at all hmmmmmmm.. Hopefully im one step closer to not breaking down every drive lol.
  14. daves prince b200

    Cheers mate i will take you up on that! Im in pukekohe so not too far from you! That maay just be long enough. Had a fiddle and i think i may have found the problem! Dave did some shitty crimps. Exhibit A: You can see on the left the wire not in the crimp fitting. That one went to starter motor. I only noticed it because the one on right was the same. So i decided to check this one n it just fell out too lol. not sure how long that has been like it but right one is alternator to battery lol.. In conclusion id say that could be why battery not charging properly and why it didnt start while warm(maybe) i also heat shielded starter motor for good measure
  15. daves prince b200

    You want some of it? got abit left over... about 20m2 spare auctually lol @datlow hey mate. Nah not that i can see just negative battery terminal to block. The blocks been painted so i wonder if its loosing contact because of that. Just got home from work so will start having a look! @chris r cheers mate ill need to get some decent wiring too so will most likely just buy the pre made ones. I went into super cheap yesterday a 600mm battery terminal one was 40 bucks from memory. In saying that i do have an account with coreys electrical so if it works out alot cheaper ill take you up on your offer as ill need a new battery one and another from block to car body. I appreciate all the suggestions and will work thru them tonight! Come at me caffeine n classics.