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  1. Still been cracking on with this, 70% finished with our tiny home build so that's taken priority over this unfortunately.. Still been trying to get this running. Installed exhaust with lambda o2 sensor in it. No photo though. Fucked off the extra 2 injector loom and plugs and terminated the end. I used my soldering iron to engrave the plugs so I no which is which. Loom all finished now. Mounted ecu and relays on bottom side of glovebox hidden and out of the way. Used 2 bolts thru from glovebox into perspex so can remove ea
  2. Installed my air intake temp sensor into the charger intake. Its fitted on the bottom side Top radiator hose fitted, new thermostat and gasket and started filling her up with coolant, this is how I do it. Some radiator hose with some thread tape around a bottle. Take off the top heater hose till coolant comes out of head then connect back up and take off other end at heater core. Prob 50 odd pumps off the upper and lower radiator hoses with my hand until no more bubbles come up in container. Goes hard for what it is. No leaks so succ
  3. Mrs loves it when I do some baking haha Cleaned up the charger intakes and gave em some new wrinkle. This time round I pre heated the alloy to help prevent any runs. Worked a treat will let it cool down and install tomorrow evening Pre heating em Ta daaa Thanks for looking
  4. I have a pair of front ms65 doors which are in pretty good nick if you're interested in buying em Unfortunately only front drivers and passengers. No rear doors but I no of someone who has some good rear doors in chch send@toy-mota a message for the rears. Black is a hard colour to prep which I've found out haha it shows up every imperfection
  5. Been ticking off the to do list. Centered up my trigger wheel. Its now perfectly center. Radiator with shroud/electric fan in Got the bungs welded into intake and exhaust Decided I would re do the wrinkle paint while its out to tidy it up abit. Got a run in it so will sand back and do it again. Lambda exhaust bung After 3 weeks held up at customs all they wanted to no was if it was new or used.. surely it speaks for itself. Pretty hap
  6. Thanks bro yeah ata say all out of stock ill call em and double check tomorrow
  7. Finished off the engine bay loom. I brought an ebay injector loom since it was way cheaper than buying the plugs from nzefi. Its off an old skyline they share the same plug as these rx7 injectors. Anyway it's held up at customs so once I have that it's all done. Things left to do before I can fire it up. Injector loom. Center the trigger wheel as it's off by couple mm. Install radiator/shroud with fan. Get the AIT sensor bung welded into the charger intake right before plenum. Get the o2 lambda sensor bung welded into e
  8. Been carrying on with this I've just about finished the wiring now. All plugs have been terminated now (including lambda) I got abit carried away ended up de looming the engine bay. I just need to sheath remaining main runs and its all done! My AEM water/meth injection kit has turned up which I got onto installing Made a bracket for the tank to sit on in the boot I've installed it in boot along with pump and have wired it all up just need to run the lines to intake and thats all done
  9. Thanks bro yeah def was a project to take on but pretty happy with the results now. Where abouts is the damage maybe try source replacement panels/cuts and weld em in.
  10. Just spoke to him - they come with the stainless steel backing
  11. @toy-mota got his from rarespares for his ms65 he will be able to shed some light i thought the stainless backing came with them
  12. Tried rarespares? They sell them for ms65 outer door belts
  13. Still been cracking on with this. Mounted my 16" electric fan into my factory radiator shroud! Fit like a glove My universal 36-1 trigger wheel turned up so I modified it and make a bracket to house the cherry sensor. When I was setting the distance up for the sensor and turning engine over by hand it was apparent it was off center by 1~2mm I'm not sure if this will be a problem but I think I'll just remove it and scalp the holes out a couple mm to get it perfectly center. Made a start on the wi
  14. I managed to get the fuel system all finished and tested. I want to put in a efi fuel filter right before the fuel rail so I by passed it for testing purposes and just ran the feed straight to the fuel pressure reg 5/16 EFI fuel hose all round and new hose clamps all round. I used the original carb fuel line as the return so only needed to run 1 new fuel line to engine bay which is nice considering the price of EFI hose... Surge tank set up as follows. Lift pump from fuel tank to surge return fuel line to surg
  15. Motivation is still strong so carried on tonight! Ignition system I looked at coil on plug options, yaris, r35 gtr but in the end decided on individual coils from nzefi these have internal ignitors in each coil. Decided to mount it on the rocker cover. Brought some spark plug terminals and shortened my ignition leads. Then started on fuel system. Turns out the injectors I bought are bigger than what I was lead to believe.. 550cc high impedance. See how they go. It's not going to be a daily driver.
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