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  1. I'm in! Will see ya there unless i loose a wheel on the way again
  2. Had a look at it before xmas I got extremely lucky with minimal damage really. Turns out getting replacement rotors in nz is existent. Aus is the go and cost a bit/come in pairs. It had warped by .01 and the flat spots sat outside the brake pads so straightened up the dust shield and put it back together. Got new wheel studs and Toyota chrome lug nuts Took the wheel into arrows wheel to have a look at it and its fucking straight as. Had some high spots but he gave it a quick tidy up and it's good to go.
  3. Soooo.... Decided to put the lowering springs in the rear with a mate of mine.. he didnt tighten up the lug nuts on his side and my wheel fell off on the motorway on my way to the Auckland monthly meet.. It could have been a shit load worse and I should have double checked but hes a mechanic, I handed him the powerbar so I "had" faith in his ability. Anyway I havent really had a good look at the damage. I managed to scissor jack it up on side of road to put wheel back on and I had it towed home. I'll have a look at it tomorrow. Heres some photos
  4. Sorry couldnt make it.. I put the springs in and for some unknown reason my mate didnt tighten up the wheel nuts on passenger after I handed him the power bar... hes a mechanic I didnt check his side after fuck I should of checked. My left wheel came off on the motorway and I was lucky I didnt crash and tire didnt hit any car.. a bit of damage but shit it could of been so much worse.. Maybe next month
  5. I'm on call this week so if I get a callout I'll need to gap home and grab the work truck... shell be right Boom See you tonight
  6. Took crown back for its re check but it still failed on lower ball joint drivers side which was missed due to all the shit having play on drivers side. Buggar So ordered new ball joint and chucked it in. Butler auto mart in chch was only place in nz I could find it. Otherwise aussie. BOOOOOOM! See everyone tonight at Auckland monthly meet.
  7. Drag day was awesome as per usual.. couldnt stay as long as I had wanted but that's what happens when you bring your 1yo daughter with ya! Anyway that sparked some motivation and today I got stuck into the Corona. I pulled the spare diff and leaf springs from out under the house, they were dirty so I gave em a clean up.. as you do Taa daa When I pulled the leaf springs out I noticed something different.. ha the top leaf has been flipped prob be just about right as is no need to reset or I'll be in the same boat again So I cleaned the leaf
  8. It really is a good day out!! Its my daughters 1st birthday on the 12th but still keen on few hours down there. If my lower balljoint turns up from aus I hope to make this Auckland monthly meet!
  9. And shes back home again.. a year later than expected but better late than never. Snapped an axle at drag day 2018 and been in storage since then. AA plus membership makes moving cars very easy would trade again. Ahh yep thatll do it. Plans now are to swap the diff over with my spare.. which will mean the wheels will poke out 20mm more, raise the car slightly so its atleast legal height. The rear leaves have been reset twice so they dont work as they are intended too. I've got a spare set of leaf springs so I'll add one in to s
  10. Welded on an exhaust hanger tonight and did a bolt check, everything's buttoned up and ready for wof re check tomorrow. See what wof man says.. turns out those red springs are lowering springs.. and completely slammed the crown. Juuuust under 100mm to cross member
  11. I ended up removing the passenger upper and lower control arms and I've replaced all the bushes including swaybar. I picked up my pitman arm looks good My inner tie rod also arrived. Before I removed the old one I marked where to wind it in till and matched it up with this one. All back in and steering feels really nice now you beauty. I've wired up my park lights and theyre working mint now, replaced a couple of blown bulbs in the rear too. Tomorrow I'll weld in a center exhaust hanger and should be ready for the re c
  12. Bushes turned up so I started chucking em in. Unfortunately I couldnt get other side in will go somewhere and get it pressed in tomorrow. Got the lower arm bush in too and installed it back in car along with new swaybar bushes Black I just removed reds came with the car. They are slightly less in diameter and a coil less? Thought I'd chuck em in see what happens Thanks for looking
  13. I got a spring which works mint. I had a look under the car and saw a new puddle of transmission fluid Fuck! Front seal is leaking. I couldnt tell before because the sump gasket was leaking I thought it was just the sump fuck So out it came. I took the front transmission bolts off 1 at a time and cleaned up/siliconed and torqued back up. Bellhousing back on All in all wasnt too bad I had some good help we had it in and out in an afternoon. No more leak
  14. All going well I'll be there. Took crown for wof few ball joints to replace and some bulbs
  15. After fucking around with the carb and doing some diagnostics it was deemed the new Ebay chinese 200 dollar delivered to my door carburetor is fucked. Who would of thought I switched back to the old carburetor and it started first pop Red wire is starter wire for starting at engine bay. Idled mint. Sounded mint so went for a hoon and ran like a dream. Got back home and transmission fluid was pissing out of a rubber hose that had fully split! Lucky was only on my street. I installed my new Fenix oil cooler with new ho
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