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  1. finally got the windscreens in and polished up some more chrome fitted that and decided to give car a wash.. drums are binding so thought fuck it n washed with bucket in garage I wanted to wash to refit car cover. Heres some pics. Haha gotcha Thanks for looking
  2. Haha yeah bro I was looking for some n found these. I think they are my brothers and his dog tried eating em Haha...they are now in the bin RIP
  3. Small update Put some tyres on my wheels and test fitted for the first time since I brought em. They look good! Managed to finish mucking around with motor and have put fresh oil in and replaced spark plugs. Dizzy cap and rotor look mint so havent bothered replacing them. And Painted driveshaft Will fit this weekend and put some trans fluid in. Thanks for looking
  4. Decided to clean up the interior a little The center console was looking tired so I dissembled it and gave it a clean and paint. Found an old photo of when I got it I also cleaned up and painted the bottom section of the dash, both front ash trays and front foot well kick panels and passenger magazine holder thingy but didnt take photos so you'll just have to take my word for it Cheers for looking
  5. Been plugging away still. My brother came over last weekend and together we tried to bleed the brakes but with still no luck. Spent hours trying too but the bastards still seemed to over extend n leak.. anyway got over that pretty fast so have brought sheepers parts car ms65 wheel cylinders, drums and shoes. Worst case I'll get the cylinders rebuilt. My gasket set from California turned up and it all seems to be well made. The drivers rear window winder mechanism was in a sad state of affairs it had been snapped and re welded.. twice so I quickly fucked that off and got one sent up from harry in chch. Bloody works mint too. Started cleaning rocker cover prepping it for paint. And removing all the parts I had sitting on loosely.. swapped the crankshaft pully to the double for the power steering. Picked up my fully rebuilt power steering box and power steering pump from PG Hydraulics. Heres some steering porn the whole family can enjoy. The power steering box was full of water when they opened it Haha Look at the state of this crap Anyway installed those along with all the parts that needed gaskets and painted up what needed doing. Wrinkle painted the rocker. Mrs was real pleased while I had this baking in the oven for a few hours haha Just need a couple hose clamps for the oil cooler and I can put oil in. Getting closer to firing it up. I'm undecided if I want to sand back the 'Toyota' on the rocker cover and the rectangle. I did it on my Corona and I kinda like it all blacked out.
  6. Cool wagon bro! Yeah I thought the ones I brought were identical. I'm sure they looked same in length ect otherwise I wouldnt of installed them. Hmmm will try again later today
  7. Hey bro Which model for what? Old cylinders have been thrown out as I brought these n changed it over 6 months ago. I have receipt from bnt for part number of ones I got tho
  8. Got some more done. Painted the factory extractors and the air filter casing Picked up the new proportioning valve from mitsi this came in a pair so have a spare. And installed it conveniently in place of a female bracket on firewall Began to bleed the brakes but unfortunately the rear wheel cylinders started leaking argh.. It's over extending and leaking out of end of piston sleeve. I took one back and a replacement is doing the same thing now...the guy matched these up and no listing for orginials and these are off 70-81 I think Corolla and coronas.. Frustrated I'll leave it for time being and tackle it again in a day or 2. I had adjusted the auto adjuster so it was wiggly to get the drum on but still extends to far and leaks
  9. Hi Finished putting interior in bar some of dash. Then cleaned, polished and put all the external door handles and locks on and lubed it all up I wanted to finish off all re assembling the brakes I want to see if bleeding them helps with moving car around it feels like brakes are semi on/not sitting correctly it's all new and never been bled. Will get some brake fluid as I forgot it today and give it a go tomorrow. Brought abit of stuff for the motor to freshen it up Needed to make some new breather hoses for gas tank they had been cut. I cleaned up the tank I got from chch. It came up pretty good I also had a look at the inside with my camera All is good. Bella thinks the interior is pretty lush Gave the tank a coat of paint and re undersealed the bottom side. It was a good afternoon to do it too! Fitted the fuel tank with new breather hoses. Connected up fuel lines with existing ones. Fitted the rear lights and fuel filler cap - unfortunately its cracked at hinges so doesnt quite line up with tail light surrounds. Will look for another. That's all for now Cheers
  10. They arent too bad. I think 400 including underlay and boot carpet. Usual autodec story they fit pretty good but not perfect. Take ya old ones in so they can make sure same
  11. Hi I managed to find a full engine gasket set from the us so I've ordered one of them which will turn up next month.. Have been cracking on with putting the interior back together I'm needing a few trim clips/door card clips I guess they look like P shaped? Also the plastic circles that slot into the inner door skins so will see if can purchase some new ones. Cheers
  12. So have managed to progress with this some more! Got it all back from painter Doors all on lined up not perfect but will wait till front guards are on Fitted all new door rubbers and window guides Got the motor In Swapped over the end T piece of the steering collumn to the shorter power steering one from a ms110 And fitted it back in car Found out the auto and manual pedal boxes are the same manual just has a mount for pedal so I just removed the clutch pedal and refitted as this will be auto. Painted the brake booster and fitted the new Nissan pajero brake master. That's all for now! Exciting times
  13. Hi Been a little while since update work has really been crazy busy last month or so this got put on the back burner.. Anyway what I have got done was finished all the doors ready for final blocking which booked in for paint on sat I'll block tomorrow before carefully taking them to him.. Ready for final sand tomorrow. Started on the rears had blocked n epoxied rub thrus After bogging and sanding and high building then blocking back using guide coat I ended up with Sanded and applied another coat of high build Have since sprayed guide coat for final sand tomorrow before painted Saturday Got the hinges and radiator support back from powerstrip industries. Scuffed with scotch pad and gave em all few coats of epoxy So all going well all these bits will be painted on sat too so I can begin reassemble. New lushious red carpet from autodec I gave them the orginials so they should fit pretty well all going well. Photo sort of looks pink but it isnt as you can see from this next photo Also some new stuff from Thailand turned up Full set of new door rubbers Some new window channels Power steering pump which I'll send away with the power steering box for rebuild. That's all for now Weve pretty much caught up with work so I have a few quiet weeks so looking forward to get stuck in! Thanks for looking