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  1. Boring update. Did abit more tonight. I heat shielded the starter motor which hopefully will keep heat out. Also started to check all the wiring removed earth n checked resistance. Seemed OK. No motor to body earth so will get one of them this week. While removing the earth wire i noticed a wire had fallen out of a crimp on the solanoid. This particular wire is the alternator to battery wire!! Might be why it wasnt charging properly. I re crimped it few times for good measure and decided to check the rest. Yup. The one going to starter motor/loom was also loose as a goose. It came out of the crimp without any force at all hmmmmmmm.. Hopefully im one step closer to not breaking down every drive lol.
  2. Cheers mate i will take you up on that! Im in pukekohe so not too far from you! That maay just be long enough. Had a fiddle and i think i may have found the problem! Dave did some shitty crimps. Exhibit A: You can see on the left the wire not in the crimp fitting. That one went to starter motor. I only noticed it because the one on right was the same. So i decided to check this one n it just fell out too lol. not sure how long that has been like it but right one is alternator to battery lol.. In conclusion id say that could be why battery not charging properly and why it didnt start while warm(maybe) i also heat shielded starter motor for good measure
  3. You want some of it? got abit left over... about 20m2 spare auctually lol @datlow hey mate. Nah not that i can see just negative battery terminal to block. The blocks been painted so i wonder if its loosing contact because of that. Just got home from work so will start having a look! @chris r cheers mate ill need to get some decent wiring too so will most likely just buy the pre made ones. I went into super cheap yesterday a 600mm battery terminal one was 40 bucks from memory. In saying that i do have an account with coreys electrical so if it works out alot cheaper ill take you up on your offer as ill need a new battery one and another from block to car body. I appreciate all the suggestions and will work thru them tonight! Come at me caffeine n classics.
  4. Your right it does need a new heart. Im thinking more nissan rb or something. Thats down the track though. Driving without breaking down will be a good start!
  5. Yeah the remote solonoid is rather recent so for now im ruling that out as being a problem. Hearing it tick would indicate that side is working atleast. I have found the earth to get warm. On the battery terminal end theres a split off so fat wire to block smaller wire to body. I find that with this connected the thin wire heats up very quickly to the point of smoking so i disconnected it from the body. The earth to the block seems old doesnt look too bad but am yet to check resistance.
  6. Yeah mate did that before i took apart - all the spring mechanisms and brushes were in good working order. The problem i think i have is "heat soak" which is the exhaust too close to starter heating it up past what its suppose to causing it to not work. Will confirm once i try tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Maybe replace earth wire but will check resistance tomorrow. Cheers mate
  7. Cheers mate. Yeah shes got some sweet curves. Im 50/50 with the rack at the mo. See if it grows on me
  8. I had a pretty productive week on the prince. Made it to the auckland OS auckland monthly without a hitch. It was a good night! I managed to get some stop leak into the radiator and so far so good hasnt leaked any since the initial leak. Mean. Another problem which has been occuring is after driving the starter motor doesnt seem to want to tick over. Can hear the solanoid tick but nothing from the starter.. So yesterday i decided to take it off and inspect it. On inspection it all looked OK. Was full of oil/grease due to rocker cover gasket leaking oil all over it. Gave it a good degrease and clean up, re greased what needed to be done. It was auctually prick of a job. I needed to remove intake manifold and extractors to get the starter motor out. Mish. Anyway once back together i turned it on and off about was 10x total in between of letting it get to temperature. Took it for a drive around the block turned off and on no problems. Boy was i wrong. I went to put some gas in and got stuck! Same problem ticking away. While i had to sit there for 40 odd minutes until the car cooled so it would start again i read after market extractors causing issues run to close to block and ofcourse.. the starter motor. I felt the starter motor and it did feel hot. It has a remote solonoid on the guard so it cant be that.. or can it. Needed a push start to get home from mates after gas station break down and this morning i could not get it going again. Maybe the battery is stuffed.. it is a 2nd hand one i brought from zebra 2 odd years ago. Apon stumbling on an old barry and engaging conversation he had a piece of heat shield from ACL which he gave me to wrap starter motor in to hopefully stop the issue with the starter. Battery currently on the trickle charge. Tomorrow i will do some more tests once i grab my multimeter from work. On another note caught up with Rich and got this sweet roof rack off him Had a siezed clamp which abit of heat. Multi grips and WD40 it was free pretty easy. Here's some pics. I'm abit 50/50 with it at the moment. Lets see if it grows on me. Crappy driveway photos couldnt move car. Tell me what ya reckon Discussion:
  9. Yup theres two spares. Drivers interior door handle is pretty important. @kyteler PM me your address mate ill send one down to you this weekend.
  10. Cheers mate. Did more research n found yeah i need a 3/4 row out of a v8. Will keep an eye out for a good deal otherwise hopefully this stop leak does the job
  11. Cheers mate. Radiator is a 600widex400high 57mm deep. Spoke to a guy at trevor french radiators in otahuhu n he said 550 including for it to be re cored with a 4 core hence the thickness. As much as id like to keep it it seems steep. Mx5 radiators are the exact size with the inlet n outlet on same side. As with subaru foresters. Would one of these work? Or does it need to be bigger considering engine is a 3.3 straight 6 Can buy replacement stock radiators for 130. Cheers
  12. Cheers bro. Ive worked on this few times before owning it. I fixed all the rust in the doors! Yup i saw that he offered you one. Ill see how many ive got. The current one is slightly bent/about to break so i plan using one to to be cut. Id also like to keep a spare for the new one i get cut soon. If there's a 3rd blank. Its all yours. Will confirm tonight Cheers
  13. Started tinkering again the other night checking everything again when i discovered abit of moisture inside the dizzy cap and also inside the dizzy was pretty dirty n scummy so i gave it a good clean started her up.. the good news is i think that may have been the problem? I a made sure everything was plugged in properly in regards to the wiring n plugs. Unfortunately when testing the radiator must have sprung a leak and water started to appear squirting out of radiator bummer! But i guess atleast its good it happened now than when im driving down unaware! Buggar. Apparently it wasn't so great in traffic anyway. I had a quote of 650 odd dollars for a re core so looks like ill be going alloy which is alot cheaper. I won some pretty sweet retro carpet so went down to tauranga and picked it up In the end i decided to carpet the floor and ceiling for that blast from the past luxurious lounge spec cruising. I rather like it. Step into my office Discuss. //
  14. Got the call and the alternator was ready to be picked up - the alternator was fine it was the external regulator that was poked - is a mitsibushi one which someone has mis matched onto the Vauxhall motor. Hooked heater hoses up because mrs wanted to ride passenger... apart from the very dull head lights, the popping and sputtering and overall struggle to drive she really enjoyed it. Atleast now i can tinker more during the weekend and try to get it running better without the battery going flat
  15. Spent abit of time tinkering and giving it a test drive on road. Was abit crap to drive first time. Had an oil leak cork rocker cover gaskit had mis aligned. All sorted now though. Doesnt like when you step on gas and splutters after 4k rpm im hoping a good drive will sort that out. Checked timing was spot on removed carb n took apart to clean and re assemble - made a difference drove abit better. Still not so great after 4k rpm. Alternator doesnt charge battery properly so removed to be rebuilt.