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  1. Mean bro! Looks the goods
  2. Damn that sucks about the jack! Funny story though the exact fucking thing happened with my ms65 crown mashed the radiator shroud, made radiator leak and bent the fuck out of the radiator support panel. Paint looks bloody ace
  3. Still been cracking on with this, 70% finished with our tiny home build so that's taken priority over this unfortunately.. Still been trying to get this running. Installed exhaust with lambda o2 sensor in it. No photo though. Fucked off the extra 2 injector loom and plugs and terminated the end. I used my soldering iron to engrave the plugs so I no which is which. Loom all finished now. Mounted ecu and relays on bottom side of glovebox hidden and out of the way. Used 2 bolts thru from glovebox into perspex so can remove easily enough if need be. I can access all the fuses so hopefully shouldn't need too. Fired up ECU and went thru all the pre start up checks. Everything works, and is what it should be, coil 1, injector 1 etc. no error codes not bad! Green LED is my AEM methanol light, if an error code pops up it'll flash depending on the fault code/low reservoir. I've set it up in the ecu that if it throws an error/low reservoir it'll engage the supercharger clutch and switch fuel tables that ill get setup at tuning stage, pretty handy failsafe. The led illuminates brighter when it starts spraying. As I got further into setting up the ecu it didn't come with its problems.. Firstly the bmw e series tps had failed/was already broken before installing was a pickapart special. After testing with multimeter it was apparent it was stuffed. Back to pick a part for another, with my newly acquired testing skills I tested another before buying. After installing i was able to sync it to ecu so win! Then when trying to sync my trigger 1 with ecu, nzefi coil on cylinder 1 randomly blew the coil fuse at the relay and then when changing the fuse it would instantly heat up real quick and almost be untouchable within 10 seconds. All the other 3 worked. I had already checked for spark etc in ecu before I got to this stage. Re checked wiring and all is correct. Anyway nzefi were good about it and Chris sent out another but warned in past its been due to incorrect wiring. Got it all hooked back up and I was stilling struggling to sync trigger 1 with ecu. Turned out the crank sensor my mate gave me was a magnetic pickup and not a GS sensor for ferrous metal.. picked up another cherry GS100502 but am yet to change it over. Should do the trick though. My gauge pod turned out so I started installing, the 2 gauges are oil pressure and boost gauge. The oil pickup i will run to ecu and set up a failsafe then ecu to run the gauge. As previously mentioned i decided to mount it on steering column behind steering wheel. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Couple more pics of engine bay cuz why fuckn not Thanks for looking Almost there now
  4. Installed my air intake temp sensor into the charger intake. Its fitted on the bottom side Top radiator hose fitted, new thermostat and gasket and started filling her up with coolant, this is how I do it. Some radiator hose with some thread tape around a bottle. Take off the top heater hose till coolant comes out of head then connect back up and take off other end at heater core. Prob 50 odd pumps off the upper and lower radiator hoses with my hand until no more bubbles come up in container. Goes hard for what it is. No leaks so success Managed to get it all assembled again too. Methanol injector is all hooked up, this photo sucks but it's on the bend before the supercharger after throttle body. Still need to install section of exhaust and chuck the windband in then its onto setting up ecu
  5. Mrs loves it when I do some baking haha Cleaned up the charger intakes and gave em some new wrinkle. This time round I pre heated the alloy to help prevent any runs. Worked a treat will let it cool down and install tomorrow evening Pre heating em Ta daaa Thanks for looking
  6. I have a pair of front ms65 doors which are in pretty good nick if you're interested in buying em Unfortunately only front drivers and passengers. No rear doors but I no of someone who has some good rear doors in chch send@toy-mota a message for the rears. Black is a hard colour to prep which I've found out haha it shows up every imperfection
  7. Been ticking off the to do list. Centered up my trigger wheel. Its now perfectly center. Radiator with shroud/electric fan in Got the bungs welded into intake and exhaust Decided I would re do the wrinkle paint while its out to tidy it up abit. Got a run in it so will sand back and do it again. Lambda exhaust bung After 3 weeks held up at customs all they wanted to no was if it was new or used.. surely it speaks for itself. Pretty happy with it ill fuck the extra 2 injectors off and re crimp plug and thats the wiring side complete. Just need to fit the intake and exhaust, tap a thread for methonal injector and its all done. Vacuum lines have been connected up including one for the aem controller. Also ordered a billet style dual gauge pod with a 15 psi boost gauge and oil pressure gauge these will sit on top of steering column behind steering wheel. Wasnt sure where else to mount it not keen on dash gauges/pillar mount. This will look ace i reckon ill post photos when it all turns up All going well hopefully have it running next weekend
  8. Thanks bro yeah ata say all out of stock ill call em and double check tomorrow
  9. Finished off the engine bay loom. I brought an ebay injector loom since it was way cheaper than buying the plugs from nzefi. Its off an old skyline they share the same plug as these rx7 injectors. Anyway it's held up at customs so once I have that it's all done. Things left to do before I can fire it up. Injector loom. Center the trigger wheel as it's off by couple mm. Install radiator/shroud with fan. Get the AIT sensor bung welded into the charger intake right before plenum. Get the o2 lambda sensor bung welded into exhaust. Run the meth/water lines to engine and tap in the injector pre supercharger. Get some methanol ** if anyone knows where to purchase in nz lemme no in discussion thread I Googled and tried a few including mere mere dragway but no luck. Set up ecu, timing, injector dead times etc Thanks for looking Discussion thread
  10. Been carrying on with this I've just about finished the wiring now. All plugs have been terminated now (including lambda) I got abit carried away ended up de looming the engine bay. I just need to sheath remaining main runs and its all done! My AEM water/meth injection kit has turned up which I got onto installing Made a bracket for the tank to sit on in the boot I've installed it in boot along with pump and have wired it all up just need to run the lines to intake and thats all done Didn't no where to mount controller so installed into glove box Os nats 2016 my battery moved and shorted out on radiator. Turns out it fucked alot of my earths but I never knew as was in plastic sheathing. Anyway I replaced all earths including all ones to regulator. Amazingly regulator tested out fine so that's a win. Getting close to firing it up now
  11. Thanks bro yeah def was a project to take on but pretty happy with the results now. Where abouts is the damage maybe try source replacement panels/cuts and weld em in.
  12. Just spoke to him - they come with the stainless steel backing
  13. @toy-mota got his from rarespares for his ms65 he will be able to shed some light i thought the stainless backing came with them
  14. Tried rarespares? They sell them for ms65 outer door belts
  15. Still been cracking on with this. Mounted my 16" electric fan into my factory radiator shroud! Fit like a glove My universal 36-1 trigger wheel turned up so I modified it and make a bracket to house the cherry sensor. When I was setting the distance up for the sensor and turning engine over by hand it was apparent it was off center by 1~2mm I'm not sure if this will be a problem but I think I'll just remove it and scalp the holes out a couple mm to get it perfectly center. Made a start on the wiring. I've never done this before so took my time and labeled everything It's now in the engine bay layed out the way its all going to run but didn't take a photo. Made up a power distribution board mounted it on some tinted perspex which will mount bottom side of glove box in passenger foot well. That's all for now
  16. I managed to get the fuel system all finished and tested. I want to put in a efi fuel filter right before the fuel rail so I by passed it for testing purposes and just ran the feed straight to the fuel pressure reg 5/16 EFI fuel hose all round and new hose clamps all round. I used the original carb fuel line as the return so only needed to run 1 new fuel line to engine bay which is nice considering the price of EFI hose... Surge tank set up as follows. Lift pump from fuel tank to surge return fuel line to surge Overflow from surge to fuel tank. Thanks for looking
  17. Motivation is still strong so carried on tonight! Ignition system I looked at coil on plug options, yaris, r35 gtr but in the end decided on individual coils from nzefi these have internal ignitors in each coil. Decided to mount it on the rocker cover. Brought some spark plug terminals and shortened my ignition leads. Then started on fuel system. Turns out the injectors I bought are bigger than what I was lead to believe.. 550cc high impedance. See how they go. It's not going to be a daily driver. Fuel rail in, mounted the fuel pressure regulator and ran the fuel lines to it and the return then made a start in the boot. I ran out of hose clamps so decided to call it a night. Thanks for looking
  18. Throttle positioning sensor! The one that was being used was a Bosch variable tps out of a BMW e series so I went to pickapart and grabbed one! I had to flip the throttle body housing as the accelerator cable bracket fouled with the bonnet tensioner bracket I was able to carefully trim the tensioner bracket back a bit and new insert for the spring to sit in. There was a grub screw on end of throttle body where the D went into the tps so I rotated it around 180 degrees as well now everything shuts properly. Hooked up the speedo cable while I was there too. Cheers for looking
  19. Took off my 3 ribbed crank pulley and swapped it over to a single. They are the same and line up I set up my laser to line up the pulleys. The pulley I got from pickapart is 5 rib and sc12 is 4 rib so I lined it up with the outside 4. Unfortunately because of level 3 lockdown I wasn't able to play the take 5 trips to repco to get the correct length belt but I've used some string to get it pretty close - there's also a lot of adjustment in the custom belt tensioner for the supercharger pulley. Anyway since they've announced level 2 tomorrow I'll go and get that sorted. In the meantime I modified my radiator top hose to miss the charger intake. I decided to go to the left then another on a slight angle I did this so I can still use the factory shroud which I plan to fold up some sheetmetal with tabs and install my electric fan into it. I will also pick up a new radiator hose tomorrow since original one was an S I cut it to test fit and it will work. I pressure tested the radiator and no leaks. I also found an 18rgeu efi thermostat housing so I'll swap it out with the one I modified. Next will be sort out my electric fan into the shroud, chuck the belts back on, weld air intake temp bung to the bottom side of the charger intake right before the throttle body and re assemble everything.
  20. Yeah I read some guys using e85 but having issues with blockages same as you. I plan to to run it pre charger to cool it down and should help atomize and hopefully distribute evenly. The kits I was looking at like the one from snow come with a booster controller and use a map sensor to come on when desired at whatever rate ramping up to on full From what I've read 50/50 water methanol is the go The boost controller also has an alarm when the tank starts to get low because yep if it runs out or blocks see ya later motor!
  21. Update time! Took the corona for a wof and it just failed on minor shit horn not working, wiper blades worn and rear tyres stick out further than guards so pretty happy with that. Then not long after a 18rgeu supercharger kit came up on Facebook that a mate of mine sent me the link, turns out it's out of Josh's car (blowncorona) here on oldschool! The deal was too good to pass up so I snapped at it and just want to say a massive thanks to the guys who helped get it up here via wagnats I really appreciate that! Sc12 supercharger, all the piping, belt tensioner, throttle body and air filter He was only making 3.5 psi with this setup. 120mm crank pulley, 125mm sc pully Went for a stroll around pick a part and found a pulley on the ground in the correct diameter I'm I'm after- 135mm with the correct PCD and centre hole! Score! Just had to remove the pressed circle in middle and good to go! This should see me good for 9/10psi Theres that sorted not bad! Next was onto the intake! Being a carburetor it didnt have the half moon at the top of the intake ports for the injector so I carefully die grinded in the half moons at the correct angle the injectors sit. Now unfortunately when I got the 18rgeu efi setup ages ago the guy I bought it off gave me the wrong thermostat housing and the carburetor housing interferes with the fuel rail. I looked for an 18rgeu efi thermostat housing without any luck so decided to modify mine - using an aftermarket ecu I'll only need 1 water temp sensor so I die grinded out abit of the thermostat housing where it interfered. I didnt want to take out more than I needed too theres couple mm clearance and i can remove the rail without taking the thermostat housing off so that's a win! Modified my electric dizzy from 4 tooth to 1 Brought a link g4+ atom ecu, 2.5bar map sensor, can lambda wideband, air intake sensor and water temp sensor. I've never wired up a car so this will be interesting! Brought a surge tank and external pump this will be filled by a low pressure lift pump Got some rx7 460cc high impedance injectors. Theres are a direct swap and have the correct spray pattern for a 2 valve per cylinder motor. I sent them to injector tech for a service and got them back nice and clean with new o rings ready to go. Turbosmart 80p fuel pressure regulator And here's what ya all been waiting for the supercharger all mounted up! I'm going to run water/meth injection and do away with an intercooler. This will help keep intake temps down giving more dense air aswell as detonation suppression and the added octane from methanol is a win win. Looking at either the AEM or snow performance kits. The eagle eye among you will see the charger intake interferes with the radiator top hose so I cut it back for now to fit the charger its 32mm copper so I'll put 2x male female bends that will offset it down and to the left towards the housing missing the piping. The intake has an incline so it raises above the thermostat housing so itll all sneak under it. Exciting times ahead. Tell me how I'm going to blow my motor up in the discussion thread Thanks for looking
  22. I'm in! Will see ya there unless i loose a wheel on the way again
  23. Had a look at it before xmas I got extremely lucky with minimal damage really. Turns out getting replacement rotors in nz is existent. Aus is the go and cost a bit/come in pairs. It had warped by .01 and the flat spots sat outside the brake pads so straightened up the dust shield and put it back together. Got new wheel studs and Toyota chrome lug nuts Took the wheel into arrows wheel to have a look at it and its fucking straight as. Had some high spots but he gave it a quick tidy up and it's good to go. My speedo cable snapped so ive removed and taking to local guy next week to replace the inner. I've ordered some 20mm spring spacers from bnt for the front to lift up to 100mm off crossmember. Swapped out the front grill emblem for another one I have off a jdm grill which I plan to run with the square headlights that I also have. Picked up some headlight tint.
  24. Soooo.... Decided to put the lowering springs in the rear with a mate of mine.. he didnt tighten up the lug nuts on his side and my wheel fell off on the motorway on my way to the Auckland monthly meet.. It could have been a shit load worse and I should have double checked but hes a mechanic, I handed him the powerbar so I "had" faith in his ability. Anyway I havent really had a good look at the damage. I managed to scissor jack it up on side of road to put wheel back on and I had it towed home. I'll have a look at it tomorrow. Heres some photos Nek minute Bit of arch and sill damage from tire coming out of guard/car smashing into concrete. Couple scuffs in door and guard from wheel bouncing off barrier and into car. Rotor doesnt look tooo bad. All the studs are there but will replace em.. i havent looked at under carriage damage yet I think the exhaust took most of the brunt. Rim got abit wrecked from the studs spinning out and rotor resting on it I'll get it checked for balancing/damage tomorrow. Shit happens
  25. Sorry couldnt make it.. I put the springs in and for some unknown reason my mate didnt tighten up the wheel nuts on passenger after I handed him the power bar... hes a mechanic I didnt check his side after fuck I should of checked. My left wheel came off on the motorway and I was lucky I didnt crash and tire didnt hit any car.. a bit of damage but shit it could of been so much worse.. Maybe next month
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