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  1. Biggest turnout I've seen for ages, great sharns and a glowing beacon of promise for the new year
  2. Sorry all, the Rover is still out of action and Jake's skyline is down one headlight Also it was an arse of a day
  3. ooooh next week Will the brakes and Rack End be sorted by then? Not likely I'll find a way to get there, may well be in dad-spec Previa
  4. So the next meet is Wed 18th Nov? Beach Hop the following weekend
  5. I think "goez hard 4 wot it iz" is a good description for last night Small turnout but great sharns, great burgers and great machines Going to do my best to make it to these more regularly and hope it picks up to it's former glory. Good to know that even if it doesn't pack out it's still a really good night out
  6. I'll be leaving Titirangi at around 7:30pm after the kids have collapsed. Will be bringing the vitesse which desperatley needs a wash and a wof can't wait
  7. Does anyone have any OS stickers I could buy? Not sure how it works on meet-lite
  8. A few clubs have registered already https://www.facebook.com/briteuroclassiccarshow/?view_public_for=432967296827969 Does anyone want to organise OS there?
  9. Blinked and suddenly it's October. Fingers crossed that COIVD steers clear for November
  10. A pretty decent free car/bike show for all things British and European https://www.briteurocarshow.nz/ Sunday 7th March 2021 (unless COVID kicks those plans in the balls too)
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