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  1. Kelvin's 1985 Rover SD1 Banter

    Just saw this up on Trademe, good luck with the sale, sad to see it moving on. I've been enjoying following the build, beautiful car.
  2. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    So would that be two spots for the show this weekend good sir?
  3. Threeonthetree's Rover SD1 2600SE

    There's a guy in Christchurch who has the moulds for the air dam etc http://www.sd1travelledspares.info
  4. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

    Some pics from the Gumboot Rally a wee while back:
  5. Mike's 85 Piazza - Discussion

    Pulled the old panel off, scraped all the old poo/foam off and took it to Waikumete Upholsterers in Glen Eden (next to Hotwire)
  6. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

    New rooflining
  7. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

  8. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

    Considering selling this, can't quite justify keeping all 3 cars at the moment. Just got a new WOF + 3 Months rego Replaced the dented guard, new roof lining, alarm, tinted windows. Great car Thinking of around $2000, any takers? Otherwise I'll most likely keep it forever
  9. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

    factory front lip spoiler from a Piazza turbo. Should look good once it's painted and fitted
  10. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

    Seriously crap photos but removed the saggy roof lining to get freshened up Saggy Removed Will pick up the re-covered roof lining on Saturday.
  11. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

    Nose-to-tail remedied, and now the boot works properly again Next to sort out the drivers guard and roof, buy a trailer light connecter/wires and fit them, then look into tinting the windows and lowering it a pinch
  12. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

  13. Mike's '79 Vauxhall Chevette Estate - Pics

    fiddly buggers to fit, but now at least I have one key for both doors (opposed to 1 key for drivers door and no key for passengers)
  14. Mike's 85 Isuzu Piazza - Pics

    A couple shots of the "control pods" Air con, lights, heater, wipers, dash brightness controls (and cruise control in other models) all within fingers reach Unfortunately in my case some of the plastic switches have snapped off, I've got a couple of them just have to figure out how best to reattach them.