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  1. still no Vitesse for this one, but might be able to limp in with the old bmw I'm borrowing. Coincidentally, can anyone recommend a good mechanic in/around West Auckland with good availability? The problem with the rover is that there's a crack on the firewall around where the clutch master cylinder is mounted, so when I put my foot on the clutch pedal the cylinder just dances about in the engine bay rather than being useful. Must have weakened after 30+ years of slight movement. Needs a bit of fabrication and welding for the firewall, and probably new seals for the slave/master cylinders. But I cannae weld, and would more than likely do more damage than good if I had a run at it. Was going to use Bygone Autos but they closed post COVID, and Fraser Autos across the road have a two month waitlist! My number is 0275242506
  2. Haven't signed in for a couple of months, awesome to see a decent turnout! More incentive to get the Vitesse back on the road
  3. Shit oops I really need to check in here more often
  4. Yep keen, also legal enough most of the time
  5. Hi, yep sorry I meant the Takapoontang variety. Got out there after 10 (kids took about 3 years to get out the door) and there were plenty of cars on show, and surprisingly heaps of parking in the back carparks. However no photos so didn't happen
  6. Since we've lost Ellerslie, why don't we shoehorn a monthly meat into Caffeine and Classics? Cruise in together park up, wander about?
  7. Details here: https://shoutout.wix.com/so/98Mti4dWP?fbclid=IwAR1NHEcTIwaVJ4DfGI_fYAQ0scOLR2qgbqxsTvTGctx0hCHxHLf3v30gGbo#/main Website here: https://www.britsatthebeach.co.nz/
  8. I'm out. Covered a couple of night shifts and worked through today - pretty sure my eyes just dropped out of my face
  9. Car is running, are the meats back up?
  10. Registration is open, wanna go as a club? https://www.briteurocarshow.nz/register
  11. Weird that it's on the same day as their normal event
  12. A good weekend out. Anyone keen to convoy down from Auckland? https://www.britsatthebeach.co.nz/
  13. Get your leaky, creaky, lubbly-jubbly "mo'ah" out to this free show. https://www.briteurocarshow.nz/ Went to the one back in 2017 and it was really good.
  14. Is this accidentally happening in October too?