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  1. Ghostchips

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    Fishing sinkers, solder, any lead. It flexes takes the worst of the shock loading.
  2. Ghostchips

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    Weird seeing an O2 sensor on a 4K. Back in my day people welded diff's. I would rather pour lead in them. The axle shafts will thank you. So... what will you do about the rear bumper?
  3. Ghostchips

    Ghostchips 1920-26 ford T bucket (of rust)

    So some of you are really into programmable ignition and electronic sensors. I tried to make my own electronic ignition. After 3 seconds one of the MOSFETS running a coil shorted out. After 7 seconds all of them had. Each mosfet was rated at 20 amps. But considering they were dealing with the primary and ... lets face it. some of the secondary output (These old timers are like that) i don't think they were up to the million volt task. At least 2 hall effect sensors survived. Barely.
  4. Ghostchips

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    Would this be worth going to tomorrow?
  5. Ghostchips

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    That's a description of beach-hop. I thought kumeu was about the cars.
  6. Ghostchips

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    I want to go again. Is anyone going on a sunday?
  7. Ghostchips

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    Might not be able to at night. What about the daytime?
  8. Ghostchips

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    It's more like 10 days away isn't it? And i hope i make it. Probably everyone else will hope i don't but it's still a good day out.
  9. Ghostchips

    POR15 full of shit!

    Seems to work well on shitty shipping containers though. Not so much on car panels.
  10. Ghostchips

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    I noticed that when the magnet hovers over the sensor the output pulses over & over. For my application this time that's not a problem and i can make it an advantage. For other things there might be something required to make it pulse once only. Sounds simple but i bet it'll need massive restructure of the code.
  11. Ghostchips

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    It's a Christmas programming miracle! Now to add variables that speed up the delay based on prior input repetition. ...and i have enough spare parts to make an electronic injector system... Hmm..
  12. Ghostchips

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Yup, blink is easy. Reprogramming it to morse code was easy, string of lights blinking at different rates was easy. One sensor that activates one relay was easy. Multi sensors, not yet.
  13. Ghostchips

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    I looked at the examples and got a bunch of error codes when i tried to make it function. I don't even know what a stray slashNumber is.. Pretty sure the pages of reference is where i got this unusable code from. "How hard could it be, that guy down south made his dashboard indicator light controller in one night". Turns out it's impossible. And now everyone will know i'm dumber than shit & shouldn't exist.
  14. Ghostchips

    Snoozin's 1981 KPiz Starlet

    Disillusioned why?
  15. Ghostchips

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Ok, so what am i doing wrong in the "else if" area. Pretty sure i goofed something there.