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  1. Ghostchips

    Ghostchips 1920-26 ford T bucket (of rust)

    So i heard you think recycled plastic is crap? I disagree. I am an enthusiast of it now.
  2. Ghostchips

    Ghostchips 1920-26 ford T bucket (of rust)

    The tail lamp was suffering metal fatigue. Not surprising, given its alloy. So i made one fitted for the electric light. (re-used the old glass) That's not paint, that's indian head shellac.
  3. Ghostchips

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    Phosphoric acid makes my skin go flaky after a few hours of scrubbing it on something.
  4. Ghostchips


    They're not mine, and that's not me in the picture but they're likely army surplus. @SOHC where do i find overalls similar to those? Someone i know said if i finish the cab' as a jailbar, or 41 pickup style, he'd consider either putting it back on it's chassis with a flathead or on a turbo ranger chassis. Neither sounds bad, i kind of like the idea of flathead + air ride myself.
  5. Ghostchips

    Rusti's 194X truck cab

    SOHC welded that so if it sucks i blame him. He also welded that strip on the bottom of the gutter. Wasn't expecting that but ok. I'd like to believe this is an improvement. I'd also like to believe its in better shape than the trucks at the farm by the airport. R.I.P. airport trucks and farm.
  6. Ghostchips

    Grimmy's '88 Ford Courier/B2000

    Warkworth wreckers had one of these a week ago, as them if they still have it?
  7. Ghostchips

    Rusti'z 1920-26 Ford T bucket (of rust) Discussion

    NH holly is T. The A often have a different carb', tillerston X is the aftermarket ones, that aren't as good at the updraft zenith Updraft zenith pictured.
  8. Ghostchips

    Ghostchips 1920-26 ford T bucket (of rust)

    "Straight through" Holley NH carb's share many parts with the economy version carb'. Same basic thing, but the economy version had more restriction. I'd be tempted to smooth the venturi a little, as it has a rough finish, but don't want to mess it up. I'll choose to believe that rust pitting help the mixture. So i filled in some pitting around the rim of the bowl seal with an epoxy. Used white metal normally used for engine bearings to build up work throttle shafts. Drilled small holes in the broken castings and poured white metal into them to build up the areas where casting had broken off. Built up the worn nut with more white metal. First i tried to replace the bronze throttle link with chunks cut from a worn bronze bushing, that turned out to be fragile. So i riveted and soldered, with more white metal (more resilient to vibration than solder due to no lead content) copper strips. I choose to believe i have improved this carb's condition compared to when i found it.
  9. Ghostchips

    Anglia4's Austin 7 Ruby

    I've done wood frames before. If you take your time, you may not need to bend timber much if at all. But be prepared to spend some time getting the fit correct.
  10. Ghostchips

    Anglia4's Austin 7 Ruby

    Remember all the contaminates in the oil have probably settled at the bottom. May want to remove the sump & clean it (pretty sure you can on those engines?) I thought the oil in an engine looked great, but it was acidic, so acidic i found the big-end bearings in the bottom. Dissolved to a fine powder.
  11. Ghostchips

    Coil info - help

    1.5 Ohms was for points with ballast wasn't it?
  12. Ghostchips

    Brake disc machining - cost?

    No, you just take off the high spots. Fix the grinder to wood jig or something, not by hand.
  13. Ghostchips

    Brake disc machining - cost?

    I've wondered has anyone tried the "spin the disk while running a grinder with sanding pad against the disk' method. It's shit but for a crap daily might be ok?
  14. Ghostchips

    Grimmy's '88 Ford Courier/B2000

    I have some headlights for one of those. Or the donor, i can't remember.