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  1. Journals maybe 33mm long. Bigend maybe 35mm or so, might be able to bore bigger before hitting the rod bolts but don't count on it. Wrist pin 18.5mm-19mm. About 7 inches long.
  2. How hard would it be to re-form a rod to fit? I have a few T conrods i'll likely never use.
  3. Try GOM player, it might be able to find a codec that'll work. Edit: haven't used it in years but the newer version suck, apparently a new team took over & it might install malware now.
  4. Why would you put the VIN in a place where it'd get pounded by rocks & rot off in 6 weeks?
  5. I thought about buying a stack of wheel spacers like the one in the background of that picture & realised i'd probably never use them.
  6. Didn't see any tent this year. Swapmeet was a bit light on goodies, unless you want random animal skulls and gemstones. Someone got a good deal on a bigblock though, it wasn't me. Didn't find the crankshaft i wanted, but i bought some stickers. You didn't miss much this year. Want some old style oil stickers?
  7. It's still worth the swapmeet. The other stuff, not so much. I'm told if it's 50% private BBQ sponsored by 10,000 car and motorcycle enthusiasts this year, less people will be going next year.
  8. I thought the flywheel diodes would be in the ECU itself? If not, i put a "schotcky diode" to short a relay, but only if the relay is hooked up backwards. Seems to flywheel ok for the most part.
  9. I'm not cool enough to start one. Only cool people can do that. But now that you mention it, who's going to kumeu 2020?
  10. W.T.F. no 2020 thread yet? You're too busy now?
  11. Does anyone know if this plug that says "10 pack" is 10 whole plugs or 10 fragments? I've seen "5 pack" listed but they were selling 5 peices of plastic and metal as if you'd want to buy them individually for some reason. A 10 pack, in their mind might be 6 metal pieces that go on the wires and 4 plastic pieces that clip together to make a plug.
  12. Yes i found enough pieces of bronze ones to make about 80% of one, then faked the rest with bits from the rustiest one i could find. Not sure why i spent about...50 hours on it? It's a ...questionable? design, like, Victorian era "I just designed an engine that runs on gas & want to run it on liquid fuel & this is the best I have" design. Not horrible, just weird. They have a 'toilet lid' looking flapper in them and a bowl of gas, and tubes, and the flapper not only regulates how much air (yes air) gets sucked into the main jet but opens at speed as a kind of mixing valve? And doubles as a backfire arrestor. Weird, logical enough, but horridly old fashioned.
  13. I picked through a bucket of parts & found them. Should be enough parts for 1 good one. I think the parts carb' was one you gave me too. Do you need a giant 3 litre lawnmower engine carb?
  14. Huh.... someone gave me rusty carb's. At first i couldn't find any, now i have spares.