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  1. @RUNAMUCK The morse code to signal the whirly bird that it's too late for antics
  2. If you're close by, go anyway & see who shows up.
  3. I'm pretty sure he died by now. Rule of thumb, if someone goes missing for 6 months, they're not coming back.
  4. More video, but of playing around with an exhaust sensor. I still remember her voice after all these years & half expect her to tell me the time soon after the temp'.
  5. There are 6 and 12 volt bulbs listed as 'for scooter' on aliexpress. The ones that have 1 side for dip & both sides for high beam seem reasonable. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32719482964.html Or.... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32995409361.html Might be able to get one sooner from the likes of trademe. I looked but only found stop-tail LED. A winter or 2 back i put stop-tail LED bulbs into the headlight buckets of the model T. Worked remarkably well.
  6. If JB weld or something will hold the dirt out, do it. I once replaced the top of a model A distributor with a popsical stick with wires shoved through little holes. Based that one on stories on the internet. There was a video of someone doing it somewhere but i can't find it now /Ling
  7. I spent more money than i should have to acquire some plastic plugs. They were far more attractive than the copper & plastic, and less bulky. And they make this really satisfying noise when being unplugged, like stirring macaroni cheese or something. Found i could buy them for 1/4 the price direct from china. Or i could buy them for 400 times the china price at B.n.T. i recall seeing them in a workshop a long time ago and i wasn't even allowed to look at them because they were 'too good for my eyes' or something. I have since figured out the people at that workshop are dicks & need to be corporeally punished. So up yours NZ, i am good enough to see plugs. And if you don't like it, fuck you. https://youtu.be/u3GwSzpvNq0 A terrible video
  8. OK, i tried to replace as many pictures as i could, sorry about them being mostly massive though. Wow that's an old photo. It made a friend half it's size.
  9. Most of the old pictures died but i'll see what i can do to replace them. So i learned you can use a pocket knife to carve totara & chewing gum to make a makeshift oil plug, or a frost plug. Just some pictures of some travels.
  10. Umm... People say strange things? https://youtu.be/VXRBjEnpMwY https://youtu.be/-MEn4SMv-4s
  11. What if you use the t57 rods & 2 bearings in the same rod to make up width like people do when putting replaceable shells in babbitt fords? I think the trick with the model T was to use 2 MG bearings side by side in the big end.
  12. Journals maybe 33mm long. Bigend maybe 35mm or so, might be able to bore bigger before hitting the rod bolts but don't count on it. Wrist pin 18.5mm-19mm. About 7 inches long.
  13. How hard would it be to re-form a rod to fit? I have a few T conrods i'll likely never use.
  14. Try GOM player, it might be able to find a codec that'll work. Edit: haven't used it in years but the newer version suck, apparently a new team took over & it might install malware now.
  15. Why would you put the VIN in a place where it'd get pounded by rocks & rot off in 6 weeks?
  16. I find it helps to neutralize the white vinegar with a baking soda heat cycle before flushing with water in preparation for normal coolant.
  17. I thought about buying a stack of wheel spacers like the one in the background of that picture & realised i'd probably never use them.
  18. Didn't see any oldschool.co.nz tent this year. Swapmeet was a bit light on goodies, unless you want random animal skulls and gemstones. Someone got a good deal on a bigblock though, it wasn't me. Didn't find the crankshaft i wanted, but i bought some stickers. You didn't miss much this year. Want some old style oil stickers?
  19. It's still worth the swapmeet. The other stuff, not so much. I'm told if it's 50% private BBQ sponsored by 10,000 car and motorcycle enthusiasts this year, less people will be going next year.
  20. I thought the flywheel diodes would be in the ECU itself? If not, i put a "schotcky diode" to short a relay, but only if the relay is hooked up backwards. Seems to flywheel ok for the most part.
  21. I'm not cool enough to start one. Only cool people can do that. But now that you mention it, who's going to kumeu 2020?
  22. W.T.F. no 2020 thread yet? You're too busy now?
  23. Does anyone know if this plug that says "10 pack" is 10 whole plugs or 10 fragments? I've seen "5 pack" listed but they were selling 5 peices of plastic and metal as if you'd want to buy them individually for some reason. A 10 pack, in their mind might be 6 metal pieces that go on the wires and 4 plastic pieces that clip together to make a plug. https://www.narva.com.au/products/57503
  24. Is there still shops that re-wind them?
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