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  1. Tru tests are thumb throttle m9. I can't see a rule against poke 'n' squirt's.
  2. Time to start a channel for the big boys club. @MediumBikeStuff
  3. This things coming together well! ... You should consider joining our 250 gang for the East Cape mission in November. We're going to start from Palmy .
  4. We haven't caught up for the last few months... But with Spring arriving, we should definitely make a catchup happen soon!
  5. Haven't watched the video yet, but are the red bulbs anti-reversion chambers?
  6. Sure is! Those GR Yaris's are super cool.
  7. I have a fine Chariot that would suit this mission perfectly...
  8. We're just a bunch of people who happen to be riding bikes in a similar area on the same weekend. Our scooters are just a bit taller than yours .
  9. You sure do! Hope you'll be ready to join the big boys crew for the mission .
  10. You and @Chunky_tshould certainly ride from the top of the south. Wellington to Palmy isn't a long trip. We'll probably leave a day or two before the ride kicks off. We can either have a BIG day 1: Palmy-Napier-Waikaremoana-Whakatane or stay in Waikaremoana and cruise into Whakatane the next day. For the return trip we might split early, boost the coast road and head south, but we haven't decided yet.
  11. Who's going to join the 250 gang? We'll be starting from Palmy on XRs and DRZs and heading up to Whak via Napier and Waikaremoana. Here's my whip for this year:
  12. Some inspiration for you. Interesting choice of rally car!
  13. They're building an NPD station around the corner from my house at the moment. Looking forward to that 100+ octane goodness.
  14. Got the car back together just in time for CJC Gripfest at Manfeild. I mounted a passenger's seat and took a few people for rides including @Mitch.W and @Snoozin. It's the first casual trackday this car's done since Nats 2013, so was nice to get out there and have fun cutting laps. There were a few cool cars to play with! Scott embarrassed me by passing me in his EP71 Starlet (looks like a regular old EP, but is B18C powered). The front bumper is still a work in progress, but I'm happy with the over all look. Thanks to Emma for the photos and videos .
  15. Gave it a bit of bog and a sand, then hit it with some primer to see the over all shape. So far I'm really happy with it. Still a bunch more sanding required, but I think it's going to look pretty good.
  16. I've been busy doing a bit of fibreglass work. The front is coming back together now. Sanding and bogging is up next, then it'll be ready for paint. My replacement guards arrived too. Thanks to @TimShadboltfan27 for being a GC and collecting them for me! It'll need a wheel alignment (possibly a new tie rod end or rack end if they're bent) and then it's basically ready to hit the track again.
  17. Couple of wall ornaments from the weekend. Fibreglass bumpers don't like being run over! The corner light survived, but I've got these facelift ones in stock, so will swap these in.
  18. I decided duct tape wasn't good enough, so fixed the corners with aluminium straps and rivets. It's turned out nice and strong. I used foil tape to seal the edges and duct taped it to the bumper. The results were good. It stays at 90° or less out on track. I'm aiming for 82° and it looks like I'm on target once the exit duct is in place. Got out to Manfeild for the final round of the Mitre10 Mega Summer Series and had a decent day. We had a pretty slim turnout in our class, but still managed to have some great racing. I made a mistake in the final race on the last corner and had contact with Jamie in the LS86. This swiped my front bumper off and damaged the LF guard pretty badly. Still finished the race and managed to bring the class and over all series wins home for the GT Cup. Here's the sequence showing my whoopsie: Now I've got to finish the front bumper project that I started years ago... I'll buy some fibreglass supplies and get this done before Gripfest on May 8th. I'd like to pick up a LF Trueno guard if anyone knows of one. Steel is preferred over fibreglass, but I'll take what I can get.
  19. It was basically made of paper mache... I must have used too many cardboard derivatives.
  20. New seat mounts are on my to do list already. It's solidly mounted to 50x3mm strap that's welded to the floor, but either the floor, mounts or the seat itself must be getting a bit of flex. It's pretty tiring to drive, so a more solid mount will likely take some of that load off too. I've definitely got a few jobs to do before the next outing though.......
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