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  1. Yeh so I haven't driven the off-roader since a week or so before the initial covid lockdown, and still haven't finished the trailer, but I did just make a terrible financial decision, probably induced by severe sleep deprivation, but hey, these things happen. So a customer of mine offered me an unused pair of 10" travel FOX factory racing remote res coil overs, at basically half the new cost. I then priced up a second pair to match, and the eight springs I need to go with them. Not surprisingly it got very expensive. The new second hand shocks, plus another matching pair, plus all the required springs was going to be north of $3600. I also thought about doing a mixed set up with FOX air shocks on the front, and these coil overs on the back, but my OCD wouldn't allow it. So, I've ordered a full set of FOX 2.0 10" travel air shocks (Basically the cheapest decent shocks you can get for this sort of application) and you don't have the added cost of springs. These are way too flash for this thing, but I have a cunning plan. So because I am basically going to cut the front and back ends off the current offroader for all these suspension and drive line upgrades, and because the cockpit is a little small for me, I've decided I will build a new frame from scratch, and then sell the current offroader to possibly pay for a more modern (EFI hopefully) engine (or just use the spare 600). Because SXS's have become so popular, a few motorbike parks are having SXS days, so I will actually have legit places to use this, which makes me happy. Now to finish the other trillion jobs I have to do, so I can play with this thing sometime in the future. Regards, VG.
  2. I bet your CT just breathed a huge sigh of relief though. It doesn't have to haul my hefty ass around for three days.
  3. Well i'm out, blardy step niece decided to get married on the 13th. Wife said "Do what YOU want to do" which translated to English from wife language means "You better come to this wedding cunt"
  4. Oh golly, you are going to have so much fun on this. Good choice on the tyres, I had 70/30 spec ones on mine, and it was rubbish off road, and was still able to spin a tyre on wet roads, so didn't inspire much confidence. I loved blasting around on the 220, felt sort of naughty.
  5. Look at that smokey little whore on the right end. The one behind Sue.
  6. Keen to bring my off-roader and mower over sometime.
  7. We sell teng at work, most of the stuff is pretty good for the money, but we have a lot of problems with the torque wrenches. Ok for the home handyman, but if you're going to use it a bit, pay more and get something that will last.
  8. Slap supercharger on, then fit your spare set of carbs to adjust for full boost fueling, maaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  9. Eh, I just came in to ask the same thing. I'm also in the market for a decent spool gun, for ali via mig. Halp. Def go for a spool gun Mr Sentra, the ali liners for a std mig lead/hand piece always suck ass.
  10. Ol mate of mine is down from Aucks, and was keen to go for a bash (which we did, unfortunately) so we did the dam to dam run again (Matahina to Aniwhenua) all went well on the way up, apart from bad porpoising again, due to ride plate being bent up from rock bashing the last few outings. On the way back my steering failed again, praise allah it was just after the gnarly rapids/pressure waves, but was about as far away from the car as possible. The dude that built it, had used a 3mm bit of ali angle to hold the end of the steering cable under that dash, and it sheered off. I managed to loosen the remaining bit of angle, and wedge the edge of the bit connected to the cable under it, then do it up. I added a cable tie to try stop it popping out. Amazing it lasted the trip home, but it was a bit nerve racking driving back thinking it could fail at any moment. We hit a few things as I was scared to do sharp steering movements, or go too fast, but we made it back. We hit a few things we shouldn't have hit, and I made a few poor piloting decisions, which has led to some hard hits, and some of the worst welds letting go, I've also torn the UHMWPE by the intake, which is a bit of a pisser, not sure how I'll fix this yet, Also, this bit protects the bow/keel/join in the UHMWPE (I dunno boat bit names) and I made a mess of it last weekend (ref: above video) So I have lots of things to fix/upgrade/rearrange/maintain now, so might take it off the road/river for winter and get to fixin! Regards, V "fuck that's a big rock" G.
  11. Another great days boating with @johnnyfive and @keltik. We did the Waimana and upper Whakatane river, and had a go at this little stream, Was surprised I made it that far tbh. Did a little bit of damage to the boat, but nothing major. Keltiks vid of the incident, It was quite a ride. All in all a good hoon, would hoon again, A++.
  12. All the formula Atlantic stuff was 16v I think? And as far as a I know, they were about as good as 4AGEs got, not sure why 20v were not used?
  13. What's going on here then, you making a medium port?
  14. Ha, you animal, even my fat ass didn't manage that!
  15. Went up the WHK, wasn't a lot of water, it was neat. (Phone vid from inside waterproof case, so looks a bit weird) Also, turns out you need more than 20mm of water to boat. New high score on grate rocks too. Very keen to go waaaaay further up this bugger one day.
  16. The SSS reverse/trim lever showed up the other day, and by golly it's a sexual piece of gear. I'm well impressed with the design and build quality, glad I didn't try make one TBH, Strange thing to be boned up over I know, but hey.
  17. What have you got in the way of engine bay venting? I want to seal mine up as sound tight as possible, but then worry about the motor eating stinky hot air, wondering what the best thing to do is?
  18. FINALLY got around to listing good old lazza, https://www.trademe.co.nz/2975638612 You should buy him.
  19. Hello fellow OS member, I'm interested in a vehicle on a yard in glenfeild, and was wondering if someone might be able to give it a good look over for me? (it's a 600km round trip for me) The yards open 7 days a week, so y'all can just stroll in anytime. I just want to know general condition, if it looks like it's been serviced, dents/scratches, not rusty underneath, that it doesn't smell like darts inside, and that it doesn't make any weird noises. Cheers boss, Regards, VG.
  20. I did some more boring stuff, Put a chunk of 50x6 ali angle under the dash to stop the over centering, it's IMPOSSIBLE for it to happen now. Then I got the shits with the foam tape sealing the engine cover, as it would move around and get sticky goop all over the place. I removed the tape, and cut out a slab of the EVA foam that came with the boat, and glued it to the underside of the lid, this now stops a bit of sound and vibration coming out, AND seals the lid. Fuck I'm clever. Next I made a plate to seal up a big ass hole the last owner cut in the seat/firewall (for engine/oil filter access) I sealed the lid with foam, and then put a chunk of EVA foam along the back of the seat to seal the engine bay. The other thang I done, was put a propa morse clip on the trim cable (hose clip failed last outing) This was a total bastard, due to space/location/tool access, but I got it in there. The mounting point wasn't wide enough, so one bolt is just clamping a big ass washer. This will do until I go to manual levers, which I have ordered, and will fit in the depths of winter I guess. Bloody rippa. Regards, VG.
  21. From MoOOooOo to MOOOOOOOO. I'll have to get that last 10-15% of throttle working now.
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