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  1. I grabbed some the other day from tool shed, they seem to be lasting ok. Can't argue with the price really, 3 for $1.90, less if you are a club member. I grabbed 40, 80 and 120 grit. Cheap enough that I don't mind going through them. Says on the box wood and soft metal. Gets through sheet metal nicely. Birdshit welds take a bit more time.
  2. Don't have a belt sander by chance? Flipped upside down it could make for a good patch shaper. I use my powerfile to do it as I don't have the space to set up my belt sander.
  3. If you can fix the thread (by going bigger and metric) with a set you have, I'd go that way for sure. I can't see that fix not being up to the job anyway.
  4. I just buy crappy ones off Ali, don't last fuck all (pretty shit lol), but they also cost fuck all, and I don't use them often. eg I just use them for tight spots, power sander for everything else. I also only use a battery die grinder, so smaller diameter shafts, puhuhu
  5. Bling

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    If you already have the springs out, yeah that could be a good plan. They might be able to work out your current spring rate and work out what might suit. I haven't had custom ones made by them myself. A mate had some made up for his car years ago though, as the ones they offered on the shelf didn't go low enough.
  6. Bling

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    They had mine on shelf. Go in and see them. I don't recall costs.
  7. Get new ones made, as per your lowering thread.
  8. Bling

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    Chamberlains. Have lows in my AE70 and used to have superlows in previous car. Superlows tend to require shorter shocks depending on application. They certainly did for AE70. But no point putting new springs in with old fucked shocks anyway. So get new shocks to suit at the same time and Bob's your uncle. They should be able to make something to suit your requirements.
  9. Just go into Chamberlains in town and see what they can offer you. More legit than cuts. /old man
  10. Facebook deets, for those not on the page, which you should all be anyway.
  11. It may have been certed with the baffle in. Lets be honest, it probably was lol. Doesn't sound like it has a proper muffler, so not really surprising it's loud.
  12. Was said baffle in for cert? Is it legit loud? I'd say the process would be pretty straight forward for noise cert. Might be easier to put a decent muffler on it over noise cert, however.
  13. Bling

    POR15 full of shit!

    Pics of the rust you put it on, expecting it to "convert"? I put some Metal Ready on this the other day as a test. ~10-15 minutes of letting it sit wet and 99.9% of the rust is gone. Success is going to be limited if the panel is rust fucked. Yeah it's only surface rust, but it also provides an etch on the metal, so shouldn't have a problem if top coated. Lighting is bad, it is clean other than a couple of tiny dots of dust left. I also treated all of my panel beating dollies and hammers as some had a bit of surface rust, good as new.
  14. Post the wiring diagrams? And what you are wanting to achieve? Could be a house DIY topic, but keen to see what is involved.
  15. Bling

    Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    A good improvement on space by the looks!
  16. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Not sure on the guard deal, or if it's just doors different? As for how many limes, probably impossible to know. Probably didn't make it onto registration papers. I wouldn't think there would be that many though. Doesn't seem to be that many hardtops floating around to begin with. Will be doing my best to keep all the decals intact. I may have a plate for it hanging on the wall along that theme.
  17. Insert smack talk here. Project fred.
  18. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Odds of finding rust free parts these days are slim to none. What sort of condition are your spares in? If it's just a dent here and there with some rust mixed in, it might be quicker to just fix what you have. You should start a project thread for it.
  19. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Yeah no spare car here sadly, jump on "RWD Toyota Buy & Sell - NZ" facebook page might be your best bet for parts. I don't have any spares apart from a grill / lights from previous shape model. Parts aren't easy to come across if they are ones specific to the hardtop. Is the car you're looking at up your way? I saw one on trademe a while back that had a frontal, white from memory. I was tempted at it for parts, but it was listed at 4k in pretty average shape. They had quite a few spares with it. Annnnnnd back to cutting the red one up even more.
  20. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Ah small world eh! Wheels should look alright I think, haven't tried the fronts on, but the rears should just tuck in stock guards. Might need to fold the lips up to prevent rubbing. I don't have the fab skills to remake the guards so this was a requirement for the height I hope to have it sit at.
  21. Could you drop it down to sit on the crossmember / up against side of chassis rail?
  22. Bling

    Chrome bumper bolts

    Basis might have something depending on sizing.
  23. Messing with the ECU's sounds like a quick way to have a big brick in the driveway. Which is probably the same reason no one who does that sort of thing for a living wants to touch it.