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    Sound deadening

    Probably cheaper to have an upholsterer make you a set locally, at least you know the fitment will be right. There is a place in aussie that does carpet as well as here. You'd have to do own homework on peoples experiences with them though.
  2. I couldn't work out what they were using it for TBH. Camping or trades, with seats needed 1-2 times a year. Fair enough though, should have got a Transit, separate cabin and drive like a car.
  3. Buy a Hiace without seats in the back, problem solved lol. Are the vans cheaper with seats or something?
  4. Sweet thanks. Handbrake would be handy before I hit the road, so they are potentially centered after I bled the whole lot then. Just saves me having the chock that thing erryday. Will give those methods a hoon.
  5. Oh you guys. Is using drum brakes a couple of times enough to set them in place to adjust the handbrake? I recall moons ago being told to not adjust handbrake till drums had been used. Yes I could google, yes i'm a diddle finger mechanic.
  6. Still chipping away, have had a few jobs that held up other jobs, so progress hasn't been as quick as i'd like. Couldn't put brake master cylinder in till I sorted the clutch and couldn't put fuel tank back in till i'd sorted the brakes... Anyway, a quick run down below. Tried to start it the other week to make sure it still runs, it doesn't. Figured it was probably fuel as it will have been sitting for a while. So I dropped the fuel tank out to find the tube pretty blocked, so that hopefully answers that. Drained the fuel tank, turns out I put quite a bit more fuel in over time than I th
  7. Saw this on its way south, didn't recognise the passengers but figured you'd just aged a lot working on this.
  8. So much hate in here, I can't even tune a carb, let alone tune an engine with EFI that wasn't setup for it. Go work on your cars, the lot of ya.
  9. Nevermind, realised it was a slightly different shape.
  10. Good success with Amayama too, hit and miss with what is available, but to be expected with ~40 year old cars. Have got some oddball parts in the past. Pretty sure they have to contact other warehouses / suppliers for some items. Rockauto is better in that it's all in one site with no need for that. Amayama is genuine parts though only IME, which is nice. That part shows as not available though, so not much use. I can get one for my car off rockauto, so that's certainly worth a look. It's not worth the nearly $300 at this point though, i'll just use the trip meter for free.
  11. Yeah got mine back from them today, dropped it off Friday, it stewed over the long weekend with the cleaner. Only had the rust zapped as money running low lol. Came up good though, just need to clear the pipes and give it a lick of paint. Replacing the hoses with Continental stuff from Blackwoods. That's a good price for all that work! Saw it on the bench while I was having a yarn.
  12. You realise no one is ever going to plate and tag a Wolseley right? Yeah that's why they didn't look too hard. They only do it to desirable cars.
  13. Just get good at masking and save the hassle I masked mine up and it came up fine, just spent my time making sure the tape was perfect, and also thin stuff.
  14. What did the van do with the seats disconnected?
  15. Didn't get to the brakes today, got busy with the "rear end". Anyway, made this as I found my hose stash. Tube is a tight fit and given it shouldn't really be under any pressure due to open end i'm hoping it doesn't leak. Will bleed it in car and just rag underneath it.
  16. Got it back yet? Tempted to get mine done, but wondering what it cost / timeframe?
  17. Also interested to know that one. I've done it many times in the past in cars that are well worn in, never had a problem.
  18. I think i'll go with a combo of jizzing fluid all over my bench, then putting it in under vacuum bleed. I still need to fabricate some brackets, but i'm being optimistic at getting the master in tomorrow. Thanks for all the tips gents.
  19. Thanks for that, will chuck it in and try with bleeder first. A good plan A, and leaves a plan B as you say. Really don't want brake fluid everywhere as it's a tight spot to try clean up.
  20. Haven't started with a dry system before, was just going off what was recommended. Something about having "fun" getting the air out when not bench bled. I have a vacuum bleeder, would that negate the need to bench bleed do you think?
  21. Yeah watched a youtube video where they used some kit with fittings and hose to do that. I have bugger all bits lying around to achieve that. Seemed like a good method though as could do it in car. Wonder what pick-a-fart might have. Thanks its on the potential plans list.
  22. Bench bleeding a master cylinder, what do I need to have in the ports for it to work? Plastic plugs (not threaded just dust things) that come with the unit or will there be shitloads of pressure when pumping it. Keen to get on to this tomorrow so just seeing if I need to plug it properly or not.
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