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  1. Yeah could well be actually, i'm willing to take the chance when it's $90 cheaper with shipping. If it breaks, we fix it, with have the technology. Sheepers can probably fab one up to put them both to shame anyway.
  2. You have me convinced, can get them for $55 delivered here haven't used it so not a recommendation as such. Same price as AliExpress without the super long current wait. Posting incase Sheepers wants one / doesn't have one. Sounds like a right cnut of a problem, hope you suss it soon!
  3. Just because you can legally cut and shut a towbar, doesn't mean you should
  4. Depends what you use it for. Bike rack, maybe it would be ok. Proper towing, sounds like a bad idea. Would be better off getting one made for your car IMO. 2c
  5. Next meet this Sunday, phone playing up so can't copy paste the info.
  6. Is that supposed to be the shaft diameter? Can't caliper it? Failing that you can probably cross reference the genuine part numbers on one of those sites with the frame number / details. Odd they would have different options as the engine weight difference would be marginal really. Unless they are confusing superstrut options or sway bar diameter lol.
  7. Double check junkmail, I have a feeling I had one email end up there from the store.
  8. Ah I see, I didn't notice the hubs had already been machined, that's a bummer! Currently going though similar brake related issues with LCA and bump steer problems to resolve. Good times.
  9. What is actually hitting? If you can't machine the hub, can you machine what is hitting it?
  10. How often do you check your VIN? Exactly.
  11. Just use the 8kg and 10kg figures? 8kg / 10kg needed to compress spring 1mm, at least that is the theory i'm working with. Assuming your spring rates are linear anyway. I have linear up front and progressive in the rear, so I don't think I can accurately work out the rear drop due to changing spring rate as weight is applied. What brand shock setup are you using? Do they do a shorter shock option? If i'm reading what you are saying right, it sounds like even if you get a spring rate combo that works, the shock will bottom? In order to get the car low enough with a lower spring rate, it may bottom out under load right? 10kg is pretty intense. Keep in mind you need 40mm droop and compression from ride hide (for cert at least). Using the above theory you'll need 400kg on each front corner in order to get that droop when car is jacked. The coilover pics in your build thread aren't working, but if they are BC i'm not sure if shorter shocks are available or not. It could help solve some problems though.
  12. Probably don't make that size then? 14" tyre options are pretty shit in general when looking at 7.5". Especially in odd ball sizes and if wanting something decent. you can select the tyre, then it lists sizes available and rim width compatibility. I imagine they all have similar setups. Odds are pretty slim though, as they probably don't test 14x7.5" rims often if at all. Basically why I ended up going with 15's, my 14x7.5's were a ballache to make work.
  13. Can you request a bit of cooler weather please? I'll probably just try check out the cars on the Friday before cruise in that case. So long as I don't eat too much in Arrowtown.
  14. Business use type vehicle, well at least more often than MA standard car? Only reason I can think of.
  15. Will see what pans out in this here Fred, happy to sit somewhere and watch all the cars cruise past. Thanks for offer of ute drive though, bit more period correct than the Blade i'll be commuting down in.
  16. I'm down for Smashmouth show and some other unknown bands, so as per every year miss the car show. If there are any other OS meets happening outside of Saturday though i'd be keen.
  17. Do you have something worth putting on display then? Anything happening weekend of the Cromwell car show? Other than the show itself.
  18. In that case might have to buy a CD unit and hope for the best. I did that last year with two parts (interior bits) from Japan, can't get them here, one worked, one didn't, cost a fair bit but zero other options really.
  19. Have you contacted Nissan? They likely won't be able to help, but you never know who you'll get on the phone. They may have documentation for the NZ equivalent which may provide some help. How many wires going from the console with buttons, to the CD drive?
  20. Make sure you go this month then, the food is good at the pub. Won't make it as double booked
  21. Can only swap wheels if you don't have a cert. Get a cert and the wheel specs on the car are recorded on the cert plate for all time. Will need to recert in order to change wheels (to a different size) in future. So ideally you cert it with the wheels you want to run in future. Can get it certed with more than one wheel size. But will require multiple full sets of wheels in order to fully test and certify them suitable for use.