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  1. Galant2

    KZ400 Cafe

    Some work in progress pics taken during the project
  2. Galant2

    KZ400 Cafe

    Bored and crap weather here so can't go riding so thought I would share my latest project on here. Picked up an old 400LTD 4 weeks ago very cosmetically challenged but rode ok reg on hold etc. So got it home and looked it over and decided it wasn't worth restoring and I have never done a cafe conversion so oh well might as well give it a go. fabricated a seat and electrics tray from sheet metal then set about stripping to bare frame. Detagged frame and relocated battery box to fit under seat hump. stripped old paint from frame and repainted with gloss black marine enamel. replaced engine starter clutch springs, painted engine, polished side covers and gave it an oil change. Also fabricated stainless inlet tracts to mount the pod filters to for a different look. Also fitted some restriction disks into the start of the tubes the same size as the original airbox inlet to see if I can get away with stock jetting. Started assembling and found the loom had a short at some point and melted down under the tank area so set about fixing that, took 2 days but sorted now, new wire, solder, heat shrink and rewrapped with loom tape. Shortend front guard, tank paneled and painted along with seat front guard and belt guard. Went with a old school color which is a metallic with a light pearl. did a final assembly, fired up first try, balanced carbs and off on a small shake down ride. Seemed to run ok and sounds awesome with the packing remover from the silences. Ran through for wof and the only thing questioned was the front and rear guards, he looked up rules and only found reference to width which said something about covering the width of the tire which they do so said ok by me and passed so cool now have wof but have to wait for weather to come right so can go for decent ride. Only done 21km so far. may have to look at selling on at some point soon tho as 2 RZ's, TZR, RDLC and a Intruder is making space in the shed a bit tight and have project RGV awaiting parts, AX100 project to pick up from tauranga and now looks like a RD400 coming my way if I can find a way of getting it here from Lower Hutt. Sorry if I went on a bit but as I said at start stuck inside bored.
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