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  1. Gave myself a bit of a scare looking at the date of my last update and how young my kids look in the pics. When did this become an annual update...? Amelia has been promised to learn to drive in Felicity and is pretty keen so time to get it done. Wife wants to move house again which may not help progress. Anyway that's enough waffling for context, time for pictures. Spent some time trying to setle the mystery package pinto properly into the engine bay. Removed the brake master cylinder to give more access for trying to get the headers to fit. Be rude not to have a look inside as yes, it's been quite a while. Coby extractors were being difficult and anyway I am pretty keen to get the banananana headers in there. How hard can it be...? Hmmmm, that's not going to work. And the sump is hitting the cross member and steering rack. Even after replacing the square rubbers with taller round donuts it was still not a happening thing. The wish list has included a World Cup cross member for a while so when one came past I grabbed it. And what do you know, it works! We have clearance, Double bonus! Will tickle up the ragged holes which is how I managed to get it in the first place. Here is the beautiful customised sump. I think I'll blow some black paint over it and call it done.
  2. A Most Excellent Day! After a fair bit of hard work I finally own my own garage and it was A Most Excellent Day to get Felicity installed. Head back from a tickle up. Nice to hear favourable comments from the reconditioner about the bit of porting work. Its not a monster engine, just had a bit of love. A nice surprise was to find the cam gear on it was actually quite a nice dowel version. -Currently in pieces on the bench. I will keep using this as it looks way more secure than the adjustable one that I was going to put on it from the box of bits, currently trial fitted on head. Shame I don't know the cam specs to time it properly, something like 108 degrees seems about right? Time for some more GoldMember paint! Looking way better than to old color so should be faster... Pressie time, YAY!
  3. I could not resist buying a set of mags that came up. I really like the look of the steels, but they have not appreciated kurb bashing on the race tracks and are no longer round. Plus a bit more offset and width would be nice to try and fill out the guards so didn't take much persuasion. Here they are with the balloon spec tyres they came with. Goldmember ready for insertion. But not for Felicity. BigMac's wagon Betty has been dormant for too long so now is due for a bit of love. After an engine rebuild she was leaking too much oil, yes even too much for an old Ford! So out it came for new gaskets. Mission creep to paint in full Goldmember spec paint was allowed. How do you wind up a mate? Show him a random engine part after the engine has been sealed up and dropped back in the hole... Why is there a cam chain tensioner still in the box of parts to be bolted onto the engine mate.....? Oh Bugger! Open up the engine again to check. Yes the new one is in there. Arg, try to achieve as good a gasket seal second time round without pulling it all apart again. Stupid tall wrong fitting wheel nuts had to go. Nice new ones on today. Hmmm, front wheel studs barely long enough. Rears are way too short so added to the list. Turning the engine over by hand after she has been sitting for so long revealed a big zero compression. So off with her head! Bores look good with no lip at the top and even traces of the hone so looks like the bottom end is OK. Top end looks very clean inside. No idea what the cam in as it doesn't appear to have any markings. It's had a bit of love in the past with some reasonable looking porting. Rough measure of valve lift is around 10.5mm for inlet and exhaust vs Haynes 6.3mm standard. Valve are also a little larger at inlet 44.5 vs std 42mm and exhaust 38 vs std 36mm. Valve seals look a little corroded so will have that dealt to and see how we go.
  4. Made it back to the land of the long white cloud. How lucky are we to live in NZ! Little Felicity has been retrieved from storage and dust washed off. Trailering her to the new home involved a stop for an Amazing weekend at Leadfoot watching Elliot get top 4 in pre 75! Stunning. Now my enthusiasm is running high and super happy to have her back in my garage.
  5. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/31527-m-cs-69-escort-v6-coupe/ Cheers