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  1. yep, so about 15months ago i replaced the switch gear with one from palmside as it was as sloppy and worn. so kinda ruling that out at the moment, managed to articulate my large body once again under the dash to have a poke around to see if anything looks suspect with no luck. guess il replace the relay, can anyone confirm the photo shown is it? chur
  2. Hey team, Just out of the blue all my indicates failed to work. The hazard switch also now does nothing. I have checked and replaced the fuse. I tried the joint pin 1 &2 on the hazard pins with no luck. Any ideas? I guess replace the relay, My guess this is it shown?
  3. Sweet!, hunting the site now looking for a 'set' of jets
  4. Just had a look, could be onto something champ. any one else has experience with this site? yells chinaman to me.
  5. thanks Dolan. yeah ive heard the same thing and also his mark up is criminal, was hoping i won't hear ebay but may be the case. Cheers.,
  6. As per title, wheres the go-to place to buy different size weber jets? looking to play round with different sizes on my pintos weber dcoe's Cheers