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  1. Those fiberglass guards?
  2. Can still run electric dizzy on a ballast resistor coil setup. I do on my 13b.. two coils tho. A ballast resistor system is designed so that the coil does not have 12v sitting on it when your sitting with engine not running but car on ACC. It basically drops the voltage to 6-9vs but when you flick the key to start it boosts you back up to 12v+. As above, pull feed to coil off. Jamb multimeter into it and if it reads less than 12v when you just have the car sitting with stereo on then you have the ballast resistor in-line. If its reading 12v then get a normal style coil. Gaz
  3. Engineer yes
  4. You should be able to return to swirl pot only. No need to return to tank aswell I don't think. Gaz
  5. Engine bay blasted and zinc primed.
  6. Rx2 out of garage last weekend and cortina into garage. Made and welded in new radiator supports, rust treated, seam sealed and primed. Over the week sourced new pads.. running escort in rear for some reason. Changed oil n filter. Put in new thermostat and new belt. Tonight middy cut out a piece if rust and made a new but to weld in tomorrow. Will keep on, need an old car on road this summer!
  7. Ive got a tappered reamer that I used to ream out the Capri struts to fit the Sierra steering arms. I think they are bigger than escort. Its a funny tool as its not an automotive tapper so just happened that part of the tapper ramp was the correct taper for what I was doing. Gaz
  8. Good plan, I ran sierra as it was bigger and I ran Sierra lower arms. Had to scollop sump though which is a pain. Gaz
  9. Looking good. What steering rack ya using? Are you planning on running a sway bar at front, mine fouled sump was a pain!
  10. bEEn a long timE thErE sunshinE. wElcomE back.
  11. Cheers man, that seems to be the going. $20 a rim. Alltourqe is sorting me out for the fitting of two and I think I'm off to Palmy Sat morn to pickup and have fitted another 2. Gaz