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  1. Hai. Anyone know a good place to buy full set of bushes and shocks for Mk1 Cortina? Potentially Gaz shocks (Ironically) Have found some on ebay but after any other otpions if anyone has experiance. Gaz
  2. Gaz


    Use epoxy primer. It is the right stuff for the job.
  3. What cr you running and how? Gaz
  4. Look into running 1500 rods (or pistons can't member which) to drop compression.
  5. Gaz


    You've got so many differant undercoat now, it will obviously only ever be as good as said undercoat. Test each one individually with whatever you plan to blast on top. Gaz
  6. Gaz


    I've used watyl super etch before. It's ok but pretty thin already so a 4l doesn't go very far. Some paints don't like to stick to it also. I'd steer away. Go for 2k epoxy. Durapox or whatever ppgs alternative is. Topcoat.... if going metallic then you need a clear as the topcoat... use 2k, it goes harder. If base colour then you can use base as the topcoat. Again use 2k, it goes harder. Gaz
  7. Gaz


    Think I'm about yo answer my own question but can someone confirm. Epoxy then prime then bog? Epoxy seems too smooth to bog directly onto. Pics 4 fred. Epoxy! Gaz
  8. Can still run electric dizzy on a ballast resistor coil setup. I do on my 13b.. two coils tho. A ballast resistor system is designed so that the coil does not have 12v sitting on it when your sitting with engine not running but car on ACC. It basically drops the voltage to 6-9vs but when you flick the key to start it boosts you back up to 12v+. As above, pull feed to coil off. Jamb multimeter into it and if it reads less than 12v when you just have the car sitting with stereo on then you have the ballast resistor in-line. If its reading 12v then get a normal style coil. Gaz
  9. Gaz


    Depends where you are. Welly Total body shop are ok if your paying retail. Resene automotive and light industrial but I got a trade acnt. Gaz
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