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  1. Sweet as, cheers @cletus d'oh new page.
  2. Took the car for it's cert today. No issues with the suspension, so all good there, pretty stoked. I really recommend Racelign, they have done a great job and everything seems very high quality. There are a couple of other little things to take care of though: fan needs a shroud or cover of some kind, so now would be a good time to finally ditch it and get an electric replacement. Steering wheel needs different bolts, the supplied ones are no good. Easy peasy. The real bummer is that getting whitewalls painted on counts as a modification to the tyres, which is a no-no, so those fail. I'll have to either buy a full new set of tyres for the 13s or finish refurbing the 14s, get a couple of new tyres for those and get it complied with those wheels instead. I can always get it complied for the other wheels later, if I can find some affordable whitewall tyres. I guess flappers could be an option too? but I think those are mostly only really wide/full wall white. Not really keen on plain balloony black tyres.
  3. Definitely @dabuzz, I'd like to get a set of factory steelies widened out as much as poss, keeping the centre caps and trim rings for a kind of factory+ look.
  4. Finally got the suspension sorted at long, long last. The guys at Racelign have smashed it with a pretty full-on set up – sectioned struts converted to coilover with camber adjust top plates up front, reset leaves and blocks in the rear, custom shocks, custom urethane bushes all around, ball joints, tie rod ends etc etc. Rides great, looks great. I need to get some decent photos, but here's some cell phone quickies. Before: After: The lack of width of the rear wheels becomes even more apparent, but one thing at a time. I'm nearly done with the Enkeis, all polished up (which took aaaages), just need to finish painting them. I've done the first one, to test the colour, it's the same gunmetal grey as the steel wheels. Before (left) and after (right) showing how lumpy they were: Lots of sanding: Then LOTS of polishing and some paint: Daily driving it and it's fucking choice. Won't be doing anything else on it for a bit, while the bank account recovers.
  5. Saw this parked outside the sparky's on the way home tonight. Looks so fucking good.
  6. Been driving lots. It's such a little car, it really looks tiny when parked next to even 'small' modern cars. Sailed through the warrant the other day, all good.
  7. I went along to Caffeine & Classics on the weekend with the GTO and BMX.
  8. And while those are getting tarted up I swapped on my even more nanna spec Galant hubcaps, just for a change.
  9. I also got another set of wheels, Enkei Mosports. Bigger diameter (14x6) with lower profile tyres = huge guard gap. I will give them a good polish up and 2 could do with new tyres, hopefully with some increased lowness they should look pretty good. I'm on the look out for another, single wheel in the same size (doesn't have to be a Mosport, because what are the chances of that) so I can have a spare wheel with the same rolling diameter, just in case.
  10. I've been driving the GTO a lot lately. Small tweaks to idle speed have made it a bit more manageable and I'm getting used to the hair-trigger throttle. Still stall a bit when low speed manoeuvring, so ideally the tune still needs some attention. I was in the Ellerslie Car Show a couple weeks back, along with 4 other GTOs
  11. Yeah, that would be awesome @DriveBy Cheers.
  12. Yeah, a bit more than that I reckon @dwlee – the ideal plan is: reset the leaves, then fine tune height in the rear with blocks (looks like you can't actually take much out of the leaves as they are a pretty shallow curve as it is). Then get coilover struts made up for the front. And yeah, replace all the bushes and so on at the same time too.
  13. Stripes back on. Should go much faster now. I'm only about 80% happy with them. They are quite a bit wider than the original, even though I gave them very precise measurements. The shape is mostly good, but not totally right and they have heaps of tiny air bubbles in them. Apparently, those should 'just go away' so we'll see. I think it does look better than without anything though. I've also been trying to find someone to sort the suspension but I seem to be having a hard time trying to get someone to take my money. It appears that if it's not an off-the-shelf job or a full air suspension build no one is interested. Two shops have said it's too hard basket, one doesn't reply to enquiries and the other originally said they could do it but then wouldn't give a price or time to do it and haven't replied to any follow up contact in the last few weeks. So if anyone has recommendations for good suspension shops for oldschool cars in Auckland, let me know.
  14. The GTO is getting its stripes put back on today, pretty keen to see how that comes out. Once I finished painting the car I decided to build an oldschool BMX as a companion piece. I got a cheap frame off TradeMe and set about collecting all the various bits and pieces from all over the internet. The frame was in pretty good nick, no damage, just some scrapes and scratches in the paint. A quick strip back and respray in GTO blue and it was looking all good. A few minor hiccups at assembly time but came together mostly pretty easily. Here she is:
  15. I have been driving this around a bunch and got it tuned up by some people who know what they are doing (possibly). Pretty happy with that. 110hp is up 10hp on the old set up. With a bit of welly it pulls noticeably harder than before and sounds absolutely glorious. When going for a bit of a zoom it feels like it really wants to go and go, love it. However, it is hard to start and when sitting still it runs like it is a gnat's dick away from stalling. If you give it a little blip on the gas it will splutter and almost die as it comes back down. It's nearly impossible to pull away gently, the throttle response is quite all-or-nothing. It's easy to stall when manoeuvring and a couple of times when pulling out in traffic it has given a big lurch and then died right away, resulting in a panicked flooring and big rev-up to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. When I took it to the tuner I told him it was running rough and rich (my YouTube tune) and I wanted it easy to start and smooth through the range, for daily driving. He seems to have gone for max power performance at the higher end. I expected a bit of a trade-off when going to a more race-oriented carb but this seems a bit much. No vacuum advance doesn't help either I guess. Is it just tough cookies? or have I got a bad tune for my needs and it could be tweaked to better suit round town driving? I have no other experience of owning a car with a set up like this, so don't really know exactly what is possible. Any carb gurus out there have insight? The specs are: 32mm venturi Main Jet #130 Air Corrector #200 Idel Jet #50F9 Emulsion Tube F16 Here's some non-boring images
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