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  1. Oldmatedans 76 ta23 st chattitty chat

    Hey man, love your car, it looks awesome. Can I ask what the specs on the wheels and tyres are? size and fitment seems bang on. Cheers
  2. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    I ended up getting some cans colour matched by Auto Industrial Supplies and painted the doors and guards below the white lines and the tops of rear quarters. This has advanced the paint job from 'patchy bogan shit-heap' to 'good meh from far but far from good'. It's at least mostly shiny and mostly blue now. Went to Caffeine and Classics a couple weeks back, not a bad turn out considering the weather was iffy and Beach Hop was on at the same time. Got some pics with the other GTO guys: Turns out my car must have had a full respray at some stage with another, exterior only touch up at a later date. As you can see above dwlee's factory Himalayan Blue 75 is noticeably lighter. No wonder I had trouble finding a match for my mystery blue. I had a couple of little things done in time for a fresh WOF recently. Rear wheel bearings, nice and quite now, they were getting pretty past it. Tightened up the steering a bit. General servicey fluidy stuff. Flew through the warrant but with the note that the strut tops are starting to get a little perished. Apparently these can be re-vulcanised if no replacement part can be found but the plan has always been to replace with coliovers anyway. Guess I need to get on that sooner rather than later, just need to save up some of my not-enough-money. I don't know a lot about working with leaf suspension for the rear but I think retensioning to lower and stiffen a bit, maybe combined with small blocks would be the go? The slight rake has always bothered me, feels like the bum could happily come down quite a lot.
  3. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    Thanks, that's a handy reference. Looks like I need to research more carefully and spend the money to do jobs properly/go to the right people. Shocking.
  4. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    I decided to get a can of colour-matched paint mixed up so I could at least make the whole car blue while I wait to save up for a full respray. The VIN plate in this car is nowhere that I can find. A bit of internet research confirmed what I thought I already knew — the 74 GTO only came in 4 colours: Fuji White, Tahitian Blue, Alpine Silver and Athens Olive. I can't find reference to any other shades of blue, so this must be it right? Apparently no. I found the colour code for Mitsubishi Tahitian Blue, it was only available in 1974 – 1975. But the mixed up paint is too light and looks too yellow, the original colour is darker and more purpley. I suppose it's possible the whole car was resprayed at some stage… I know in the 90s it had a touch up where the exterior was painted, but not the engine bay, door jams, boot etc Even the racing stripe and badges were just masked. Any ideas? Discussion
  5. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    Thanks man, I'm pretty stoked on how they came out.
  6. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    A few bits and pieces over the last couple months. New master cylinder seems to have sorted some minor brake issues. New shiney: New HT Leads: Santa brought some NOS indicators: Finished off repainting the factory wheels, got tyres on and got them on the car: They came out a little darker than I wanted but it's nice to have a change. Tyres get whitewalled on Monday. really need to get the paint + height sorted Edit: Forgot, I also re-shoed, cleaned up and painted the rear drums. So all in all the brakes are really mint now.
  7. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    Hi, sorry for the slow reply, only seen these questions just now. The only thing I've had from Rare Spares so far is the door rubbers. I replaced the brush seals (which run along the top edges of the doors and under the rear windows, I think that's what you're after?)direct from Mitsubishi NZ. Not sure if they will still have them, they only had a few left when I got those, which was a couple years ago now.
  8. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    Lights are all sorted now. The good folks at Ron Wood Auto did a stellar job, very nice and tidy. Relays set up in the engine bay now so the lights are much brighter right off the bat. I haven't switched over to the semi-sealed units yet. The locator tabs aren't in the right places for my headlight cups, they would make the lights on a whack angle and also they sit a little too far out towards the outer edge. Do people normally just cut/grind these off? I also got around to checking out a dodgy looking patch under the rear bumper that I've been meaning to get to for a while. There was a horizontal crack in the paint just below the bumper which I could see was letting water in under the paint. So I cracked it off to have a look. It appears there has been a dent at some stage fixed with the tried and true method of filling it with bog and painting over it. It was about 8-10mm thick in the middle. I've taken off the bog, cleaned it all up and painted it black to seal it up for now. The dent will be added to the list of things to address when the panel and painting happens.
  9. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    Have managed to source a new fuse holder, from a Celeste, to replace the melted one but don't have it yet. The car is currently with the auto sparky, hopefully I will hear from him tomorrow and the issues will all be simple ones. While the car has been going nowhere i decided to whip the side vents off and give them a bit of a tart up. They were in okay condition but look to have been repainted at some stage with some less than perfect masking and there were a couple of peely bits. after a quick sand on the worst bits: masked up: painted: back on the car I ended up getting impatient waiting for the right conditions and went ahead and painted them when it was a bit too cold, like a dick. So it took ages in front of a heater for the paint to go off and it has ended up a bit stipply (doesn't look quite as bad as the photo above IRL) and shinier than I wanted — it's a satin, should've maybe gone for full matte. Anyway, a bit of a cock up (especially after the ballache of masking them) but not the worst cock up ever. They look better than they did plus nice and clean and crisp. I can easily enough redo them when the weather is warmer with a flatter paint if they bother me.
  10. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    Yeah, will definitely be running relays once they are converted to semi-sealed. Nick is going to be having a look when he can fit it in next week. I'd like him to have a bit of a poke around all of the electrics, see if I can get things tidied up a bit, make sure it's all on the up and up. I was hoping to get along to the OS meet this month but it might be a bit of a challenge bombing along the motorway in the dark with no headlights. D'oh.
  11. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    Sweet, cheers.
  12. SR ROLLA's 1974 Mitsi Colt GTO

    So, I've not had the best time of it lately. First some lovely chap decided to break into the garage and nick every single power tool and hand tool in there. Was very tidy about it. Cunt. Also, weirdly, stole a spare (new/unused) water pump for the GTO and, I discovered tonight, my Haynes workshop manual and original owners manual too. Any oldschool Mitsubishi enthusiasts on here who are inclined towards the occasional burglary? Then I started having headlight problems. One side's lowbeam stopped working, the inner lights and the outer's highbeams were all good. I thought that the bulb was playing silly buggers, which was odd because they are not very old. I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to semi-sealed so that I could actually see where I'm going at night. However when I plugged in the new unit it still didn't work. Balls. I thought "I'd better just check the fuses in case it's something super dumb like that" and discovered this: The fuses for "Upper R" and "Upper L" have melted halfway out of the fuse box. So. That'll do it I guess. They are both just regular 10A fuses which have not blown, despite getting hot enough to melt through the plastic housing and fuck things up good and properly. Electrics are not my thing at all so I am stumped as to the cause (has been fine for the past 3 years) and stumped for what to do. I guess find a good auto electrician. Suggestions here, if you have 'em: // Cheers.
  13. LOLZ Nah.. got to treat it nice, might be mine one day…
  14. So freaking hot, looks amazing. Must convince Richard to let me have a drive asap.