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  1. lol sponsoring the Cancer Society as he smokes like a train?
  2. Its a old Revell -> ESCI kit from the late 70s. I semi built the Revell mark 2 and was disappointed in how bad the body was but the little BDA was cool. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/esci-ertl-3049-crystal-ford-escort-rs-1800--160907 @Scrubb waiting with interest in how your Lancer comes out as Ive heard mixed reviews on Beemax kits and are really keen on their Delta S4
  3. Damn this is cool!!! Are you at ByGone? Please run the chrome modgies in super slam mode some time too.
  4. We organised OS club parking years ago when there was a designated car club area. In short, getting everyone to arrive at the same tome to ensure they all park together is too much of a pain as OS members are staying all over the peninsula. Regardless it will be great to see OS member cars in the wide classic car parking area sporting OS stickers for easy identification.
  5. Is Foo Fighters a two day concert? If so that'd be rad
  6. House goals: http://www.fox13news.com/news/hurricane-irma/miami-couples-compromise-during-storm-preps-ends-with-car-in-living-room
  7. Have they finished with all the building? Will the T be there?
  8. Will the Soul Synchro Machine be seen at Caffeine and Classics?
  9. Excellent work!!! Following with great interest. Use lost wax casting to get the nice finish.
  10. Not so often. I should come see you out there.
  11. Superb work Louis as always!! Hows the lil plane coming along?
  12. Stoddard Rd, give it a trial. Top work on finding another option.
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