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  1. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    House goals:
  2. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Will the Soul Synchro Machine be seen at Caffeine and Classics?
  3. 98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Not so often. I should come see you out there.
  4. 98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Superb work Louis as always!! Hows the lil plane coming along?
  5. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Awesome work!! I love the quarter bumpers and little details, but am particularly impressed by the inlet manifold. Did you notice any issues with shrinkage after casting or porosity using a 3D printed mould? Were you able to grind out the staircase effect in the ports? Also, whats a ballpark cost of casting that size? Keep up the great work
  6. Mk2Marty's 1976 Escort Moredoor Discussion

    Block is done. Internals and head are all there just need to set aside some time to assemble. I'm thinking to design some slides as then I can design them to fit hardened tracks and needle rollers, pipe dreams haha. Whats in store for the Cortina?
  7. Mk2Marty's 1976 Escort Moredoor Discussion

    Top work dude, car looks tidy in orange. Using this as motivation for my 1600 upgrade sometime.
  8. BDA780's 1973 Ford Escort 1300XL

    All was swell until this… It was cruising like a dream at 100 clicks until the engine cut out. I left the car in the workshop for a couple weeks (read: over a month) until the old boy decided to have a gander at the distributor where it was found that the spring for the points had broken. With a distributor raided from many spares the Escort lives again ready for the All Ford Day tomorrow.
  9. BDA780's 1973 Ford Escort 1300XL

    So 10 months later I decided to purchase a bone stock engine so I could enjoy the car in summer and ultimately cruise to Leadfoot. I bought a 1300 crossflow out of a MK2 Escort from a dude on Escort Cortina parts and sales on Facebook. It was decided to give it a simple fresh up, coat of paint and obligatory flywheel lightening before putting into the car and thanks to shaneo I was able to source some rectangular rubber engine mounts. My old man, rot808 and rotorhoe did the lion’s share of the work and thanks to all their efforts and some help from Manon Butler Motors it was able to make it to Leadfoot trouble free.
  10. BDA780's 1973 Ford Escort 1300XL

    Ah right, here is the build thread. What I failed to mention in the last update was in addition to lowering the rear of the car, I also applied 1x hacksaw to the resonator as a baffle had moved creating a painfully annoying rattle. This resulted in another interesting feature which will be discussed shortly. After completing these minor tasks the car was ready for OS Nationals or so I thought. Only a couple of km’s from home on the motorway in peak hour traffic it decided to die. It didn’t take long to determine it was a dead battery, thanks to help from fellow OS member DougD who was on his morning commute. Once towed back home, an all morning jaunt to find a replacement battery in order to make track day resulting in a couple sessions at Hampton Downs. This is where it went wrong… I was told to take it easy at the track, which is easier said than done. On the drive to Coroglen the oil light flashed on twice suggesting imminent damage to the engine. Furthermore, black smoke was observed by those following me. This led to the engine being frequently topped up with oil over the weekend and resulting in fumes entering the cabin when taking gomaxgo and Horse25 to Auckland airport. This was further worsened by the shortened exhaust system asphyxiating all inside and temporary exhaust bracket being dislodged creating an annoying rattle of the exhaust hitting the diff when unloaded. Despite these pitfalls the car was great fun at dirt speedway head to head racing and was head car in the Nationals group photo. Images courtesy of Snoozin However right after the event it was decided to park the car until another engine could be put in.
  11. Loopy Luton's Herald

    Top work Alex and Tim. Looks so sweet without 1/4 windows and black grille.
  12. Congrats on the mini pic in the latest NZV8 mag
  13. Damn missed it. Bring to monthly meet on Wednesday
  14. Looks superb!! Excited to see this at Kumeu assuming it's gonna be there. It reminds me of this song: