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  1. Damn this is cool!!! Are you at ByGone? Please run the chrome modgies in super slam mode some time too.
  2. We organised OS club parking years ago when there was a designated car club area. In short, getting everyone to arrive at the same tome to ensure they all park together is too much of a pain as OS members are staying all over the peninsula. Regardless it will be great to see OS member cars in the wide classic car parking area sporting OS stickers for easy identification.
  3. Is Foo Fighters a two day concert? If so that'd be rad
  4. BDA780

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    House goals:
  5. BDA780

    DKM Fabrication - Workshop Opening

    Have they finished with all the building? Will the T be there?
  6. BDA780

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Will the Soul Synchro Machine be seen at Caffeine and Classics?
  7. BDA780

    98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Not so often. I should come see you out there.
  8. BDA780

    98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Superb work Louis as always!! Hows the lil plane coming along?
  9. BDA780

    Election 2017: OS Meet location

    Stoddard Rd, give it a trial. Top work on finding another option.
  10. BDA780

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Awesome work!! I love the quarter bumpers and little details, but am particularly impressed by the inlet manifold. Did you notice any issues with shrinkage after casting or porosity using a 3D printed mould? Were you able to grind out the staircase effect in the ports? Also, whats a ballpark cost of casting that size? Keep up the great work
  11. BDA780

    Mk2Marty's 1976 Escort Moredoor Discussion

    Block is done. Internals and head are all there just need to set aside some time to assemble. I'm thinking to design some slides as then I can design them to fit hardened tracks and needle rollers, pipe dreams haha. Whats in store for the Cortina?
  12. BDA780

    Mk2Marty's 1976 Escort Moredoor Discussion

    Top work dude, car looks tidy in orange. Using this as motivation for my 1600 upgrade sometime.
  13. The Auckland Monthly Meet! Wednesday 21st September Second-to-last Wednesday of every month 7:30pm onward A chance to catch up with fellow club members, talk some shit and eat some lush foodstuffs. Burgerfuel, Mexicali Fresh, Ajadz, Subway, Doolan Brothers etc. corner of Robert St and Hurst St, Ellerslie See map. The DEAL$: FREE Drink with Burger and Chips Purchase (From the COKE range , excluding mini burgers) FIRST MEET?? If you are new to these meets here are a few points that may help; Most people usually show up between 7:00pm and 8pm ish. We roll down to get burgers and whatever else is available whenever we're hungry. We sit around either at Burgerfuel or back up top in the carpark and continue the yarns. Remember its always a casual affair, a place to yarn to mates and make new ones. An Oldschool car is not required at all, but if you've got one on the road then bring it and show it off!! Doesn't need to be flash or special. And to be honest, many of us drive our boring modern daily drivers there anyway. MOST OF THESE ARE COMMON SENSE. WE WILL PROVIDE A FEW GENTLE REMINDERS WITH THE NEW RULES BUT REPEAT OFFENDERS MAY BE ASKED TO LEAVE. RULES AND THE BORING STUFF!! Basically these are in place so we have a fun and friendly meet and leave the carpark clean and tidy like we were never there. Take your rubbish away with you or put it in a bin, Use the public bins downstairs not the private ones belonging to the business up top Smokers please don't dispose of your butts on the ground! Please limit the ALCOHOL consumption. Its a public place and the Police/security regularly stop in and we don't want want anyone getting in trouble, We also don't want people leaving empties around. You are welcome to invite a few mates, but please note you are 100% responsible for their behaviour If you belong to other clubs and feel they might be keen to come check out our meet then that's cool but please see BDA780, Threeonthetree or 73crownwagon for permission before inviting them. NO Skids or Reckless/Dangerous driving Please leave a space near the fenced off area clear for the cleaners and don't block them in if they are there. Park in a proper carpark! If its full then just use a bit of common sense and try not to park to many people in. Newschool cars please park to one side and be prepared to move if we get short on space. I have had to ask Newer cars to move and park elsewhere and will continue to do so. The old cars get first preference for parking. Don't be offended if you're asked to move your newer car to make space for something old. If its raining and we have to park downstairs then new cars park upstairs or out of the way. The covered carpark is very small and needs to be OS only, No unregistered aircraft in the parking lot No daywalkers (including Dave) No gang colours / patches to be worn or displayed No pants with a fabric proximity of less than 5mm either side to the wearers legs If you have any suggestions or input for the meets then PM Threeonthetree, BDA780 or 73crownwagon Thanks!!