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  1. I’m doing a road trip down to the South Island. Left this morning, I’ll be away for 8 days so next burger fuel meet I will bring it along. Car went really well today. First big long drive. Drives mint.
  2. Yeah. The wagon was at Bygones. I changed stud pattern now so I can't run the chrome modgies anymore I was 4x108 and now I'm 5x114.3
  3. Talk about cutting it close. I finished everything on my list of stuff I need to finish before my road trip tonight, and I leave in the morning!! Not much of an exciting update, just tidying up the last few things. Did some road testing over the weekend and tweaked the ECU a little bit. I found that some of the settings like the overrun/deceleration fuel cut and idle had too much of a deadzone for my application. For example the overrun fuel cut was set to cut the fuel if the TPS was below 0.7% but the problem is that because the car is so light and the engine is so powerful, you are quite often cruising around at 0.1-0.5% throttle. My TPS is really accurate and stable so I just turn all that sort of stuff way down so for the fuel cut or idle the TPS needs to be below 0.1% now. Drives like a dream now, it has such awesome throttle response with the ITB's. Also did some tweaking with the brakes. Reconnected the booster and then wound the brake proportioning valve to the maximum reduction, which is 57% and the brakes feel really great now. Super happy with the brakes now. In other last minute things. Got the spare tyre fitted. Had to make little drop downs for the front because there used to be a 155 width tyre and now it is a 205. Still fits sweet in between the fuel system and exhaust. Put on some clear protective take where the air cleaner touches the bonnet. In real life you can't see it like you can in the photo Made a little rubber mat for the back so everything won't slide around as much on the trip. I also go on road trips with my friends and their dogs so it will be nice and easy to clean. Made a new bonnet stay like the one on my other Avenger And a little holder for it. Also went to a car show in the weekend. Got really good feedback. people were pretty impressed with how well everything fits in there. And YAY!! Road trip tomorrow. It's been an epic build and I am so stoked I got it all finished the night before I leave. Such a relief. Still more to do when I get back, like the proper wheels, but now it is time to enjoy the car!!
  4. So far I have only put one tank of gas through the new motor but it is looking like it will be more efficient than my green Avenger 1500. Because it is such a massive engine in such a tiny lightweight car then you find that most of the time you barely need to give it any gas. I will get a better idea of the fuel mileage over my trip but at the moment it's looking better than having the little 1500 with the dellortos. So yeah, I'm just doing my part for the environment! Save gas, put in a V8!! I wish I could go for raised white lettering on the tyres. That would look mean. I have BG Goodrich Radial T/A's on my Charger with the white lettering and they look cool. The problem is that they don't make any for my size rim. I am running 15x7 on the front and 15x8 on the rear. And 15 inch tyres are getting harder and harder to find. I run the same size on my other Avenger and I am running Toyo Proxy T1R's all round, 225/50R15 rear and 205/50R15 front. The problem is that now they don't even make those sizes anymore so I had to go Toyo Proxy4 225/50R15 rear and Toyo T1R 195/50R15 on the front.
  5. Hmm. Actually you might get your wish sooner rather than later. Over on the Avenger forum we just discovered that they made an Avenger Ute over in Uruguay. Imagine this with a 1UZ swap, some big lake pipes and big off road tyres. If I can find one then I am so keen to big one over to NZ Only down to Nelson this year. I go down to the Mopars in the South show each year. This year it's in Nelson, but next year it will be in Invercargill so I will be driving the wagon all the way down for that.
  6. The brake proportioning valve is just on the front circuit, it's a dual circuit cylinder. The valve I am using has a reduction of 0-57%. I did some more playing around tonight and I reconnected the booster and wound the valve up to maximum reduction and it feels really nice now. Haha. Yeah, sorry, it's almost done. One more nights work before my big trip down to the South Island. I still do have a few thing to finish off when I get back, like the proper wheels etc. But now it's time to have fun and drive the car
  7. I just have the fronts boosted but I found it was too much braking on the front so I have temporarily blocked off the booster. Now that I have the brake proportioning valve then I might try it with the booster on then use the valve to wind down the front brakes.
  8. WOOHOO!!! FRAK YEAH!! SHE IS ALL ROAD LEGAL!!!!! I'm going away to the South Island next Wednesday so it has been a mad rush to get it finished in time. Still a little list of things that I want to finish of but it drives really nice. I took it for it's first proper drive today and it is such a fun car to drive, stupidly quick and OMG does it ever sound amazing!! Got the cert plate back today, passed with flying colours. Here is the cert plate listing all the mods Got it's warrant of fitness. And registration First night back at home Here is a before shot, I love how you can barely tell I put the V8 in it. Such a sleeper. The big back wheels are pretty much the only thing that gives it away, they look so cool. Back in the garage with my other cars Other little updates. Painted the centre caps of the temporary front wheels. Doesn't actually look too bad now that it is all murdered out. Swapped over the front bumpers. The early Hillmans used a much smaller bumper than the late model Chrysler's. They don't bolt straight up, you need to drill a couple of holes then after that it bolts right up. You can see a good shot of the old bumper in the before photo above. Finished mounting the brake bias valve.
  9. Machined some wheel spacers for the back. The rear sitting at it's final width. Fills up the guard really well with no rubbing Did some last minute rust repairs. I'm not much of a panel beater but it came out pretty good. I will get the whole outside resprayed next year so it's only temporary. Also did some rust repair around the back, under the bumper on both sides Installed a brake bias valve. I have a bit too much front brakes with the willwoods. Decided to restore the front grille. It was painted solid body colour by the previous owner, which I never liked. Originally it would have been black and silver so that is what I went with. I started off by painting the whole thing black Then masking everything because I am going to hand paint it. Finished hand painting the grille. Looks pretty sweet. It back on the car Added Dynamat to the front doors. And the rear doors
  10. New plug lead set. Marked all of the old leads 1.photobucket.com/user/avenga76/media/1980%20Avenger%20wagon/IMG_6280_zpsv1syvd9h.jpg.html][/URL] The new ones were all numbered and comes preinstalled in the plastic holder that goes over the middle so they are real easy to install. Got the new tyres. It's getting harder and harder to find 15 inch wheels. Went for 225/50R15 Toyo Proxies4 at the back Back tyres on the car with the temporary rims Got the new temporary front rims. Need to paint that center cap black Front tyres fitted. I went 195/50R15 Toyo T1R. They stopped making most of the sizes in T1R, my other Avenger has 205/50R15 and 225/50R15 T1R's but they don't make either anymore. Front wheels on the car Offsets are pretty good. Might go out a couple of millimeters front and back. I raised the front with some new springs, it is sitting very high so I need to get more low. It was too low before so I am just going to keep dropping it until it looks and handles right.
  11. Configured the shift lights on my dash. I have them set to low RPM just so I can test if I like the pattern and colour. Pretty happy with it. So a little bit of a set back. Performance wheels over in Aussie have been giving me the run around so it doesn't look like I am going to get my proper wheels for probably another month or so, which will be well after my South Island trip and track day I have planned for October. So I had to go for plan C, which is by some other wheels that are the same size and offset, just to get me though certing and the South Island trip etc. They might not look as good but at least they will get me to the South Island and to the track day. I got some 15x8 steel rims for the back. They are the same offset as the Challengers that I will get eventually so I can just swap them over when I get the new rims. The front won't looks as good because I had to go for some ugly alloys to get the offset I needed. It doesn't look too bad with the steelies but because my other Avenger has steelies then I want something different for the wagon. The 15x8 with 225/50R15 fit really nicely under the guards. It is quite amazing that they fit under there. They are the same size as the ones on my other Avenger but I have huge flares on my other Avenger. Built a new adjustable panhard rod so we can tweak the back end a little bit.
  12. Avenga

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    I went R154 in my 1UZ Avenger build for the same reason. I heard the W55-8's don't last. Loving the build though, it's good to see someone else doing a 1UZ engine swap at the moment. The photos with your son working on the car are choice, he looks like a pro in his tiny little work overalls. Looks like he enjoys it and perfect for getting those hard to reach bolts out Maybe I need to hire him to do some of the fiddly bits on my 1UZ
  13. Yeah. I was really surprised by the "Vacuum" hose not being able to handle a vacuum, it's sort of in the name so you would think it would be fine. I have replaced it with nice thick rubber ones so they should handle it better. I can't wait until I can get her out on the road. I have driven here around the yard a few times and even that is good fun. so it will be a blast to drive out on the road. Hopefully not long now!!
  14. Yeah, that makes total sense. I think I do. have the drums off the wagon but I know I had to steal one of the springs to put on the my Avenger sedan. I will check a look and see what state they are in and let you know.
  15. Big day today!! Dyno day!!! Popped the doors back on yesterday. Loaded up the trailer last night. Early morning start and off to the dyno!! Engine is all looking really sweet for the dyno runs. Getting the car all ready for the dyno. Even with all the dyno wires hooked up the engine bay looks tidy as. Here is a video of a power run. My god it is loud, and not from the exhaust, it is all induction noise, sound so sweet. Also did a run with the bonnet down to make sure the air cleaner setup with the bonnet closed doesn't suffocate the engine, pretty much no difference with the bonnet closed. Here are some power graphs. 209 KW engine power and 277 lbft engine torque. Look at how smooth that power curve is And the axle torque and power After I got back from the dyno, I finished off the rest of the dynamat. And installed the back carpets. They still fit but the front won't because of the bigger transmission tunnel.