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  1. Thanks, I hadn’t thought of the GR series. Question, are the VQ35 in the Skyline the same as the VQ35 in the 350Z? Or are they different specs?
  2. Avenga

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    I’ve seen your 120y around town heaps! It was parked down by the shops when I was having dinner tonight, if I see you tomorrow I’ll pop in and say hi, you might have seen my Avenger wagon at the festival. Love your roof rack btw.
  3. Avenga

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    It’s pre-75. I’m going to try sneaking on in my 1980 Avenger wagon. Go to gate 2 and just say your a classic car. Who else is going tomorrow and or Sunday? I just got down to hahei.
  4. What do you guys think of a Nissan VQ35DE or VQ30DET?
  5. Yeah, I was thinking V6 twin turbo would be pretty awesome, especially next to the V8. I don’t know much about what V6’s are good for engine swaps so I’ll need to start researching it like I did with the 1UZ Thanks! I was really impressed with my drag times, it’s a really fun car to drive! Been doing a ton of driving over summer, just going on little road trips down to beaches or bush walks, such a nice car to drive. Been to tons of shows in it also Those wheels really set it off also! So glad I waited for them! Totally worth the wait!
  6. Thanks!! Over the moon with the awards!! And super pleased with the wheels, so worth the wait. I am thinking of repowering the other green Avenger, and it's either between a rotary or a V6, maybe a V6 turbo.
  7. Oh boy! I have been super busy, going everywhere in my wagon so sorry for the lack of updates but here we go. So this last weekend I entered my car in the 4 and Rotary Nationals. I wasn't sure how well it would do because it is just my little Avenger wagon, up against all these wicked show cars. Going in to the event I thought maybe I had a shot at best V8, but that was all I was hoping for. At the prize giving they called out the best V8, which went to a V8 Silvia. So I figured I wasn't going to get any awards. Then they called out Best 1970-1989 in the Piston Class and it was my little wagon!!! Being super stoked with that I went up and got my trophy. Then they called out Best Piston Conversion and it was me again!! At this point my mind was well and truly blown because there was some seriously nice competition at the show. It was the first time I have entered any of my cars as a show car, and to win two awards was absolutely amazing. Here's a shot of the wagon at the show. I also went to Caffeine and Classics, and the Orewa beach show. So quite a busy weekend. Now jumping back in time a bit. Back in December I went to the Oldschool.co.nz drag day and had a total blast. I was doing 13.2 runs at 103.66MPH here is a onboard video Here is one of my time slips We had a nice little Avenger get together. My two Avengers and Billy was also drag his stock Avenger, sadly his diff did not like drag racing much and his spider gears broke Later in the day Hamish turned up in his Avenger Then we went and did some group photos For the dial your own racing I dialed in 13.2 but I missed a shift on the first run and didn't get through. Lots of rubber on the old back guard A few photos from Facebook at the drags. https://www.facebook.com/DCGPhotographyNZ/ And https://www.facebook.com/rotationals/ In other news, finally got round to Dynamatting the boot. And I'm going to Wagnats in a week so I will be camping in the back of the wagon so I tried out the "Bed Mode" it works really well. Tons of room for a twin airbed Went to the Kumeu hotrod show a couple of weeks ago and brought a sweet roof rack for when I go camping. I found it at the swap meet there, I went specifically looking for a roof rack and only found one and it was the perfect size!! So busy couple of weeks, off to leadfoot festival this weekend, then Wagnats camping in the wagon!! Discussion
  8. Avenga

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    I’m driving back up on the 3rd if you want to hitch a ride in the V8 Avenger Wagon. I’ll be leaving straight after the prizegiving on Sunday, I’m going to Wagnats on the next Wednesday, so I figured I should get back for work on Monday, do at least 2 days work
  9. Not a bad turnout at the show itself. Weather is holding off
  10. Anyone coming to the Westgate meet and cruise? Just chilling out at Westgate by myself
  11. Avenga

    Lovers Lane BBQ Burnouts

    I'd like to come, but the 11th is no good because of Wagnats. It's a crazy few weeks coming up, this weekend it's Kumeu, and the old school jap meet, then the next weekend is 4NR nats, then the weekend after that is Leadfoot, then Wagnats!!!
  12. I might do Kumeu on Saturday then this on Sunday in my V8 Avenger wagon
  13. Avenga

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    It will buff out!
  14. Avenga

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    Just booked my accommodation and tickets
  15. Avenga

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    I'll be going in the V8 Avenger wagon. If anyone wants to borrow one of my other cars (75 Avenger, or 72 Valiant Charger) then they can cruise along with me.