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  1. The Mrs and I won the Hammertime award! We won some great adult reading material, a steam brush that will make cleanups much easier, plus one very racy Haynes manual!!
  2. Leaving Aucks now! Going to camp out at Ned's place tonight then Wagnats Thursday!!
  3. Tested out the wagon last night, roof rack is on, everything looks good. Should be all good to rock up Thursday AM
  4. For wedding 1 my Charger might fit the bill For wedding 2, would any of my Avengers suit? Their not rotary but the wagon has a V8
  5. We will be going as far as Taupo on Wednesday night, then get to wagnats Thursday morning.
  6. +1 for bespoke auto glass. They have done all the windows on both my Avengers and my Charger
  7. I use those Aerocatch bonnet pins on both of my Avengers. I painted them body Colour so you can’t hardly see them. The bonnet pins are listed on the cert plate on both of my cars, but I’m not sure if the cert is needed or not.
  8. Haha, Yeah, especially because they don't expecting it when you line up, they think it's just some old slow Avenger wagon with a 1600 I recorded some more video of the track stuff. That was really fun, we did the normal track one layout, and then we did the track 3 reverse, which was really fun because I have never done that configuration. Yeah, That poor Type R, didn't really stand a chance, the poor guy!! I'm pretty sure I could hear the screams from the V8 driver trailing off in to the distance It was really fun races, against all of the big V8's it was pretty close. I really didn't think I would beat them because they all had big blocks, which are about 2.5 litres bigger than my little 4L V8 and they had at least 100kw more than me, but then my car is about half the weight, so I do actually have better power to weight ratio.
  9. Really fun weekend at the Kaspa Transmissions CAR-nival. It's a 3 day track meet with cruising, drags, drift, burnouts and racing. The drag racing was super fun. The car was hooking up perfectly and I managed to win the drag racing tournament in the Naturally Aspirated class!! I was up against some tough competition in the form of a 300KW Holden Commodore, and 396ci big block Holden Premier and another big block HQ Holden. I also went up against a 323, Intgra Type R and an RX7 but that wasn't really a fair fight. I was quite surprised that I managed to beat the big block chevs, I guess it was just down to how light my wagon is and how well it hooks up. Here is a video of all of my runs, I went undefeated 7-0 nd they had a sweet as trophy, I also won best engine bay but they didn't have the trophy there so they will send it out to me. Had a real blast hooning around the track. Went a bit too hard on the first day and wore out my brake pads. It was a total nightmare trying to find some Wilwood race pads at 4:30pm on a Friday in Taupo. None of the brake shops down there had any so I had to call around my friends and found one of them who had a close enough match, so I had to drive out to his place with pretty much no brakes and swap some pads over. In the morning I had to go get the rotors skimmed. The petrol stations loved me down there. The Avenger is pretty good on gas when you are on the road, but it chews through the gas on the track. Discuss
  10. An exciting update this time! My wagon was featured in this months NZ Performance Car Magazine (Issue 271). Definitely one ticked off the bucket list, I never thought I would have one of my cars featured in a magazine, so this is super exciting. It's a really great 7 page article, it's out in stores now so pick up a copy if you get a chance, well worth the read Back to upgrades on the wagon. Finally got my custom carpets installed. I brought a standard set of Avenger carpets from Autodec, then got them modified and installed by Supertrim. It makes it look so much more finished now The rear carpets didn't need to be modified, I only needed to customise the front for the bigger transmission tunnel Also got carpets for the boot, and brought a bit extra to do the back of the rear seat Got some New Old Stock tail lights from Ebay UK. The shipping was more than the lenses themselves! Ouch! Also got some NOS clusters also New tail lights installed. Looks really nice Now that winter is coming™ I wanted to figure out a way to still be able to show my engine bay at car shows but also keep rain out of the trumpets. I took one of my trumpets off and went down to the local hardware store to find a sink plug that fits the trumpets. They are 50mm trumpets which is a common size so I had a good selection of plugs, so I could find one that I liked. I brought a little "Remove before flight" tag so I can just pull the chain and take them all off in one go, and also it will remind me to take them off before I start the engine, not that the engine would start with them in place. What do you guys think of the plugs? I might tighten up the chain, and also change the hoops on top of the plugs for something a bit smaller, like a little keyring. Discuss
  11. The bolt shop in Auckland http://boltshop.co.nz/
  12. Had a blast last time! I'm in!
  13. There is something funny going on with the cert info though, Both of my Avengers have had engine swaps 1300 to 1500 and 1600 to 3968, and they both show up in the database with the new engine size. But then I know of 2 Rover V8 rally cars, and I'm pretty sure at least 1 of them is certed, and they don't show up, they still show as 1600's. So I'm not sure if the cert info only shows up if it was certed after a certain date or something.