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  1. Took some measurements for the wheels I found that the fronts need to be ET+19 which rules out steel wheels so I went for Performance Wheels Challengers. 15X7 ET+19 on the front. Big thanks to Chris (CUL8R on the oldscool forum) from Mag & Turbo Christchurch for organising and ordering the wheels. And for the back I needed ET-25. The best they had in the cast wheel is ET-9 so I will have to run a 16mm spacer. They do a forged wheel which I could get in ET-25 but they are super expensive so I will probably wait a year or so and then get a set of forged ones made. This is the 15x8 ET-9 that I will be running on the back I found a photo of a wagon the same wheels as I am getting but mine will look 1000 times cooler because V8 Avenger wagon Got the bonnet back from painting Started on the rest of the exhaust Over the diff The front muffler and flex joint Started on a little shield for the brake lines and fuel lines.
  2. Got the calipers mounted Wilwood Rotors Installed all the fuel pumps Mounted the Wide Band Lambda sensors Inside the car and the grommets Got all the bits for the exhaust Finished off the front brakes. And I guess I will be racing everywhere Put the air cleaner back on and modified the front cover a little bit I also had a little test fit of some wheels using the wheels of my other Avenger. It looks like I will be able to run 15x8 on the rear. The front is going to be harder. I am hoping for some 15x7 but might need to go down to a 15x6.
  3. Thanks. Yeah. I am local to Birkdale.
  4. Started work on the loom. Just laying it out at the moment then once I have everything finalised I will wrap it. Made a little bracket for the cable grommet. Mounted the ECU mounting plate Put the old body loom back in to see how it all fits. Again, when I have everything finalised then I will wrap everything up. Finished off the fuel tank Added in a new fuel pickup Ran the fuel lines. For certification you need to run the lines 150mm away from the drive shaft. Made some quick spacers for the rotors so we could figure out what hat to buy. Brought all of the brake gear. Wilwood 4 pot calipers and the hat for the hub. Also brought the rotor but I haven't unboxed it yet
  5. The car is all done at the panel beaters. Finished painting the last bit, behind the headlights and radiator. Engine is back in Started work on the front hubs And started work on the Dynamat
  6. The underside is all sealed and painted. Drivers side front wheel Back end Underside and new chassis rails Passengers side front wheel
  7. Thanks for your feedback. I do like the silver and black because it has a good contrast My problem with black is that in makes the engine look very bland, because the plastic trim is also black. I like the contrast of silver and black better. There a car with a black 1UZ and ITB's in the next workshop over so I went and took a photo of it's engine. It just looks like too much black and nothing to break it up. Here is a pic online that I found with crinkle paint which looks better because it has some silver accents Or I could go something crazy and custom like this But I don't really want to add a third colour in to the engine bay.
  8. Some pics from the painting. Bogging and sanding the engine bay The engine bay in primer. Looking really smooth In the booth to add the colour And the finished product. The camera had problems with the white balance so it looks a bit more gold than IRL but it is a perfect match for the rest of the car The bonnet primed and ready for paint Now the next question, rocker covers??? Which colour should I do them. I am tossing up between body colour, bare alloy or painted silver like the front of the engine. What do you guys think? ATM I am leaning towards body colour.
  9. I had the surgery yesterday and am recovering in hospital. Everything went really well. I hope to get out of hospital on Sunday if all things go well. Still a long road of recovery ahead of me.
  10. Yes. It is sealed into the cabin by that box around it and draws air in the vent under the window. The same way the heater used to.
  11. So, small car update, big life update! I am going in to have Gastric Bypass Surgery tomorrow. It was going to be in August but they last minute moved the date forward. I only had 6 days notice so I have been rushing around getting ready for that. I was planning to get the car finished by the surgery date in August but since they moved the date forward then I will have to finish the car after I have recovered. So, expect less progress photos for a while. I will post a little update when I am out of surgery and back online. Here is a few little progress shots of the interior all painted. And I also got some track rods from a friend on the Avenger forum
  12. You and me both!! Can't wait!
  13. Another update. Went down to the panel beaters and we matched the paint colour. It turns out that it is still it's factory colour. I always assumed that it was repainted a different colour at some stage. The body tags have the paint code PM which is a Mitsubishi colour named Phantom Mist. Love the name. Installed the new alternator only tensioner. Also cleaned up and painted the engine block. Took the rocker covers off to check the condition of the cams. Looks immaculate, lovely golden colour. Got all the bushes I need. Got the vehicle speed sensor from Recon Electronics in Christchurch. Got a really good deal on this. My local Toyota dealership wanted $470 but I got an aftermarket one from Recon for around $180 I got another great deal on Trademe. A set of 8 remanufactured injectors for $110. Brought them from a cool guy who has a superchanged 1UZ in a Ford Courier Ute. They are unused, he brought them and then decided to go bigger because of the supercharger, but they are perfect for my NA motor. Drove my other Avenger to pick them up on Saturday. Had a good chat about 1UZ etc. While I was up there I also picked up a Lexus front engine cover which will hid the spark plug leads at the front of the engine. My 1UZ is a Toyota so it had that big ugly cover that covers the whole engine. The Lexus ones only cover the front and side so I have been looking for this part for a while.
  14. Big milestone today!!! Off to the panelbeaters. Loaded the car on the trailer. We just lifted the body on to the trailer. The body shop is only 350 meter down the road so I was tempted to just carry it the whole way Body is safely down at the panel beaters now. They say it will be about 2 weeks. While waiting on the body we stripped the engine down to replace the water pump and cam belt etc. We also found that who ever did the cam belt last set the cams wrong, they were both out by a tooth, one was advanced and the other was retarded so it is a good thing we redid the cam belt. Also found that the track rods had a big bend in them so I will replace them. Started work on the new fuse box. Here is the diagram. I'm installing a couple of relays for the headlights so I brought the relays, main fuse box, and a bigger inline for the feed to the headlights. Labelled the fuse box.
  15. Yeah, I don't know. I just brought it off trademe and chucked up the link in case anyone else doing a similar engine swap wanted to do the same thing and run only the alternator. He did say that he lived and worked on a family farm. He wasn't promoting the website, other than his email address was at that website and he sent a business card with that URL in the package. It's the only bit that I have brought from them and I saw it, and it fits my needs so I brought it. I'll let you know how it goes when I get the engine running but it looks nicely made and the service was quick and the communications was good.