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  1. Big milestone today!!! Off to the panelbeaters. Loaded the car on the trailer. We just lifted the body on to the trailer. The body shop is only 350 meter down the road so I was tempted to just carry it the whole way Body is safely down at the panel beaters now. They say it will be about 2 weeks. While waiting on the body we stripped the engine down to replace the water pump and cam belt etc. We also found that who ever did the cam belt last set the cams wrong, they were both out by a tooth, one was advanced and the other was retarded so it is a good thing we redid the cam belt. Also found that the track rods had a big bend in them so I will replace them. Started work on the new fuse box. Here is the diagram. I'm installing a couple of relays for the headlights so I brought the relays, main fuse box, and a bigger inline for the feed to the headlights. Labelled the fuse box.
  2. Yeah, I don't know. I just brought it off trademe and chucked up the link in case anyone else doing a similar engine swap wanted to do the same thing and run only the alternator. He did say that he lived and worked on a family farm. He wasn't promoting the website, other than his email address was at that website and he sent a business card with that URL in the package. It's the only bit that I have brought from them and I saw it, and it fits my needs so I brought it. I'll let you know how it goes when I get the engine running but it looks nicely made and the service was quick and the communications was good.
  3. I brought it from Kelvin at Cartune. Been chatting to him via emails. He was really quick, brought it on Trademe on Wednesday, arrived today. I don't know anything about their history other than they have done a lot of 1UZ conversions.
  4. Started work on the fuel system. I am keeping the original fuel tank and the fuel pump and filter are sitting between the old tank and the side of the car. Then there is a surge tank behind the original tank, there will be a lift pump on the other side of the original tank which will fill this tank. Then the surge tank will go off to the main pump. Finished off the transmission tunnel Stripped the car down ready for panel and paint on Monday Engine bay and transmission tunnel from below. Rear end fully stripped Finished stripping the body loom. Removed about half of the wires. Still need to make a new fuse box and a few connectors for where the engine loom and dash needs to connect. Traced and labelled all of the wires on the old loom. Big box of wires that I cut off the old loom This is the old wiring diagram. Everything with a cross through it has been removed. Brought an alternator only pulley tensioner from http://www.thecartunecompany.co.nz/ I am not running AC, Power Steering or the hydraulic cooling fan, only running the alternator.
  5. Created the inlet for the air filter Looking down in to the air filter The air filter comes out the hole for the old heater and sucks air in through the vent up by the window. Created a box around the air filter. Created the mount for the ECU. Tack welded all the seams in the engine bay Also tack welded and gusseted the suspension strut mounts New custom drive shaft and hoop. Finished off the transmission tunnel. While I was taking out the demister duct I saw this cool sticker. It looks like it is the ID tag for an order of 50 left hand demister ducts. This one must have been at the top of a stack of them.
  6. Hey Cam!!! Yeah, it has been way too long! I'll send you a PM.
  7. I like induction noise so it should sound pretty cool. I am going to build a little enclosure around it so it will suck air in through the plenum. Haha, good idea. I have already brought my new heater. Using this electric one https://dcthermal.com/product/sa12-4000-12-volt-brushless-cab-heater/
  8. Designed an Avenger Hydra logo and 3D printed a couple of different sizes and colours Tested them on the tailgate of the wagon. Not quite happy with the H so modified it a bit. Still not happy so gave it another tweak but I may go back to the drawing board. If any one know a font with a cool looking H then let me know Pulled out a collection of old badges sitting around to see if any of them suit the car. Ended up quite liking this pentastar on the front of the air cleaner. Here is a view from further back Also tried the Chrysler badge on the other rocker cover. Looks pretty cool. I might design and print something more in the same font as the other side. I will probably leave the Quad Cam V8 on the other rocker cover so it might look nice if they both match. Ordered the air cleaner. It is freaking massive. K&N RD-1450. 7 in (178 mm) Diameter, 6 in (152 mm) Height, 4 in (102 mm) Flange It is actually going to sit inside the cabin. Where the heater used to be.
  9. Yeah, they do on the hotwires. I like the first one better anyway. I used to have hotwires on my old Avenger race car so I sort of wanted something different and have always liked the look of those first ones.
  10. Damn, these look nice, They say they can make them to order with any offset http://www.performancewheels.com.au/product/challenger-forged/ Or they also do hotwires
  11. Awesome. Thanks for those links. I will check them out now. I am running 5x114.3 all round.
  12. Started work on the air cleaner It is going to seal on the bonnet, so the top will be open so you can see the trumpets when I open the bonnet and then the actual air cleaner will be in the firewall at the back of the engine bay. Still need to design the front plate, Not sure if I am just going to just use plain ali or do a logo or something else cool Also test fitted some wheels to see what kind of offset I will need. It is actually a lot less they I thought. I and going to use 15X7 wheels with around a -25 or -30 offset. I think I am still going to have to go steel wheels because I can't find any alloy rims at that offset. If anyone know of any alloys with that much negative offset then let me know. Next up I finished off my dash. I had to recreate this little lip around the bottom of the cluster. So I drew it in CAD And then printed it out Fits perfectly when installed It just closes up this little gap at the back of the dash.
  13. Tested the fit of the bonnet, and it closes!!!! I won't need to do a power bugle or anything. Stoked that we could squeeze the big V8 and trumpets under the bonnet. It is going to be such a sleeper. It is pretty tight under the bonnet so I am probably going to go for some slightly smaller trumpets and maybe drop the crossmember and engine down an inch Added even more strengthening, this time on the panhard rod mount And made a gusset for the other side. Ran the rear brake lines. The flex hose connects up to the standard mounting location so I can use the existing brake lines from there. And the other side. You can also see the new upper arms and strengthened lower arms installed
  14. Yeah. I will need to do all that sort of stuff when it comes to cert time. We are checking as we go with the certifier, so it should be all good for the cert when it is finished.
  15. Finished the lower arms. We did some more strengthening by adding a gusset over the top of the lower arm. Painted the Diff Finished all the mounting brackets And the other side Some more progress on the exhaust. Did more of the Y pipe. Started designing my new dashboard. I designed it all in Fusion 360 Then printed it out on one of my 3D printers Did a little test fit. Fits perfectly. I had to print it in 2 parts because it was too large of my 3D printer so I made a little joining plate on the back on the dash. Also those little square bit up the top fit in to where the indicator and other lights used to be so I can screw it in from the back. Installed the carbon fibre wrap. I will see how it looks in the car, might swap it out for just a matte black wrap. Installed it back in to the old housing Cut a whole in the back for all my data and power cables, you can also up the top see my where I screw the front panel on, the old dash was held in by screws on the back of all of the gauges that went in to the old PCB. Tested it with the surround in place, there is still one more part that I need to design for it, which just goes around the side of the surround, where you can see a bit of light coming through