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  1. Thanks for all your help with the certing process! I have been having a blast driving it since then! @Ashkellybarr @sluggy Thanks guys. I spent freaking ages doing that engine bay and I am always stoked when everyone comments on how clean it looks. It was my first engine loom so it was a bit daunting but because I have had years of building gaming PC's and hiding all the wires on them then I treated this the same way. And I love the way the air intake turned out, that has to be the number 1 talking point every time someone sees the engine, I have never seen it done like that before, and it took me a lot of head scratching before I figured out how I could make it all work. I'm glad I did though because those trumpets look damn cool.
  2. I have been speaking to my local rootes group parts supplier who I brought the part off, and he said that in previous batches they did have reinforcement, as did the OEM ones. This latest batch didn't and he assumed that it was a stronger grade of rubber, but no, it was shitty soft as rubber with zero reinforcement, so it was a totally inferior part that wasn't up to the task it was designed for. My local parts guy is taking it very serious and he has pulled the rag joints from sale and he is going back to his supplier in the UK with what happened and saying, the that new batch is shit and either do it properly or he will find a different supplier. We have already started planning the UJ conversion. We will have to get a new shaft made up and splined for the UJ's, won't be too hard to do, and if anything then it will give me piece of mind. The new rag joint that we made is reinforced so it should be okay, but I don't trust it anymore after the old one failed catastrophically and without warning.
  3. @Thousand Dollar Supercar That was pretty much my list of must haves when I was building the car, it was too low before so I raised it up a little bit, made it quiet and picked a nice wheel tyre combo. They are pretty much the same size as the tyres on my green Avenger, the rear are the same and the fronts are slightly smaller but on this one I did the opposite to my green Avenger and went inwards instead of outwards so I don't need any bolt on guards or anything. It's sort of crazy that this is running the same size tyres @Toddy415 Thanks. that is the deepest dish I could get on the cast wheels. I really like it. I am running a 16mm spacer so I could go even deeper dish on the back if I go to the forged version, but they are like $1000 each wheel so I don't think it is worth it. Looks pretty bad ass as it is. @NickJ Yes, that is the exhaust, it's further away than it looks in the photos because the steering column goes through the middle of the headers. I checked that and it's not getting too hot, the heat wrap helps. I think what it might have been is the type of rubber they used, it might have a really low glass transition point, I didn't see any signs of melting but it could have been enough to soften the rubber. With the stock Avenger, the exhaust is over on the other side of the engine, so it wouldn't normally even get warm, and they wouldn't need to put in any kind of heat resistant rubber. The rubber I made the new one out of has much better heat resistance.
  4. Yeah, and especially because I am running much wider and stickier tires than stock, and it has the extra weight of the V8 conversion. It probably would have been fine for a standard Avenger but not for mine. And it probably wouldn't have failed while driving, because my steering is actually super light as soon as I start rolling but it is really heavy when parking. So I think all those things added towards the failure. The new rag joint that we made is heaps stronger and has reinforcement, so that would probably be okay, but because I do track days and the likes then I don't want to risk it so I will go down the path of making a custom column with 2 universals.
  5. Thanks, Yeah. I thought they should have something to prevent total loss of steering. The old one just had nothing so I was parking the car and then just bang and the steering went totally limp. Opened the bonnet and the column had completely separated from the rack and was just laying down on the exhaust. So yeah, if that had have happened when I was driving then it would have been all over!! My other Avenger uses a rag joint like that although it is much older, I restored that Avenger 7 years ago and I don't think I replaced the rag joint then, so it's probably 40 years old and still going strong. This one failed after only about a month, because I brought it new when I built the wagon. Done less than 4,000KM
  6. So after 3 and a half months of waiting I finally got my wheels from Performance Wheels in Australia!! What do you guys think? So back to the start of the week. Finally got the call that my wheels had arrived so I went picked them up in the wagon All shiny and new. The fronts are closest to the camera The fronts are 15x7 ET+6 And the rear are 15x8 ET-9. I could go deeper, like an ET-25 but I would have to get it in a forged wheel which are really expensive, not sure if it's worth it. Test fitting the rims, everything clears and the offsets are spot on. Testing the fronts with some rubber on And the rears with rubber on Also had a bit of bad luck and a bit of good luck a couple of weeks ago. Bad luck in that the rag joint in the steering column catastrophically failed and I lost all steering, the column completely separated from the rack. And good luck that it happened while I was parking the car, and not driving down the road. I am thinking it was just caused by an inferior part. I brought it new from my local rootes group parts guy but it has no reinforcements, just plain cheap rubber. So I waterjet cut on out of much better rubber, so even if it does fail then it won't fail catastrophically because the reinforcements should keep it held together long enough for me to pull over. The long term fix is going to be to build a new column with 2 universals and no rag joints but that is going to take a little while to engineer. Also found that under some high torque situations, mostly parking or slow speed corners that the rag joint was flexing and bolt on the rag joint in the middle of the above photo was riding up and over the bolt on the column, making a clunky feeling so I replaced it with a button head. Discussion
  7. Sorry guys, I couldn't make it this month, the steering failed in my wagon and couldn't get it back up and running in time.
  8. A few videos from my trackday at Pukekohe. The car went really well. I didn't push it very hard because I only just got it all up and running so I'm not used to the car yet, but it was really fun.
  9. Sweet, I'll cruise over in my V8 Avenger wagon
  10. Thanks. I was a little worried going in to the trip with only having done 400 km in the car, but everything went sweet. Other than that fuel line coming loose then I didn't have a single problem. And that fuel line problem only took me 10 mins to fix on the side of the road. So yeah, very good first trip! looking forward to the track day on Sunday!
  11. Yeah. I'm pretty pleased with the economy. I was guessing that it would be a little less than my 1500 Avenger, so it's good to see that it did work out like that. It works well because it is such a big engine in a very light car so most the time you need to give it very little throttle I could get even better by going to a 3.5:1 diff but I will keep the 3.9:1 I have in there until after the Oldschool drags.
  12. I took fuel and distance notes at each fuel stop and I was getting around 12 L/100KM average. On the long motorway sections I got as low as 10.5 L/100KM but then on the windy fun stuff it went up to 14 L/100KM. Note bad considering that the best I can get out of my 1500 Avenger is 13 L/100KM on the motorway and tons more on windy stuff so I am actually saving gas by putting in a V8. There you go! Doing my part for the environment "Want to save gas? Put in a V8!" Auckland to Taupo 310km 37.5l 12.1 L/100KM Taupo to levin 288km 30.39l 10.55 L/100KM Levin to Wellington 108km 16.08l 14.89 L/100KM Wellington to Nelson 152km 21.41l 14.09 L/100KM Nelson to Nelson 156km 20l 12.82 L/100KM Nelson to Nelson 146km 18l 12.33 L/100KM Nelson to levin 289km 35.42l 12.26 L/100KM Levin to taihape 143km 17.78l 12.43 L/100KM Taihape 265km 39l 14.72 L/100KM
  13. Made it back from my road trip down to MoPars in Richmond down in the South Island. Here are some pictures from the trip. Loaded up the boot. Tons of space for everything. Installed a little ghetto audio setup. Just my UE Megablast cable tied in to the dash. Went down and gave the car a good wash because it hasn't had on since I started the project Had a little break down in Huntly First night stay was in Taupo The next day it was down to Wellington, then caught the ferry the next day Went down to visit one of my Avenger friends. Picked up a new tail light First day of the carshow. Bonnets up, V8 Avenger vs stock 1300 Avenger Went for a cruise out to Nelson lakes Day 2 of the carshow. The Avengers all lined up and ready to go I won the Furthest Travelled award for the 4th time!! The next day I caught the ferry back to Wellington. This is leaving the South Island The next day I spent some time in Wellington, did the Weta workshop tour then drove up to Taihape. The day after that it was time to do the Gentle Annie Highway between Taihape and Napier. It was an awesome road. Had one little breakdown. The fuel line came off the fuel filter. Just jacked up the car and reconnected it. At least it was a picturesque place to breakdown Got to Napier and drove up to the top of Te Mata peak. Great views Then drove out to Waimarama beach which was another great road Then on the final day I drove from Napier to Auckland, which was uneventful. Did a total of 2316 km over the 8 day trip. A total of just under 30 hours driving!! Not bad going considering I had only done less than 400 km before I left for my trip. Going to do a track day at Pukekohe on Sunday. Hope the weather forecast improves. At the moment it says it's raining but I don't really want to track the wagon in the rain because it is a bit of a handful in the wet. I'll just take it easy if it is raining.
  14. I’m doing a road trip down to the South Island. Left this morning, I’ll be away for 8 days so next burger fuel meet I will bring it along. Car went really well today. First big long drive. Drives mint.
  15. Yeah. The wagon was at Bygones. I changed stud pattern now so I can't run the chrome modgies anymore I was 4x108 and now I'm 5x114.3