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  1. OP, before you jump, check out vesconite as an alternative substrate....self lubricating so no more squeeky/creeky corners
  2. Anybody got recommendations for paintless dent removal people in the auckland region?
  3. Yammi V-Max's have the sliding trumpets too....
  5. just had a look at your progress, car looks fantastic....really like the 80s styling....
  6. can somebody confirm the minimum width allowable in the 15-inch rim size? I thought it was 4.5".....that new chart mentions a 4.0" size at the top of the 15-inch list....
  7. ^^^^^^^ got any pics of the sand texture?
  8. Do you have a link to the LTSA flagged vehicle page? Had a look and couldn't find it.....
  9. Good, bad, indifferent? Any suggestions on who to use would be appreciated...
  10. I just went through the motions (didn't finalise purchase) and the shipping is free to NZ according to that yuyiolio site......the gmail contacts all indicate a scam
  11. look up dish soap (couple of drops) in the radiator instead of water wetter......draw your own conclusions....
  12. Do we have a bolt supplier who has a reasonable selection of oddball fasteners in stock? Weirdo heads, odd shank lengths/widths, military spec - blah, blah, blah.....yes, I know Steelmasters and the like, just thought somebody might have a corner shop that specialises in outside the square as far as bolts etc are concerned....