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  1. can somebody confirm the minimum width allowable in the 15-inch rim size? I thought it was 4.5".....that new chart mentions a 4.0" size at the top of the 15-inch list....
  2. ^^^^^^^ got any pics of the sand texture?
  3. Do you have a link to the LTSA flagged vehicle page? Had a look and couldn't find it.....
  4. Good, bad, indifferent? Any suggestions on who to use would be appreciated...
  5. I just went through the motions (didn't finalise purchase) and the shipping is free to NZ according to that yuyiolio site......the gmail contacts all indicate a scam
  6. look up dish soap (couple of drops) in the radiator instead of water wetter......draw your own conclusions....
  7. Do we have a bolt supplier who has a reasonable selection of oddball fasteners in stock? Weirdo heads, odd shank lengths/widths, military spec - blah, blah, blah.....yes, I know Steelmasters and the like, just thought somebody might have a corner shop that specialises in outside the square as far as bolts etc are concerned....
  9. Mark_Fleming


    Cletus (and others) have you investigated these guys?
  10. look up ironmaiden4 on trademe, they're in Onehunga and sell lots of steel items at very reasonable pricing....
  11. Mark_Fleming


    Steelie Gears sell the spacer you are talking about (or they did - but Rat will tell you to go EA brakes nowadays)....and yes, these brakes will direct bolt to a small bearing 9" with the spacer.....word is, if the handbrake mechanism is seized on the calipers, be ready for a fight....
  12. if you're worried about sucking oil back into the combustion process, put an air/water/oil separator off a compressor between the pcv and the intake manifold to collect excess will also indicate the health of your engine at a glance
  13. the three pack of aerosol crack test kits are 1 - a cleaning agent which can be substituted by buying a can of brake clean or acetone. 2nd can is the dye penetrant - it can be substituted by mixing food colouring with acetone to make a very light penetrant to get inside the cracks. The third can is an aerosol white powder that dries to the component it is sprayed on. I wonder if you ground up the centre sandwich section of gib board if that would work to create the powder. If you have any cracks the food colouring will show up through the white powder as it is absorbed. So first clean, then food colour (wipe excess off), then powder and you'll know......pretty sure you could get all those ingredients over in the Chathams
  14. Wordsmith level 9 there your work....