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  1. word of advice to the OP.....if the stainless braid flares out like flower petals after the shop cuts it run for cover....or expect to be bleeding from finger tips when you finish installing the fittings......the less flaring, better the quality of product is what I have found over the years.....look up Koul Tools as well if you have the budget....they're a godsend...
  2. on the subject of dimples......went to the Winternationals a few years back and did a tour of a few shops in the days leading up to the drags......one of them built engines for a top-tier V8 Supercars team.....engine was torn down in the clean room, dimples in the ports and chambers....just sayin'
  3. https://lookup.lvvta.org.nz/search/?search_id=r3vznnobh1dg ^ that looks really good....question for the certifiers among us, who supplies those modification photos on the database? The owner? The certifier? or?
  4. Firstly, I really like that hood on your car...like Cletus said, I haven't seen one like that either......and it never ceases to amaze me how rotten some cars can be that come out of America.....
  5. just have to say, I appreciate the input from members here, Spencer and Tortron are a wealth of knowledge......I feel the school of hard knocks may have been averted by many who choose to read through this thread.....
  6. 1vaknd, look up the term "container rain".....desiccant packs are your friend.....
  7. Cletus, are you talking about the sniper? I had a very similar conversation with a local agent as well....
  8. Clint, any chance you can find a contact for that painter of the Torana?
  9. Cheers to both Johnny.Race and Taistrom.......
  10. ^^^^^ Runamuck, what charger do you have?
  11. hahahahaha.....cheers for that.....in other words, the reader's digest version of that document says, "please tune your car before presenting it for Cert....."
  12. Cletus what emission numbers are you looking for at time of cert?
  13. SR1600 - I really like those calipers with the integrated handbrake mechanism....any chance you can dissect one and show us the lever mechanisms? I take it there is some form of "paddle" between the piston and the pad to pull them together when in operation?
  14. Johnny, Wilwood were smart enough to make individual brackets for each of the 9" incantations....in other words, dollars, dollars and more dollars if you want to swap this over from a small to a large to a late model blah, blah, blah....
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