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  1. Mark_Fleming


    Cheers to both Johnny.Race and Taistrom.......
  2. ^^^^^ Runamuck, what charger do you have?
  3. hahahahaha.....cheers for other words, the reader's digest version of that document says, "please tune your car before presenting it for Cert....."
  4. Cletus what emission numbers are you looking for at time of cert?
  5. Mark_Fleming


    SR1600 - I really like those calipers with the integrated handbrake mechanism....any chance you can dissect one and show us the lever mechanisms? I take it there is some form of "paddle" between the piston and the pad to pull them together when in operation?
  6. Mark_Fleming


    Johnny, Wilwood were smart enough to make individual brackets for each of the 9" other words, dollars, dollars and more dollars if you want to swap this over from a small to a large to a late model blah, blah, blah....
  7. Mark_Fleming


    Johnny, here's the bracket.....pretty sure you'll figure out out the mini caliper floats on those two hooks....
  8. Mark_Fleming


    Clint/Johnny, those silly little calipers are just glorified go-cart brakes with a manual mechanism as opposed to hydraulic. The trick is to set them up for a hard lock on the first few notches of the handbrake pull....I haven't tried using mine in an emergency braking situation.....and hopefully never have to....
  9. Mark_Fleming


    I have the same spot caliper setup from wilwood on a 9-inch.....the puck (brake pad) really is only for handbrake purposes.....I take it that's all you intend as well? If you need a bracket for that floating caliper PM me and I can lend you the Wilwood one for comparative purposes
  10. Mark_Fleming


    johnny.race - excuse my confusion.....what is your question regarding the wilwood 4 pot and auxiliary handbrake calipers?
  11. just for future reference.....there's sh#tloads of one Nascar event (approx 500 miles) used sensors for sale on ebay at very good prices....
  12. OP, before you jump, check out vesconite as an alternative substrate....self lubricating so no more squeeky/creeky corners
  13. Anybody got recommendations for paintless dent removal people in the auckland region?
  14. Yammi V-Max's have the sliding trumpets too....