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  1. I love this build - nothing untouched. Where did you pick that dual rear stainless muffler up from?
  2. Green sticker Wof - Car has been stickered for being to loud. Does the "modified exhaust" need to be certified, or can i just make it quite and its algood? Or does it need to be the stock exhaust?
  3. Glad to see you took on this wagon. I will follow the progress of the JZ swap. I Have one sitting in the garage for when my 1g gives up. sidenote - you don't have any spare sedan taillights you would be interested in selling?
  4. yes, if they fall within the wof threshold rules yes If i take my car for certification for adjustable suspension, on my stock wheels, is the car then bound to those wheels? If i want to change the wheels in the future do these need to be re certified or does it fall under the first point above? Cheers.
  5. Is the display just on the Saturday? I haven't personally meet any of you before, but my car is running finally.
  6. Shit its good driving this thing again. The picture above shows how much lower that middle muffler sits compared to the rails. You can spot it poking underneath. This will need to be priority one if i want to go any lower. Also the 3 speed auto hates hills... more than i remember
  7. Have a few. Made the civic had it white and silver 2 tone, made a mistake on the black trim so ended up doing the whole thing silver. hated it got so ruined it more and thats how it ended up. Haven't touched another one in the fear i will stuff it up.
  8. That convertible was fast at the track on Wednesday. I had to get out of the way multiple times after you would appear out of nowhere.
  9. its loud and quite low (adjustable suspension) - sticks out as well. Also hasn't had a wof in over 10 years. So im not keen to talk to Mr officer about why i am driving it.
  10. Can you tow a car with no WOF or registration behind a car? Or does this come into a trailer category and you need WOF & registration? Scenario. Work is having a track day at Ruapuna Raceway, 10min from my house. To Hire a trailer for the day is $250. Just looking for other options.
  11. Further than the driveway. So the time had come to buy a house. The only problem - The GX was still not on the ground. I threw it back together in November of 2018 and got it somewhat derivable. Thankfully we brought our house less than 1 kilometer away which made for an easy trip. New garage has alot more space which makes working on the cars soooooooo much easier. Also notice the 2jz-ge in the bottom left. Thats the future for the GX at this stage, once the 1g gives up. I Also have itbs to suit so thats the future plans. Anyway my current position meant that i wont get around to installing it for another year as i prep everything and grab all the parts i need. But I was starting to get angry at myself for having 2 cars in my garage doing nothing. Out comes the liquid copper head gasket additive (look away now if those words hurt you). The 1g will be coming out so why not just experiment to see if it fixes it. And what do you know it worked. So an event i wanted to attend was getting near and i persuaded myself to try make it there. Out with the BC suspension and in with the stock struts. Throw it through a wof. fails on missing bumpstops (forgot to put them back in), and an indicator bulb, and lose front brake hoses. Easy enough to do then I had myself a warrant of fitness. Cutting it fine the day before the event i re-installed all the BC suspension. And put the mk 1s on. Im abit gutted the front suspension is almost at its max low, but for now im just happy its moved further than the driveway.
  12. Wheels! So I have been collecting some wheels. Set of 14” SSR MK 1’s 8j A-Disk Pair 14” SSR MK 2’s 7j Set of 14” Work Equip 03s 3-6.5j 1-7j chees- was selling his Mk1’s so I grabbed them and had the lips and faces tidied up, and they also got a good polish. These will be the wheels that will go on the car. I’m thinking I may require some 7.5s on the front but I won’t know till the car is on the ground to see how it sits. I also have new hardware for them. The guards will need to be rolled to fit the wider wheels. If you have any tips on how to not damage the wheel arch chrome let me know in the discussion thread Thanks. The MK 2’s popped up at a nice price and are like new, so I picked them up. Hopefully another pair will Pop up sometime to make a set. The Works were only purchased as wheels that will be used for wof and cert duties as the Mk1's wont cut it.
  13. Failed Deadline So I/IT failed the deadline of toyotafest. It was always going to be a tight one, but it definitely got me motivated to get it done. Suspected Blown Head Gasket a month out stopped it from getting there. I just want to bin the 1g-eu, so il keep an eye out for either 1g-ge / 1g-gte / 2jz-ge Anyway... After checking the other wheel arch, no damage was found. Further investigation shows that the lower control arms are actually different colours. So my guess is that it was once in some kind of accident. I managed to pick up a cheap Altezza LSD. So the goodies swapped into the F-series Diff. The rear sub frame was dropped and sent off to have the outside lower control arm mount modified to run an eccentric bolt. Hopefully to remove some camber for certification. Unfortunately they brought down the bolt hole more than I showed. I wanted the ability to wind some camber back into it after certification but it can always be changed in the future. New front brake rotors, pistons and bearings were all added. Had some issues with the caliper cage not lining up with the rotor. Checked the new rotors, thinking there was a problem, but they matched. The brakes came with the coil overs so I’m not sure how they once worked. Had the cages machined to fit and its together now. Also Tidied up the rear break pistons and got new brake hoses all round. Unfortunately with the addition of the RCA’s the lower control arm hits the brake shield. Will need to bend the shield to make it work.
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