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  1. is it okay to have a fuel surge tank mounted underneath a car?
  2. Ive had some 4x100 rotors drilled to 5x100 by an engineer , the centre bore is snug the hub ring is this able to be certified? or do i need to fill the 4x100 holes?
  3. anyone know if they will? im looking at swaping starion front struts into my lancer but wanna make sure my wheels will fit cheers
  4. okay so i might need a new dizzy then by the sounds of it ha
  5. anyone got any pics of a wired up coil for a 4g32 motor? i disconnected mine a while ago and went to start it this morning and completely forgot where the wires go, had a guess and it just kept turning over and didnt want to start. its on a ex lancer btw with a electronic distributer cheers in advance
  6. allan

    4G63T blocks

    well i've got a l200 gearbox on the 4g32 in the car atm and from what i understand that gearbox will go straight onto the vr4 block could i use the 4g32 flywheel and clutch plate on the vr4 crank?
  7. allan

    4G63T blocks

    cool are the pistons and rods the same strenth
  8. allan

    4G63T blocks

    anyone know if starion internals (oil squirters crank pistons etc) will bolt into a vr4 block? and are they the same or weaker
  9. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motor ... 812804.htm could you just use some like those and grind off that bottom mount and then say weld on a starion bottom mount (knuckle) thing?
  10. sweet i think mine was a manual
  11. just wondering what the measurement across the carb neck was as i was thinking about getting a ramflo airfilter anyone know? cheers
  12. i had the same problem changing my auto ex lancer to manual but the mounting holes where further back then the crosmember so i just put in extension plates i dont know if thats the correct way to do it though? is it dodgey at all?ha
  13. i have i just changed all the steering arms to starion ones and mine look like they point straight foward
  14. whats the name of that company an how much would that cost around?
  15. what about with making new white number plates black like the older ones?
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