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  1. 2020 to 2021 / Had to park it up finally / couldnt get a wof. Was focused on the MR2. But aim is to have the 260z's rust removed/repainted and back on the road by summer. Not a garage queen but tidy and usable. This month will start the strip down etc. will post pics as it happens.
  2. Purchased 2008-Jul-21 , Dam that was a while back Used for a long time. Pictures from 7 years ago
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtL0QOBOzOk does anyone know this car, was for sale on trademe last year apparently twin charged what setup did he/she use.
  4. flyingbrick - Thanks, was very tidy when got car, was not used much by previous owner ajg193 - Ya thought of making clip from wire, will look into it.
  5. Also need a small clip that i seem to be missing (red arrow)for bracket. The bracket hold air box to black pipe thing, (does anyone know if black pipe is factory item) and where i can find clip, mitre 10?, or anyone got spare bracket and any suggestions for amp that will fit under seat and speaker in stock location welcome.
  6. Since there have been few 240z/260z/fairlady posting up, i thought id share mine 1979 Nissan Fairlady 2 Liter Fuel Injected 2+2 ( i honestly prefer the 2+2 shape, each to their own etc) Electric windows, and electric guard mirrors. It is a fairly original z car i could find/afford Also original fuel injected as thats what i wanted, starts first time after months of sitting. Had for quite a few years Been off road for last year, but fully road legal now, changed all shocks to standard replacements, and full service etc Plans to intall new sounds, Digital Design LE-M06 sub, amp under seat, and good replacement for speakers in stock location, run off a mp3 player etc, want to keep interior of car as original as i can. And fix tape player, play tapes if i want. Bit rough, dents, rust, scraps, do use it often for shopping, long trips. Not in any show car state, and not cleaned often, so seen around fairly dusty often. Plan to keep it as original as practical, sounds some time this year, paint eventually when required. some pictures,
  7. Was thinking of using a Adjustable Boost Pressure Switch to turn off supercharger at optimal point between supercharger/turbo where ever that point might be http://www.alcoholinjectionsystems.com/p129/1-25-PSI-Adjustable-Boost-Pressure-Switch/product_info.html
  8. Instead of reed block would Exhaust Check Valve work to keep things simple to stop charge from trubo exiting through supercharger in a parallel system Have most parts, just stuck on the values on a parallel system Any place in NZ to buy from, or any suitable butterfly valve. http://www.marinepartssource.com/partdetails.asp?pnumber=MMD903030&cat=4&catname=Exhaust Systems&sub1=9&sub2=0&sub3=0&subcategory=Exhaust Inline Check Valves&mfgno=MMD-9030-30
  9. would a sc12 suck-through setup work with a sc12, would sc12 need any modification with a SU carb does standard fiat 1800 dohc need CR lowered
  10. maybe to old of a topic but what happened to this fairlday, is it still on the road any current pictures. ta.
  11. Saw this on Motorway this afternoon, distinctive MR2 I was in the white supercharged in 2nd lane ta
  12. thanks all, a lot of reading to do, has anyone done this in NZ, link or something to check out.
  13. Havnt bought MS yet doing it in stages, Have ordered the following, and am making a plug in harness so can use old ECU until MS fully ready. http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog/18-m ... p-114.html http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog/diyb ... p-413.html
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