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  1. dunno if this place will be of any help http://www.ringgear.co.nz/Our_Products.shtml#VAUXHALL
  2. No the pcd (5x5) is used fark all and yeah Jeeps and some yank stuff have them but bugger all else, altho cragers do a 5 x 127 but not cheap. Hoping to get another set of rims at some stage and just widen them I think
  3. Nice.. I run simracingnz.com using rfactor 1 with mostly speedway mods .....Try next car game.....massive demo derby game in beta version... hella fun!
  4. shit..I thought my triple screens and g27 was ok..... This is the shit. Do you run rfactor or just ps/xbox spec?
  5. Twas a great day. Awesome to hear so many people tell me that their Dad/Uncle/Family/them had a PB Vauxhall. Highlight for me was watching 3 old guys looking at Durtys Volvo and discussing for bout 5 minutes. just shows that the regular cars were just as good as show cars
  6. Yep BBQ is packed in boot, Bacon is just chilling in fridge...Bourbon has gone down nicely. See youse in morning
  7. Geez I will be in town that night but for NIN/QOTSA concert......
  8. lol and it wasn't actually that windy today. There is a nice little Market on Saturday mornings at Pram Beach behind the shops tween 7 and 12ish. Just follow the old people.
  9. Nice little camp that One. If it gets too wet And windy at camp we have Spare beds Under a Roof at Pram beach that you can borrow
  10. may not be swimming weather with 100kph winds forecast for Wellywood. make sure its a sheltered coast
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