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  1. Hey guys, mrs has a ae111 with the 4age blacktop in it, it's auto as well if that changes anything. This is the issue, car drives fine but if you turn the air con on you can get the vehicle to just die sometimes, same with any other electrical load. Doesn't always happen and when it does you can start it back up easy. I can be sitting at an intersection, idling fine, indicator on then all of a sudden engine shuts off. I barely drive the car so can't really describe it any differently. Apparently it also dies just while sitting in traffic for a while but I can't get it to die unless I flick the air con on or off. Unsure if radiator fan kicking in causes the same issue. where do I start? Cars only done 140ks
  2. It would have been 5 or 6 years so who knows. Maybe solidstripe or stevemax who knows. I thought about trying to make a new one but never pursued it. There is also a pile of already cut prince keys which don't even fit this car I was going to try fill back out somehow and recut.
  3. There's two spare blanks. Spare blanks are pretty soft metal so only real good for show plus ones very slightly bent. Get a generic key cut and one of the spares cut for show if you want. Send other to kyteler if if your keen. Without this man you would have no interior door handle on drivers side lol. Unless it was someone else who hooked me up with that.. either way send it haha
  4. Alright so I guess everyone has to turn up with open headers just to keep the tranquil feeling?
  5. sundays suppose to be thunder storms so bring your best windscreen wiping rags for when shit gets foggy.
  6. since when do rotarys ever have wofs? just bring it. theres bound to be rougher looking cars you can hide amongst. or get a ride with us can I come if I don't have an oldschool car? unsure if ill jump in with matt or bring my own car.
  7. no more room for another to attend? last year was awesome. got no shed, well I do but its shit.
  8. Hey anyone head to meremere for the rotary nations drag racing? Was a pretty good but there was alot of track clean up breaks. Sun was also way to farken hot. That 7 second r32 MGAWOT also stacked it early on in the day which was a bit gutting. multiple bonnets flying up also. Expect bonnet pin sales to increase
  9. Was a good turn out. Pretty much a car there for everyone's taste. Got a bit roasted though, oldrx7s sunblock came a little too late to save me.
  10. Yep am rolling to Greenlane now. See some of your guys there.
  11. Facebook pages says it is. Weather isn't suppose to turn too shit today tho.
  12. haha yea but then would probably end up with an extra grand or so in expenses fixing any damage I have done. spent almost 30k on the car so don't mind another 200 to get guards rolled professionally.
  13. platinum wheels seem to be the go, sound like they pretty good at this. booked in 9:30am Friday so can be rolling all pimping for xmas/new years. $50 buck a guard so not cheap but cheaper than me fucking them up myself.