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  1. One of the main things I was missing was the seat hinge. I had a rough idea what it looked like but had no measurements to work from. So I fabbed one out of some 50x3mm and 25x3mm stainless plate (incase I felt like polishing it) and just kinda joined the dots to where it needed to be. The indicators arrived so I threw them on too
  2. mBike to the rescue again as I got a new headlight and speedo from them yesterday and fitted it today. It was already painted black too so thats 1 job less to do. As I was going through my stash of indicators and tail lights I came across these The indicators and tail light were a swapmeet find. Unfortunately I only had 1 pair of indicators so Ive ordered another pair for the front from trademe so they should be here within the next few days. I think the tail light really suits the shape of the guard. I'll make a bracket for the numberplate to bolt to.
  3. I'm still looking for a headlight and bucket but have sourced a speedo. So in the meantime I made some headlight ears that will also double as indicator mounts. The original indicators clamp to the knurled sections on the handlebars. I cut some lengths of 31.8mm stainless tube from work then hammer formed some 18g stainless to make the ears and glued them together
  4. Whilst the blue panniers were a great addition theyre just too brittle and small parts kept breaking off after every ride. So I bit the bullet and decided to start making some from steel. To start with I made some channel out of 18g with a slight radius, not a breaked edge. Then I had to modify my shrinker stretcher stand as once I got to certain point it would hit the stretcher stand upright. so I moved them apart . Using the shrinker I incrementally started shrinking the sides. Shrinking one side then the other so they'd both be the same. One end is 90 and the other is just under. Next is to make the sides and get them welded in
  5. Not a huge update but slowly chipping away at dads ST whilst waiting for my engine to arrive from overseas. In the meantime Ive reinstalled the original engine so to stop me from tripping over it everytime I walk past it, and also make it easier to move when I move house end of July. Swingarm is painted satin black to match the guard. The tool holder was stripped and painted too.
  6. The rear shocks on dads st were pretty poked so I got a new pair of Thai style from mBike. But when i went to install them I found out that a 14mm bolt had been used as the lower shock mount. The shocks I bought from mBike are 12mm. So I cut off, ground it flush and beat fuck out of it so it could be replaced with a hi-tensile M12 bolt. The traces of gold zinc left on the bolt and my argon bottle nearly empty made it a prick to weld I made some adapter plates to mount a lifan whilst still keeping the original mounting holes incase I ever want to put the original engine back in, same with the mounts for the original foot rests and bashguard. I gave the plastic mudguard a paint of satin black to tidy it up whilst i look for an original metal chrome one. The swingarm has been painted satin black too but Im waiting for the paint to harden before I mount it.
  7. Not a great deal of progress but every little counts. Whilst some parts were away getting vapor blasted I concentrated on stuff i could do at home. So I stripped and painted the lower fork yokes and swingarm and painted them with gloss epoxy enamel . I picked up the rear wheel from my mate dave who does vapor blasting locally and reassembled it. the bearing were fine but I put in new shoes and springs I sprayed anything that was vapor blasted with Lanolin to prevent flash rusting and further corrosion
  8. I was pretty adamant that I was I was going to get tattooed this month after a good few years of not getting any. After a few st90s came up for sale on a group chat I thought I wouldnt get one for the price it was offered again but can get inked anytime. So I bought with the plan to repower it and give it to my dad so he can come out on the small bike rides with me and the rest of the small bike community. My initial plan was to blast everything and repaint the frame and powdercoat everything else that isnt chromed. I'm going to leave the frame as it is and just give the bike a general tidy up. Replacing cables, bearings, bushes and brake shoes. The front guard was pretty hammered so I fettled it a little with my planishing hammer, it came out surprisingly good.
  9. I got the chaly registered and road legal and took it out for its first shakedown run a few weeks back around the hills and through Lytellton to Wunderbar. Those side boxes I got from the swapmeet last year were on the back of my mind so I pulled the pin and started making some brackets for them The boxes themselves are pretty rough and have a few cracks and pieces missing, so I'll address them, paint them and maybe add some gas struts.
  10. Its normally the smaller jobs that take the longest, but im gradually ticking them off the list. 1st up is the painting of the air filter cover 2nd is the air filter cover. I found some old mag wheel centre caps at work, drilled some holes and put a 6mm rivnut in the air filter. 3rd is the kicker pedal I fabricated out of some flatbar, plate and an old vans phone case i had hidden in a drawer. Lastly I bought some side boxes at the winchester swapmeet last year when swapmeets were actually a thing and you could go to them. Just toying about with the idea of them but Im pretty keen to make some brackets, colour code them and have them fitted ready for syds run this year to store some tools, spares and a few BRB Hazy Pale Ales
  11. This thing is nearly complete now. I just need to make a bracket for the horn which I'll do tomorrow. I put some feelers out for an air filter cover, to no avail. So my way of thinking is cant find it, make it! So thats what i did. I used a combination of pressing and hammer forming. I used 2 75mm OD 6mm thick discs and 1 2mm 75mm OD disc cut to the profile I need. It just needs some minor massaging then prep it for paint. The last major piece of the puzzle was the seat which I got this morning thanks to Andy and Wei at mBike. Bolted it on and couldnt be happier then took it for a hoon down the street
  12. The battery box has been powdercoated at work and installed, I used those cable tidy velcro straps from Bunnings to hold the top down. Also a sneak peak at my kicker pedal I made, its getting pinstriped tomorrow to finish it off.
  13. As the weathers been pretty shit here in CHCH over the weekend I got stuck into the chaly. Another trip to mBike and a good few dollars lighter I walked away with a tinted windshield and some widend rims. the front is 3.5 inch and the rear 4 inch.
  14. On my lunchbreak at work I knocked up a rear brake adjuster on the lathe, its an old 3 phase colchester and runs like a champ. I made up a battery box that also held the voltage regulator and the flasher unit. I'll get around to powdercoating it at some point
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