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  1. Thanks again Chris, you and Aaron have got me fizzing about starting my moped build
  2. This things been put on hold for a while. Pretty much too many projects and the missus not too happy about me working on them. Plus they're all out at my parents place. I've been trying to spend my time getting my Vauxhall and cf Bedford roadworthy. So it's about time I got started on it again. Put on a headlight I've had stashed for a while. Really suits the style of the bike.
  3. i bought a convection heater from the warehouse to bake parts in, like the ones you use to warm up pies and savories you could try one of those.
  4. gazguy

    Engine cert.

    All good, cheers Al
  5. gazguy

    Engine cert.

    I'm thinking of putting a Nissan diesel engine in my cf Bedford. Its already coming out of a Bedford and comes with the mounts. How much would it roughly cost to get it certified? Cheers, Gaz
  6. So yesterday i tacked the rear mudguard mount on that id bent up during the week. To bend the round bar i just used my cheap pipe bender. I was surprised at how good it came out. When i was at work i bent each side to get the right distance to the bungs that I'd drilled and tapped to the dropouts. when i got home to mount it it looked like shit, it looked too bulky. When i bent the legs at work i bent them too far down. so to straighten them i put one leg in the vice and it seemed to do a decent, tried the other one and.... I didnt really expect much else from it to be honest. So I w
  7. cheers man, unfortunately we wont be going down in the bedford anymore, we're gonna go down in my dads car and tenting in a camp ground.
  8. Its been a while since ive posted anything and its been a while since ive done anything to the bike. I recently bought a bedford van and have been chipping away at the bedford every weekend to get it ready for the Burt Munroe Challenge. Over the past week and after getting motivated from the Smash Palace Bike Show. I bought a new pedal rubber at the Mcleans Island swapmeet, but the shaft was too small in diameter so i cut it off and welded a piece of 16mm round bar. To mount the mudguard i turned up some steel bungs and drilled and tapped them to M8, then cut and drilled a
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