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I thought it might be time to update this thing since the last post was...  July? damn.


Much work has been done however!

- Bumpers re-chromed and all the little rubber bits replaced (in hindsight, the cost versus snazz factor here was not great but hell, it's done now).

- New Tokico Illumina adjustable gas shock inserts front and rear.

- New Eibach "performance" progressive springs front and back.

- New Ball joints in the front.

- New Tie-rod ends and boots on rack in the front.

- Full black polyurethane bushing kit installed with plenty of swearing and grease.

- New Spindle pins for the rear control arms. (because we had to cut the old bastards out).

- Sent front control arms, rear control arms, mustache bar, diff mounts, front cross member to powder-coaters for cost effective snazz factor and protection.

- Bought a set of 16" Konig Rewinds with tyres (yeah yeah not OG but were cost effective and I like them lots).

- Scrubbed the exhaust and painted with heat paint stuff so the VIN man doesn't see the ugly weld job so much. (will replace eventually)

- New exhaust manifold studs to try fix the leak at the gasket.


Righto, that's enough for now... have some Pics:


Le shock inserts


Uh oh shocks need SHIMS to fit snug... nothing in the packaging... time to go see Hayden!


Hayden has a magical Shim machine :)


All safe and snug for another 40 years.


That was the front suspension, but the back was a bit trickier


I will break these posts up since I have a few more pics for y'all... 

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So the old girl has been sent to the painters for a bare metal re-spray (not removing interior or engine+drivetrain).

After doing a couple of Gumboot Rally excursions, the stickers they give you were a bit too strong for the poorly bonded paint applied by the previous owner and it peeled off :/ 

So after a bit of saving I've stripped her out and decided to invest in some panel and paint. Also got a full weatherstripping rubber kit and shiny new badges out of the states since most of them broke when taking them off.


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