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  1. Thursday 18 June? You could bring the Nats shirts rather than post @Truenotch
  2. Maybe just make it a forum and word of mouth thing rather than Facebook to keep numbers lower?
  3. Are we doing a meet in Level 2 or waiting for Level 1? Keen to get the shed prisoners out and about.
  4. After the prep there was some PAINT!!!! I took heaps more photos putting the windows and badges plus interior, headlights, bumpers (were a bastard to line up again) and all the other stuff back on but a bunch have corrupted so that's lame. So damn shiny!
  5. Some more photos of primer etc. The shiny pic is an old repair on the right front guard that we left alone.
  6. Okay so with the Lockdown I have time to update this thread finally. Panel works and Rust bits: The paint was bubbling a little in each of these spots so It was easy to identify. Worst was the left hand dog leg. There were a few older patches in the lower door skins that just needed a tidy up and sand back. Pretty happy that it was all panel and no chassis as expected
  7. Are we up for a Feb meet @Truenotch? Could just do a cruise from the gardens to burgerfuel via the main street or something.
  8. Hey Mikey, Where did you source the new fuse box from? Have been looking at the same upgrade. Cheeeers
  9. Fizzing! Do we want to meet up for the Friday night laps somewhere? I'll probably hit up my usual watching point at the culdesac at the end of hunt road by the beach if anyone wants to join. Would be neat to get a train going. Might see yas there.
  10. Limeworks loop swimming hole was full of rock snot when I went there in March last year. bloody gross.
  11. Maaaaaybe... sneaky snek just on Fridays though, it's like waiting for a package from the couriers haha
  12. Rust found has been minimal as expected. Behind rear arches, in the rear dog-leg and the bottom of the front quarter panels. Would have spread over time so good to get it chopped out anyhow. Found out she has been in a bit of a crash probably back in the 70's since the rear left panel on it was bonded with lead joins (proper OS). Doesn't bother me since the repair has stood the test of time very well.