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  1. What has been said , the welding process will shrink the plug , an bar will allow you to turn it . just make sure you let it cool first
  2. Private msg me
  3. Are you guys open to peeps turning up with non Oldschool cars etc ? have been asked by a coupe of interested parties recently.
  4. I bought a l28 years ago and this was the problem . after installation of taller valve caps it was all good . The cam had a really aggressive grind and was a lot smaller. my 2c
  5. Convert a aircon pump to use as a compressor and use a fire extinguisher as a air tank , about a 1kg is compact enough. works mint in the winch truck.
  6. Does anyone have plans for a home built car rotisserie please?
  7. Transpecs or Bnt can get them , but talk to the brake Certifier guys or you will be talking to a brick wall. they come standard on there abs and ebs kits.
  8. Cm trailers do a side mount brake line Master cylinder that will eliminate 90% of crushed line during loading and unloading, especially relevant when using a mini digger as the diper arm with clean up bucket attached sits on the drawbar.
  9. Old trailer screw compressors are a viable option imo. they usually rust the trailer body rather quickly compared to the unit hours. so you may end up with a low houred unit with a rusted chassis for minimal outlay . I did this and scored a unit with 400 hrs for 700 bucks. Keep it for about 8 yrs then put it back on home built traile and sold for 7 k , then bought a cabinet screw compressor just for the quietness. a screw should be your end goal , once you screw there’s no going back.
  10. With a blaster you need volume along with pressure , the less of both you have will result in more media being used with less of a result . ive used the set up your looking to use and trust me It won’t work as you will expect. i would recommend maybe looking into a hydro setup off a grunty water blaster to use for home blasting , less dust etc and set up costs are reduced , you can also use a water blaster for a hell of a lot more after the job is done. also less heat is generated so it equals less chance of warping . my two cents.
  11. Dry air an lots of it ,a screw compressor is a must. a lot of people over look the dryness of the media which will cause blockages and freezing up of the intake . thats the beauty of a screw compressor , you will have a lot less water through out the system. you can hire screw compressors from lots of places that do fibre UFB . just temp them with beer
  12. From memory the range rover ones are fomoco items found on the jag also . They tend to be unreliable due to water entering electronic parts.
  13. Could this be caused by the metal still holding moisture? Warming the metal before applying it , in a bake oven or something similar to dry it out thoroughly would help surely?
  14. You need the factory provided service tool.