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  1. didnt TRD do close ratio gears for the t50? rare i presume but as mentioned above would help with the gap the synchro's have to cover
  2. just reminds me of how we all modded our first cars. my experience at least usually some tiny shitbox. in my case an AE80 corolla. either painted steelies/hubcaps or some cheap alloys, and a bunch of accesories from the local parts store. good times to be honest.
  3. if the steering controller are the type that pull different resistances for each button press. there are both stereos that can handle that out of the box, and adapter boxes for the stereos that want a standard input. there are also all manner of adapter boxes, many from axxess, that can handle specific steering wheel controls. super lush having them work so well worth a little bit of money imo
  4. ive got a pretty nice party pulley that came on the crowns sc14 and made like 17psi. since the crown wasnt intercooled it just made heat and no power. could go good on this...
  5. if OP doesnt want this, then i could be interested in it for my chevron.
  6. i would like to assume ill have the chevron sorted by then, at which point id love to see what its making at the wheels
  7. So yeah, im selling it. Mixed emotions really, i dont have any need to sell it but i would like to move onto other things, am asking quite a large number and if i don't get it then i have no reason to sell. I think most of the mixed emotions come from just how great the sale pictures came out.
  8. yes its just the standard bearing, also used on kingswood from memory. costs a bloody fortune from rare spares and is still an incredibly shitty looking bearing, so i intend on machining up a bush from something nice. https://www.rarespares.net.au/rsnz/buy/7800269/bearing-steering-column-upper-hk-ht-hg-hq-hj-hx-hz i think its that part but please dont quote me on it. i took one look at the price and construction and dismissed it as an option.
  9. i like the shrouding, id like to impliment this on mine
  10. Hey mate. i did sort the steering centering by winding in some more caster (mine was set at 0 degrees) that said id be keen to see your alignment numbers. As for the overheating, I've not done too much on that front while ive been trying to buy a house and all my stuff is in storage. i pulled the waterpump hoping to find missing fins, it was rough but not too bad but it could have been causing cavitation so ill still replace it. the radiator was not blocked either. my assumption was that the heater bypass which runs very high nearly above the valve cover was struggling with air bubbles and ill reroute it lower and with a bleed point. your experience worries me to a degree though. i may look to get a larger radiator for it. also, on this forum we do things slightly different with separate discussion threads so keep the build threads nice and tidy, you will find the discussion for this project here
  11. you called it. from several disheartened attempts at selling this over the last few years, to the cover. well deserved.
  12. ive seen the russian stuff, pretty tempted to be honest! wonder how much radium they soaked into them. some have some pretty cool dials, i saw one with a huge radioactive symbol and the cccp emblem. could be tempted on some movements for sure!
  13. I'm just getting into watchmaking now too. Got myself a Breitling (windrider reserve de marche). have wanted one since forever and always figured if i managed to get one then i must be successful in my endeavors and for that reason it feels so good to wear. i plan on being the one to service it for the rest of my life, but am certainly not going to start out working on it so now on the hunt for a cheap non runner of something nice to start out my education. watch resto videos on youtube with good narration are so cathartic and relaxing to watch and have always enjoyed this thread.
  14. theres a sticker guy down here with a brand you might enjoy https://lmtbrk.com/
  15. that plate really suits the jap p plate style. so many look bloody aweful. /oldschool jrpg nerd
  16. put a dyna body onto a 2wd hilux airbaged minitruck chassis
  17. my crown has a massive spring pulling the clutch pedal down, makes the heavy duty clutch feel like butter, i expect you'll notice a big difference.
  18. heat shrink over the cut braid and a hose clamp would be my move unless you dont want a visible hose clamp. you can also get heat shrinkable hose clamps for radiator hoses, can probably get small ones too. that would be a clean way to do it gates power grip i would blow cold air through the hose/plastic fitting while shrinking though to hopefully prevent damage to the plastic nipple
  19. because of freight costs i havnt ordered yet, but perhaps we could combine?
  20. hey i can actually do that now with the new exhuast that lets you hear the whine. will deliver still doesnt sound like that wild ke70 i badly want to know what the difference is it sounds supercharged now atleast instead of just broken exhuast 1gge
  21. Took this temporarily off the road to chase down an oil leak that was getting real bad. I presumed it was the front main seal, but after having the whole front of the motor off and then the sump, which had fuck all of the wrong sealant on it, concluded that this was likley the issue. Did all the usual servicing with the front taken apart. While I was in there I discovered the cambelt crank pulley was fucked, it was worn on keyway and the key itself was worn, as it turned out approximately 18 degrees of timing innacuracy. I tried to buy a new pully only for it to come back nla, and nothing second hand turned up in the short amount of time I wanted to wait, so I took to repairing what I had. Machined off the rear belt guide flipped the pully so it drove on the fresh side and made a new belt guide. Also ground up a new key that drives on the full width of the pulley. Also discovered the *slightly* harder to swap rear two plugs just hadn't been swapped. 6 new iridium plugs went in to replace this garbage. I also got sick of the cobbled together exhuast that sounded shit so ordered up some new parts, coupled with a hand made in Japan titanium rear muffler from Fabril Laboratory (little alfa romeo and general Ti manufacturing shop) sounds great now and quiet at cruise. Tucked up nice and high and havnt heard a scrape yet. Got some stickers And today, wofd, regd, cleaned and polished ready for daily duties once again
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