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  1. Experimenting with tyre paint pens. All my tyres are completely different, must be a race thing eh - fronts set up to grip in the corner and rears for drifting??? (Joking) Its just what was on it when I got it. But just like tattoos, its more about the attitude than the art itself. I'm digging the results of the white lettering, so thats all that matters.
  2. Small things: Not setting the world on fire...but still progress.
  3. @Lord Gruntfuttock thank you, really appreciated. I'll follow your advice and find a 1340cc wiring diagram for a harley fotboy which is essentially what I'm making/scavenging parts from.
  4. What size fuse would you put in? Would you put in more than one, to say each of the controls, headlight, rear end??? Treat me like an idiot and spell it out sloooowly...
  5. This has always been my No1 dream bike. This is root beer paint.
  6. Same. Yeah colour was always going to be root beer or candy colar, which are basically the same, ones a mid metallic brown, ones a darker smokey metallic brown/black. But as always, ive got annopen mind on colour and I more know what I don't like - rather than what I do like.
  7. Thanks for putting in that effort to help, much appreciated. There are two models 18-530 which has those led fault indicators. And the newer version 18-533 which is much smaller and doesn't have the led's. Mine is the 18-533. Ive searched and searched and there's basically no good answers, but lots of people with similar questions online. I'll put a main fuse in for starter etc...otherwise just send it i think??
  8. Hey man, what's your thoughts on fuses etc for this unit? I'm not 100% its got them inside it or not? Im a retard for all things electric...
  9. Thanks mate. Its sealed, so I'm unsure about fuses or not? Also if there were fuses - I'm even more unsure what you do if one does blow, as its sealed. Kind of regretting buying this module now, as other choices may have been better. Benefits of hindsight.
  10. Thanks mate. Definitely keep it in mind. As you can imagine my enthusiasm for that bike just isn't there anymore. I'm parking it in the naughty corner until I decide what to do with it?? I never thought I'd ever get a Buell (my childhood dream bike), but I sold a shitload of stuff on trademe to free up funds and grabbed this one. I have a feeling they've bottomed out price wise and will start going up in value. There's only 28 (my make, model and year) of these in NZ. They were extortionate price wise when new, one of the most expensive bikes in the sports bike class - you basically had t
  11. The wiring has been spliced into to add a heap of accessories like radar detection, phone charger and who knows what else. They were a real mixed bag of quality or not, the usual stuff with something 20 years old. So I went through it all and deleted all the bullshit. This is most of the shit I took out^^^ there were a few other random bits and bobs. Nice and clean, no shit dangling down now. I also undid the clutch and re routed the cable so it wasn't trying to rip the wiring loom out of its socket at full lock. It must have been replaced at some stage a
  12. Oh man...swooooooon!! Some people certainly have the style gene in their dna.
  13. Yip, I found them on Google and got a bit "con-fussed" by it all. Fuse wise, do you think I need to add some in? My gut is saying yes, but unsure how to approach it.
  14. So I ended up buying proper genuine deutsch connectors at silly money, just because I don't want the electric gremlins sometimes associated with using sub par cheap parts. #bleedingmoney #didn'tyhinkiwasbuying sharesinthecompany #you'refuckingkiddingme #illpayitoffat$5/weekfor15years
  15. Gotta love a ducati. Well, except the belt changes every 2 years... But super cool!!
  16. Oh man, you should hear the huge cam loping away...the sound is amazing!!
  17. I tried to bring it inside, just so I could stare at its beauty...but this was as far as I got before being blocked by my wife with an utter look of disbelief. So - 'If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain'...so I rolled off the couch and laid on the floor jyst so I could admire it from a distance.
  18. They certainly evoke opinions. Im a huge fan boy of them. America...fuck yeah!!!
  19. My hospital discharge notes didn't specifically say not to ride a 1000cc harley sports bike??
  20. Got bored watching paint dry...who knew it wasn't the spectators sport its made out to be? Pretty happy with this install.
  21. Ignition key: The battery needs room, so I chose a spot "outside" that area. Obviously the oil tank side was a no go. Marking out the edges of the battery box compartment, plus clearance around the rubber cotton reel mounts. Full send, first drilling a 14mm hole with step drill, then a ton of dremel work to create the right flat sided shape, to prevent the key twisting the barrel. I cut this cotton reel down, test fit, needs another 2mm off it. This double seam interfered with the nut, since interfering with little nuts should be left
  22. Cunts!!! Fucking America and the god dam imperial system. Turns out m10 is to easy for harley, as unlike the rest of the world they use 3/8-24 banjo pressure switches. After 30 minutes of Google searches didn't show any hits, I thought fuck it and ordered one from the USA. Should be here in a few weeks
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