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  1. My brown seat covers arrived in record time. They're just sitting on top loosely in this pic. For now I'll just keep the black ones on, but if I decide to go ahead and repaint it another colour I'll put them on. Im still not totally sure what I'm actually trying to achieve with this scooter? But man am I having fun riding it. Any excuse to ride to town to get something I'm there. I'm thinking of taking up smoking just so I'll have to do more regular trips to a dairy or gas station.
  2. There were literally hundreds of bikes there. Weirdly this caught my eye I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder???
  3. Structure inspections. I only identify problems...not fix them.
  4. Definitely. On my bucket list of things to do.
  5. In Invercargille for work...had an hour (not enough time) to look at this place World class! 3 stories full of restoration Heaven.
  6. I made some rubber gaskets/isolators from bike inner tube. Then installed the rear pinion seat chassis. You can just see the inner tube sandwiched between the parts. It also makes up for a little step in height differences between surfaces in this area win/win. Frame on. Its only 3x M8 bolts to put on, take off. Could be used as a rack too if required. And a pic of it with dual seats. Still looking sweet, but I definitely prefer it with only one seat. I reckon its about 100x better without that shitty chrome rack sticking out the back. It can go back on like @cletus said if you're doing longer trips etc...but meh, that's not likely.
  7. Fuck it! All the extra bullshit like the rack etc now gone. Autosoled all the chrome and cut the paint. It's starting to look like what I want now. Ive ordered a few things to further tidy it up, like a rego tube for wof/rego to hide that, and a storage compartment that replaces the void where the spare wheel is under the lh fender. Also a bracket to hold a wheel to the leg shield. But yeah, getting rid of that ugly rear rack was a good call thanks @rumrum its really tidied up the lines.
  8. I'd love a really old vespa, but unrealistic. So expensive. Something like this.
  9. Did a bit more "detailing". Cleaned this up with wire brush, sandpaper etc...then hit it with zinc rich paint as a primer base, then nothing says class quite like wheel enamel silver paint. Put in the elbow grease to scrub up the rims. There was something that looked like contact adhesive spilt all over the rim. I'm guessing you glue the two have together to seal them? Anyways, who ever did it gave zero fucks about cleaning it off the rims. Took a bit of effort, but got there in the end. Then did what I could with the rear fan shroud, but not sure if the juice was worth the squeeze? And checked the air filter - but it looks brand new, so going to leave it there. I also hit any surface rust with zinc inside the rear fenders to prevent further problems down the road. Flexing
  10. Yes, think you maybe right. Though if I lose glovebox and luggage rack I'm starting to get low on storage options. However I may be trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist, as its not like 99% of motorcycles have either of these options. Perhaps I take a car when I'm buying the groceries?
  11. Okay, fucking around with different options. Glovebox No glovebox Spare tyre up front Im undecided, but when I first looked at these...definitely would have chosen the bottom one. I keep coming back to this photo. It was on trademe and I didn't buy it. But love the look. Its an earlier model, but very similar lines.
  12. I've mostly just been using it for well any excuse to ride it. The amount of shit I can fit in the glovebox never gets old for me. Da da dada dada da da da.... And my hat and sun glasses snuck in there too. disclaimer: ***No pastries were harmed in the making of this transportation photo*** Then I gave it a service, changed out the gear oil for spec found online (first line GL4). Someone put a lot of effort into writing this, so I blindly followed their advice. The oil still looked okay. Not just done yesterday, but luckily not last done 10 years ago either. So it was mostly a feel good exercise - just nice to know its had a charmed life of pampered services where someone cared about it. I will continue with this love.
  13. I got 2 coffees home, 10km from town like this. Well one dropped off to wife on the way. Didn't spill a drop! Did 120kph loves it!
  14. This arrived today. Just need some snifter green paint to make it match...
  15. I did wonder that. But I just ran my wife down the road and asked her that same question. She reckons its fine, in fact initially she held onto the bar, then decided to just hold on to me like normal as it felt more natural.
  16. Im loving this seat. The springs are squats down as you excellerate, so forgiving and super comfortable. I made a slight mistake by applying some armorall to shine it up...but that just ended up making it very slippery. I've done my best to try remove the "slipperyness" and its certainly not as bad as it was. Lesson learned. Ive ordered a brown leather cover set to replace the black covers. Should look lush! I don't hate the black, it looks sweet...but im keen to try brown? #brownseatsmatter
  17. Double seats...yeah buddy! So stoked to pick these up. Really transforms the look for less than 5 minutes work.
  18. Thats my old trike, I just put that up in case anyone was curious what they go like. This new one isn't finished yet, but should go faster with the cvt. Though I haven't fully figured out the gear ratios yet. Think ill just send it and see, then change it if I have to? That logic has worked out for me most of my life.
  19. I've got a lathe you're welcome to use it if that helps?
  20. This one looks okay too... Classic lines.
  21. Yeah, removing it was a serious intention. But yes, its like a Tarsus in there. I reckon you'd get a 2L of coke or milk in there. Another trip to town and ill find out. I keep googling cool vespas but the ones I really want are stupid money. The (1948 - 1950) model 98 are seriously cool. But like €65000 or something like that. Think I'd rather have a dodge challenger if I had to make a choice on what to spend my imaginary money on.
  22. Did my usual testing track run down to the gas station. Found a use for the glovebox. Does 100kph on the straights, if you assume the racing position. 120kph awesome! Its butter smooth to ride, actually handles like a dream. Seriously impressed with it.
  23. Look at the size difference! Took it for a ride late last night, its so fast compared to my other two scooters. Easily sits at 80-90kph. It corners surprisingly well too. Can't wait to ride it today and get used to it under better conditions.